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  1. Hughie1995

    Rx8 rebuild project car

    does anyone have a decent second hand cooling bottle for an rx 8 if so how much?
  2. Hughie1995

    Rx8 rebuild project car

    Thank you sir
  3. Hughie1995

    Rx8 rebuild project car

    Hello all have the engine back together new with all new seals, a second hand middle iron, rotor and housing. Have her together but looking for torques for the tension bolts, rear nut and front bolt are they the same as an rx7 as tgere are plenty of videos of rebuilding the older 13b and input appreciated.
  4. Hughie1995

    Rx8 rebuild project car

    Have the photos now
  5. Hughie1995

    Rx8 rebuild project car

    Well the whole story is before I took its apart it got 3bar on the front rotor and 0 on the back one of the rotors is bin job alright as shown I think the rear iron is salvageable as u only barely catch a nail in it the middle not so sure. Any input appreciated again guys. Won't let me upload photos not sure y ??
  6. Hello all new to this so forgive my mistakes...Down to business I bought an 04 Mazda rx8 (192) 6 months ago needing engine work I knew it would be costly and troublesome but it is a project weekend car. As I am an apprentice mechanic I plan to rebuild myself. I am currently in the middle of it and in need of some advice I have done some research but need some help.Now she broke an apex seal on the rear rotor and dragged it the housing is gone as is the rear rotor. My irons are marked so I'm looking into machining them, the question is can it be done and how much is OK to remove and mill, surface grind or hone is the question any input will be appreciated many thanks Hugh 😀