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  1. I’d swap your thermostat and water pump for starters so ! Otherwise I’d start doing a coolant system pressure test etc !
  2. Hi Damien , Any chance the Rx8 has been re-mapped check with @littlefeck and see if he has done any of the Fan mods on it ? , Other than that they are staying on quite long would maybe check Thermo sensor on the block they rarely go wrong but just and idea ! Regards Dale !
  3. Support for Iphones ..... and support for emojis
  4. Sounds like its on one Rotor man , video is not very clear sound wise ! as regards coolant if its 100% not leaking out you more than likely have coolant seal / jacket failure ! you should get a compression test to judge where the engine is at , a compression test can sometimes show coolant seal failure also. The blue and black smoke can happen for many reasons one being side seal failure , engine will continue to run and will pickup on second rotor when revs are high enough , but at low revs the fuel just gets pulverised and doesnt really go bang which then burns the oil scraper rings which then start leaking oil ... if it flooded for no reason id look at getting it compression tested !
  5. @laned3 as far as I know there's me, @the real podge,Michael hogan and a few more ! It's on Facebook as far as I know !
  6. As far as I know right now I'm going up on Sunday morning plans could change however
  7. Long shot but any chance its still there
  8. Put me down i is who i is (track)
  9. Porting technically from an insurance stand point is "modifying the car" , however I believe there is a line in there somewhere "parts replaced for upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle with oem or alike" are allowed with porting your not really changing parts they are oem just "refurbished" , in the end I wouldn't say the insurance can do anything , sure even the tyres on the car are aftermarket .... theres many views upon insurance and I'm not going to open that kettle of fish but , realistically no there should be no issues from an insurance stand point and even then , they more then likely will never open that engine ... let alone even know what the hell there looking at ... The key benefits to a street port is as follows: Information source : @RichieDC "Corners" are taken off the ports and blended to create a smooth transition to the plate from the port , this will decrease side seal wear. More power @RichieDC car made 203-204 on the dyno , this car had full exhaust system mani + backbox + decat standard pipe it had d585s and @littlefeck Map on it , More air in + More air out , and some minor timing changes creates more power it seems Fuel economy seems to get better with the port as a little bit of overlap begins with the porting 2 - 3 degrees if even , I don't know if its @RichieDC and his puny right foot and granny like shifting that is playing a role In that , but it seems to help anyway ! Richie can and does get the 400 mark and beyond ! with some 500's in there ! "cite this as needs be Richie ! " Smoother intake flow and smoother intake tract Port Matching always helps to stop disrupt the flow of air ! Power from 4500 till 9200 (once again Richie feel free to correct me !) The key benefits to a half bridge is as follows : Information Source : Me @Bradyy All of above bar 3 ! (See Cons) Even more air in and the port timing changes rapidly with some overlap of about 10-15 degrees "marginal I know but still" Bigger exhaust ports , when I ported mine with the help of @RichieDC we went a "bit" bigger to the point of us wondering was this going to work ... it did and creates even more overlap which is about +5 degrees More Power My car made 202 on the dyno and had everything standard on it apart from a decat standard pipe , we believe it would make more with a map and exhaust system ! best case 220 worst 210 , Power from about 4000 till 9200 Half Bridge CONS : IT EATS BLOODY FUEL ! , if you go anywhere above the 4000rpm mark mpg drops to about 12mpg , above 6500 it drops to about 7mpg ... around town I see about 17mpg and motorway about 24mpg if I drive like @RichieDC Bottom line really street Porting helps in a number of areas and I would recommend it to anyone that is getting there engines rebuild if not for power and if not for fuel economy simple to take the edge of them bloody sharp ports !
  10. Ahh crap why am I only seeing this now Thought John had it Otherwise I would have slept in the car in the paddock Sorry @littlefeck , then again I couldn't even string a sentence together yesterday
  11. Who wins I'm need to know do I have to clean mah car and get all of Richie's mud ho*s off it
  12. Thats savage Jamie ! , if you need any help with programming or anything let me know ! , ill be building my own one soon ! , its just i have college exams soon !
  13. Agreed ! , Arduino makes perfect sense for me and you, however im more inclined to a computer based solution and let the computer handle the maths as it would have to be preformed for each reading to correct it which has to be kept in ram and not stored .. and storage of each reading as a graph would be better to read then figures due to a graph being able to display "high spots and low spots" i.e. an early failing apex seal etc etc... i hope to just use a single channel ADC to rs232 to usb on a custom pub and let the computer handle the inputs and output through software plus the arduino would need a 5v dc source i want to use such a simple method due to environment , fuel , oil , heat , but most of all to be simple and user friendly the most expensive part of this is the sensor however plus the wiring and various connectors solder , pcbs , the works ,
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