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  1. Rallylad

    2 RX8s

    Change of plan lads. Selling 2 RX8s. The red car is very clean. Sills very good. Shell is very clean rear bumper needs a paint. There is NCT on the red one till March 2017. The grey one. The sills are rotten has good black interior I was going to swap to the red one. -New spark plugs NGK Iridiums -2 new high torque starters -new plug leads -one dismantled engine bad condition. 2 cars are standing me €750 incl parts. Anyone interested. Will deliver within 2hr radius for €750 (1car) Pics on the Facebook page lads
  2. Rallylad

    RX8 Rebuild 1 now 2 :-)

    Finished ripping engine today the rear plate and front plate aren't too bad all the wear/burning is on centre plate, my knocking noise was that the bearing in the rear rotor was spinning in the rotor itself, think this caused heating which burnt the eccentric shaft/bearing/rotor so parts list is as follows - -full gasket/seal kit -eccentric shaft -all eccentric bearings -rear rotor -centre plate - and I think 2 rotor housings *if anyone wants to donate parts to my virgin rebuild that's fine too :-) *
  3. Rallylad

    RX8 Rebuild 1 now 2 :-)

    Samsung s5. The first few were fine. Now says too big
  4. Rallylad

    RX8 Rebuild 1 now 2 :-)

    Went at the engine before work and at lunchtime. Removed sump and it was like Gold Rush on d discovery channel except I had brass not gold . Done more dismantling at lunchtime and removed oil pump and chain and all bits on that side, Very bad wear on the bearings on the stationary gear, Waiting on a socket to open the flywheel so didn't do anymore ripping today, will keep ye posted also I find it hard to upload my photos, any help thanks
  5. Rallylad

    RX8 Rebuild 1 now 2 :-)

    To do list: Strip -clean-measure-replace needed parts- Do some porting- polish aluminium-paint cast iron
  6. Rallylad

    RX8 Rebuild 1 now 2 :-)

    Ya there the DVDs I have quiet good. I'll check up on d porting , as for the cat it's already gone. Do the D585 coils make much of a difference.
  7. Rallylad

    RX8 Rebuild 1 now 2 :-)

    I have dvds @littlefeck dere fairly old school but shud do d trick hopefully thanks. Any mods upgrades I shud make while it's out? Had a productive lunch hour today. Ready to mount on my engine stand.
  8. Rallylad

    RX8 Rebuild 1 now 2 :-)

    Question, is there an L.S.D in the RX8 ?
  9. Rallylad

    Rx8 decat wanted

    Rx8s aren't emissions tested? why so
  10. Hey lads, bought a non running RX8 to do up and sell, after new plugs and leads, had trouble starting the car towed it and it started with a tow but knocking, after a look over the shell I decided against going any further as the sill were rotten, I found a shell nearby for handy money which was extremely clean, not even surface rust on the sills so I purchased this one, took engine out of the grey one last night so will start the rebuild on that tomorrow, haven't rebuilt a rotary before so looking forward to it ,ill keep ye posted with pics of engine build and shell refurb/transplant etc