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  1. Rex Ruthor

    Mazda RX7 Series 3 1985 Dublin

    Good stuff - few of us heading to Bray for cars and coffee tomorrow
  2. Rex Ruthor


    Check your engine mounts as well - the heat perishes them over time and the oil filling them dries out leading to vibrations up through the gearstick. You can usually tell by looking at them. changing them is easy enough by jacking up the engine a bit and you can access the nuts from the top of the engine with an entension or two
  3. Rex Ruthor

    Bushings and pillow ball bushings

    I threw up a post on the FB page - a supplier has 10 full sets for $300 - from the US though
  4. Rex Ruthor

    Bushings and pillow ball bushings

    I think @seanmcg might be able to point you in the right direction ?
  5. Rex Ruthor

    bought an rx7, any tips welcome

    Fair dues man - kudos
  6. Rex Ruthor


    WELcome man - shout if you need any advice - lots of knowledgeable folk on here
  7. Rex Ruthor

    Irish Rotary App

    WOuld be great if there was a more user friendly way to upload photos direct from a mobile device
  8. I found jp4mance the cheapest for plugs. Used to have a website but I think they have moved everything onto Ebay now
  9. Rex Ruthor

    buying your first rotary

    All of the 8's have a 1.3 renesis engine, they are only taxed as a 1.7 - the only difference in engine is between the 192 5 speed and the 231 six speed with the latter having extra ports. first call would be a compression test and take it from there. Read up everything you can before the rebuild and check out some useful videos on YouTube
  10. Rex Ruthor

    Needs must - for now

    Sold - best of luck to the new owner
  11. Rex Ruthor

    Needs must - for now

    Fear not Chazz, I'll be back in an 8 soon no doubt - that's assuming this one sells !!!
  12. Delighted you're sorted man, happy rotoring and enjoy that ported goodness !!!! (After the break in period of course)
  13. Rex Ruthor

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Dwell times adjusted for the d585's and compression test done by Jamie. Normalised Front 6.61 6.65 6.98 Normalised Rear 7.35 7.6 7.72 Not too bad for an original engine with 110k on the clock. Should be good for many more miles under the new owner if she sells