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  1. rainbow

    triple gauge set

    Hi Sorry my mistake it for a 231 rx8 2004
  2. rainbow

    triple gauge set

    Hi Guys, Can some one help me out please have just bought a set off triple gauges oil pressure,oil temp ,water temp ,what I need help with is when fitting water temp.was thinking off cutting pipe and fitting an adapter does anyone know the size off adapter I should use where to mount it. or be better with racing beats one thanks
  3. rainbow

    What oils to use

    Ive just changed my diff oil ,gearbox oil,engine oil,coolant flush Diff,Motul 90 make sure its for LSD GL 5 nice & smooth Gearbox Red line MT90 GL 4 again nice & smooth Engine I use 15/40 mineral as recommended by essex racing so far so good may next change to 10/40 again mineral as it burns cleaner. change ever 3000/6000 MLS & Its a lot cheaper I pre mix Castrol edge again burns clean, def change to a decat I bought 200 cell cat a little loud but thats the way I like it. want it to sound like a rotary,also sailed through MOT
  4. rainbow

    New rx8 owner,

    Thanks for the welcome guys,only got the one on my computer at the moment which needs to be resized DOH. will get some up,
  5. rainbow

    New rx8 owner,

    Hi Guys, just a little note to say HELLO to everyone.Just got myself an rx8 231 sun light silver.Am from Dumfries & Galloway,always been intrested in a rotary but have also been a little scared of buying one,as you hear all the horror stories.But after alot of reading into them I have now commited myself to buying one,had the car a couple of months but she was in body shop getting front wing painted as she had a lot of rust so rather than repair and rust come back through time got new one,then went Daft and got boot spoiler ,side skirts rear valance done at the same time and machine polished,since then have replaced all fliuds diff coolant gearbox brake engine oil.uprated braked to grooved dimpled discs all round with braided hoses full toyo sport exhaust with 200 cell cat BRRAPPP,Then changed coils revision c ones along with megnecor leads and plugs,14 tooth starter motor,got new mot passed no probs and now just enjoying her.