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  1. I know its been a while since you posted, but welcome aboard
  2. Hi guys, a lad in the UK has asked me to help source a clean FD shell. Must be rust free, with zero damage and no mods. Let me know if you have one, cheers.
  3. There may be a little, but if your serious about buying, you'll come and view the car and we can talk money then. It is truly mint and you won't be disappointed.
  4. Still for sale, I've updated the first post. Also, have a 1980 SA22C, MK1 MX-5 trackcar, 7.5t race transporter with living space, Mitsubishi RVR X3 Sports Gear, 2014 Honda Jazz ES+ and a 2016 Toyota Auris Icon 1.2t for sale
  5. So am I, so is the sis. Its a shame, as its not getting used at all now, she went to the dark side.......DIESEL!!! I know, I should probably not talk to her again, in case its contagious
  6. Been chatting him since and he's thrilled. Like us, he is another car nut and a nice guy as you mentioned. Your car is in safe hands
  7. Is the new owner Derek by any chance? If so, it'll continue to be well looked after
  8. This is still available. If your in the market for a truly stunning and original 8, look no further
  9. Sounds like one not far from here. His engine went a couple of years ago and I haven't seen him in ages. It was a 99 or 00 FD, blue with white wheels. Beautiful car, sound guy too, hope he gets it back on the road
  10. Well done Nico, was admiring the car at Kirkistown. Now that I've watched the vids and know the back story, I'm even more interested in it. Lovely car and delighted to see it rescued from the shed. I wish you many years of happy motoring Brap Brap
  11. It was an amazing day and a huge part of the enjoyment for me was to meet up with people I hadn't seen in way too long. We are a big family us rotors! Owen, really sorry to hear about Buttercup. It was great to see her there on the day and what a way to spend its last days with that engine. I would be absolutely delighted to help you and Yak with the build, give me a shout when your starting it. I'll see if I can help organise to get her back down here if you like? Send me a text.
  12. I have those bits. I intended to keep them, but need the cash now more than the parts. What figure had you in mind? Edited: This is my 787th post!!!! I can't let that pass and not celebrate it!! BRAP BRAP BRAP BRAP LM!! 4 rotors of goodness
  13. A quick bump ahead of the coming Mazdafest...... Come on, nobody has even come along to view it. I know its a cliche, but honestly, the first person that views it and actually is looking to buy a clean RX-8, will buy this one.
  14. Can't believe this hasn't sold? Its a bargain
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