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  1. TheLedge

    R3 in ireland

    You may get better money if sold in the North, but would need compression results
  2. TheLedge

    Fuel pump upgrade

    Yep, I talked to the guy at rotary parts and it was developed with rotary revs.
  3. TheLedge

    Fuel pump upgrade

    The one in you're link looks nothing like the one I got. The picture in my link is exactly what it is. If the numbers are correct, would be a good buy.
  4. TheLedge

    Fuel pump upgrade

    I highly recommend anyone who has done 80K mils and above to have the upgrade done. The throttle response is amazing. Done 180 mils since I had mine done and it's brilliant. Got mine from here. https://www.mazdarotaryparts.com/RX-8-Fuel-Pump-Uprated-direct-replacement-kit
  5. TheLedge

    New to RX8

    Welcome Mike, post some pics, we love pics.
  6. TheLedge

    Now Sold New Eibach Spacers

    Go for it Bill, I have to think about it.
  7. TheLedge

    Now Sold New Eibach Spacers

    Forgive my ignorance, but are these a direct fit or is there some cutting of the original lugs? Never fitted spacers before
  8. TheLedge

    Now Sold New Eibach Spacers

    How much posted up North?
  9. TheLedge

    Member number

    Looks to be 385
  10. TheLedge

    04 RX8 on donedeal

    Add link mate.
  11. TheLedge

    Looking for Mk2 Escort for a restoration project

    There is a guy in Dromore, Co.Down with a rolling shell, if you're interested I'll try and find his address EDIT: Sorry his post has gone, must have sold it.
  12. TheLedge

    3rd and 4 the gears tend to grind

    I got my exedy clutch kit from a place around Comber in the North, but can't find them now. About £200 if memory serves, then fitting of course.
  13. TheLedge

    3rd and 4 the gears tend to grind

    Time for a new clutch kit IMO
  14. TheLedge

    Headlight Restore

    I used this last year, works a treat and has the uv sealant. HERE
  15. TheLedge

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all.