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  1. Well folks, looks like the rumours are true, Mazda are returning to the rotary, but maybe not the way we wanted... Looks like it's going to be a range extender for their EV range. Some innovation is better than none I guess! Hope they keep working on the Vision project as well. Source: https://www.topgear.com/car-news/paris-motor-show/mazda-going-build-rotary-engine-again?amp
  2. Got sorted this year for €555 from 1.2.3 for TPFT cover, cheapest I could find by a country mile! Why is it all so bonkers? Next lowest I could get was about €1,350 from Kenn.Co...
  3. Yeah, went through all the usual shenanigans with them. I'll try them again in the morning.
  4. Has anyone in the Dublin area have it done yet? Got my recall letter last month, rang Sandyford and Joe Duffy Mazda dealerships, apparently they have to order the parts in, both dealerships said they'd get back to me in a few days, been at least 3/4 weeks now and no word yet. Although it's Most likely a case of I'm not a paying customer so who cares if I get shrapnel to the brain...
  5. I was with 123.ie on my '07 way back when, they won't touch me now; two claims, my car and and the other half's too, same day, flood damages, almost 5 years ago, still haunting me. Loads of insurers won't go near us cos of those two claims, and they generally don't care about the circumstances. One company even said as the claims were the same day the alarm bells were ringing and they wouldn't touch us. Daft. I went with Pat Britton's in the end, got sorted for for just below 650 Comp with the partner named. Excess was €250, and has breakdown cover on it too. Both of us 31, full car licences, full NCB, RX-8 192 Comfort, clear record other than two non fault claims. Not bad after hearing all the horror stories from people about car insurance in general lately.
  6. Been trying to log in today for the first time in about 2/3 years, and couldn't remember my email, password, or username, so I decided to create a new account! On my 2nd RX-8 now, currently on a '04 5-speed Comfort 193. Had a '07 6-speed Exclusive (I think...) 231 a few years back but had to offload it due to lack of use/money/back to bikes/AN Other generic excuse. Still miss the '07, hadn't had a car in a while so I took a look around, got a decent insurance price from Pat Brittons, and got the '04 before my no claims bonus expired. Car is only really for the craic of it or going to football or whatnot, use my motorbike for everything else, unless it's snowing or the roads are iced or the likes. So that's me for now!
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