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    Absolute beaut, making me wann mod mine!!
  2. Hi lads, Ive been happily lurking on the forum for a while but I was compelled to do an intro post, mainly as I was wondering what the best brakes (pads and discs) are for general road use and where to buy them? I've been searching through the forums and while everyone agrees dont order anything from ebay nobody has really specified their preferred brake setup. Ive seen some suggestions, EBCs red/yellow/green, brembo and from searching found a few off brand ones. Just wondering what are people running with, did you do it yourself and how much did it cost you? Here's a few pics of the car I had on my phone. Not the best but the car is incredible. Bought it in November, very low mileage at 50k odd, almost suspiciously so but its been serviced by Eoghan in Palmerstown so Ive no doubt its legit! Its a Jap import 231hp 6 speed and it goes like stink!! In awe at the pull out of the engine and theres so much rev! Love the sound, it reeks of petrol and oil, like any real car should and it snarls and backfires nicely. Any problems are only cosmetic so far, new wheels and coils perhaps but nothing before a full service in the next few weeks. Disgusted I missed the Rotor Stock in July but will defo try and get down for a cars n coffee meet on the first of the month! Look forward to chatting soon lads! Hugh.