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  1. TheLedge


    You can just add a button, no need to promote it as such, I have one on mine and get a steady flow. You can check it out on my site just under the top banner. http://googleearthcommunity.proboards.com/ Gives people the option to send a few quid when they have it.
  2. TheLedge


    Jamie, have you thought about putting a PayPal donation button on the site?
  3. Welcome Isaac, please post pics, we love pics. Also you should join the FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/irishrotary/
  4. Can you post pics, spec and location
  5. TheLedge


    Same here mate.
  6. TheLedge


    I run a forum for over 4 years and have been a Moderator for nearly 15 years for Google, there are ways to stop the spam types, not sure on the software layout for this host but most are similar. Jamie needs a moderator with the appropriate powers to help.
  7. TheLedge


    Just keep hitting the report button.
  8. He is the top man, 07803034962 He has a few cars for sale, a very nice white R3 too
  9. Had the bracket re-welded at bottom of manifold and spring nuts fitted (bad design from toyo) had a slider released from front brake, just got new set delivered, so soon to be fitted.
  10. Where are you based? It may be worth while talking to Alan Woods in the North.
  11. You may get better money if sold in the North, but would need compression results
  12. Yep, I talked to the guy at rotary parts and it was developed with rotary revs.
  13. The one in you're link looks nothing like the one I got. The picture in my link is exactly what it is. If the numbers are correct, would be a good buy.
  14. I highly recommend anyone who has done 80K mils and above to have the upgrade done. The throttle response is amazing. Done 180 mils since I had mine done and it's brilliant. Got mine from here. https://www.mazdarotaryparts.com/RX-8-Fuel-Pump-Uprated-direct-replacement-kit
  15. TheLedge

    New to RX8

    Welcome Mike, post some pics, we love pics.
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