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  1. Hey guys, Haven't been on here in a while but noticed my old 99 Type RS floating around Done Deal recently with yet another paint change! Good to see its' still going, I do miss it's craziness I have to say. Anyway, I've been running a Blue 04 Nissan 350z for the last year and I'd definitely recommend one as it was on my list of cars to own, very reliable and an awesome handling piece of kit. Details here http://cars.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/04-nissan-350z-gt-spec/9404292 Email me for more pics/details, Cheers, Mark
  2. Hi guys, sticking my Blue/White Cooper S up on Carzone/Done Deal etc if anyone is interested. It's in brilliant condition, 170bhp and the 06 model had various upgrades and tweaks. 53k Miles on the clock with BMW service history. Brilliant handling little go cart and cheap to run unlike my old Rex which I still miss! Open to close offers. http://www.carzone.ie/search/MINI/Coope ... annel=CARS
  3. Re: "Include me in meet/event-related PMs" List and me please Mark
  4. Re: White 95 City Centre got me thinking now! pretty sure it was stock with the small wing on it..?!
  5. Spotted the above FD passing over the Liffey at around 18.30 on Friday heading up towards Christ Church. Looking well, hadn't seen a Rex on the roads in such a long time! Great to see one at least
  6. Re: 99spec rx7 rs for sale Holy Sh*t on all accounts!
  7. Re: small update on my rex Fair play, I'd imagine this looks even better in the flesh
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZCOi-OL4OvU
  9. Re: small update on my rex Had a feeling you were going for purple Either way it will be fab as you've mentioned the words 'classy', fair play!
  10. Re: small update on my rex Can't wait!
  11. Re: small update on my rex Really looking forward to seeing this too, we'll do a few snaps of it when it's sorted
  12. Re: my new summer toy Sweet ride man, blue's a great colour
  13. mark

    White 95 FD

    Spotted 95 WW near the Four Courts the other morning, hadn't seen an FD in soo long!
  14. Re: ABS light 'fraud' Just to let you know, it was all working fine when I had it! (might narrow down culprit lol)
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