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  1. Thanks for Reply Rex Can we change  the spring on Suspension i am requesting everybody 

    if anybody in Limerick area look at my car please HELP i becoming a Rotary Lover with out any Knowledge about it and Mechanic making a fool of me because most of them have no clue about 

    Rotary :(

    1. Rex Ruthor

      Rex Ruthor

      Hi @fauzger, I'm in Kilkenny I'm afraid but I think you could sent a message to lordderak (Derek Cosgrave) and ask him who his mechanic is. He lives in limerick and has an 8 and an rx7 he takes very good care of both and has a mechanic he trusts. I'm sure they will be able to look after you.

      Depending on budget, you could consider changing the suspension all round and fit something like the Tein Street Basis which allow the car to sit and handle even better - a full set of them for front and rear is about €450 http://m.ebay.ie/itm/TEIN-STREET-BASIS-Z-COILOVER-SUSPENSION-KIT-MAZDA-RX-8-SE3P-2003-2011-/172403356572?nav=SEARCH

      if it's just the springs, you can get standard ones here http://m.mister-auto.ie/en/coil-spring/kyb-ra7040_g188_a085RA7040.html for about €90 each or a full set of Tein ones here http://m.ebay.ie/itm/Tein-S-Tech-Lowering-Springs-Kit-for-Mazda-RX8-2003-On-SE3P-F-30mm-R-25mm-/291560210397?nav=SEARCH for €160, you should change both sides at the same time or Tein springs here But take it to a mechanic first as it may be fine and just due to having four adults in the car - the exhaust sits quite low down.


    2. fauzger


      You are soooooo good i send Derek a text i hope he contact me so will i order suspension and springs 

      or wait them to check it :)

    3. Rex Ruthor

      Rex Ruthor

      No problem - get them to check it first and go from there :)

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