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  1. Hi guys I don’t know is there a thread on this already, I had a look but couldn’t find anything but just wondering what’s the differences between the uk spec and jap spec rx7s. Thanks.
  2. Hi just looking for some advice on fds. I’ve been looking for an fd to pick up for last few months and just wanted to know what are the differences between the years and what would be the best to buy.
  3. Nope there not working I also thought it was me but tried on the comp in work and no luck :/
  4. Hi just wondering has anybody gone to view this rx7 or have any info on it ? http://cars.donedeal.ie/view/11217127
  5. Hi everyone I have been wanting to buy a fd3 for a good while but haven't been able to financially and what not but iv decided to get the ball rolling and have been researching all I can about them. i just wanted some general info on buying them eg pitfalls etc i have been keeping an eye on dd seeing if there's anything interesting up and there's a red fd up but it's been up for a bit, just wondering does anybody have any info on it ? thanks
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