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  1. http://www.adverts.ie/car/mazda/rx7/1994-mazda-rx7/13234768 Might be of use to someone if the engine runs.
  2. Thanks Rex, ive heard good things about him! Ill give him a shout when its time. Just wanted to be sure someone good can map them in Ireland. Otherwise I would have invested in the Link as they are on offer.
  3. Hi all, Im hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I have a HKS F-CON V for the rx7 and from what ive heard the garage mapping the F-CON has to be HKS approved(wont have codes to access the ECU) open for correction on this! Im looking to see if any garage in Ireland is good at mapping rotarys and are HKS approved? Thanks, Alex
  4. Welcome along, lovely motor!
  5. I have one of them porting templates of the exhaust housing from pineapple racing. You can borrow it but im in Meath.
  6. Could someone please tell me the name of this kit in white and the name of the bumper yet to be sprayed. Thanks in advance.
  7. Ive been keeping an eye on 13b rew parts and even enquired about engines being imported with no joy. Are 2 new housings really as expensive as €1,700 or can you get a better deal elsewhere? Anybody have any experience with resurfaced housings as there is a set for sale on fduk and im thinking of getting them. Thanks for all the help and advice in advance.
  8. Rex Ruthor said it like it is very aggressive. If your looking for quarters I have some feed style ones there.
  9. I have something up in the projects section, not sure if its in the right place tho
  10. Thanks for the advice jp! Ill have to keep an eye out for some of the parts or a full engine locally, if not chance my arm elsewhere.
  11. Ah if you were a week earlier I would have taken arm and all for a white one as I dident have to fill holes in the boot lid. Just out of curiosity, could you please pm me a price on it as i might still be interested.
  12. He dident go into much detail about the test but i can always ask. At least I know what to ask now jp, thank you! The problem is both my housings and my rotors are brown bread. Id buy used ones no problem once they come up for sale.
  13. The breaker in the midlands with the black one will not sell the shell as unfortunately its a stolen & recovered. Dont think theres many parts left on it either. spla300 whats your budget on a rolling shell needing paint?
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