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  1. Looking for rx7 fd3s parts original front and rear bumper original alloys driver side quarter panel new brake discs and pads im ready to buy complete car or just shell as well
  2. indigais

    Breaking fd rx7 prices added

    and how much for interior?
  3. indigais

    Breaking fd rx7 prices added

    hi. where are you located? interested in passenger side wheel arch inliner and coilover
  4. indigais

    Hi everyone

  5. indigais

    Hi everyone

    I try finish my car in next couple weeks Still looking for nice set with alloys if anyone sell some set let me know please
  6. indigais

    Hi everyone

    Hi. I'm new in rotary and jap cars All time was Bmw lover Just bought my first rx7 92 jap inport Body need attention but it's no prob for me because I'm running my own body shop Maybe some one know this car?