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  1. Sean, I tried to email the guy who does the poly bushes, and the email adress is invalid... Any chance it's. Co.uk or something other than .com?
  2. Sound I'll give him a shout.. I think u may have given me that info in a previous post ages ago, but couldn't find it... Now the bushings are the last piece of the puzzle.. 350 wouldn't be bad.. Pity the pillow balls are so expensive.. Little knocking bastards
  3. Can anyone tell me the best place to get a full poly Bush kit front and back, along with pillow ball bushings.. Some place that is reasonably priced.. Hoping to get them sorted over the xmas
  4. Nico, would you have any recommendations as to which master to use for drift application? I'm running a 1 jz in my fd.. Would like to replace the master as I've no idea of condition.. Also would like to know if there's a clutch master upgrade as I'm running a BMW gearbox and the slave is a nice bit larger than the master
  5. Does any one have a rear bumper for an fd.. I would prefer standard but will consider what's available
  6. Car is between tullamore and kilbeggan, car will start and drive, but it is running very rough, would need to be trailered, that's why I'm hoping to find someone willing to come to the car.. I'm happy to pay for someone's time..
  7. Still stuck to get a compression test done, does anyone at least know of a garage half close to offaly that can do the test? As I have had no joy in finding anyone myself.. I just want to find out the condition of my engine so I can decide what to do with the car...
  8. Is there anyone willing to come to tullamore to do compression test on my rx7?
  9. Is there anyone on here with a compression tester that would be willing to travel to tullamore to do a test on my fd? I'm happy to pay for anyone willing To Help me out..
  10. Have an fd Rx7 that is probably getting stripped for a conversion , I know I know, don't hate me... What would engine, box, clutch, and Apexi be worth as a package? Car starts runs a bit rough, reckon it's vacuum pipes on arse ways, car is as I bought it, never really had time to go at it.. Anyways.. Bit of help on value and possible interest if any would be appreciated..
  11. Sound for the contact, I've made a diff brace for it, tasty job. Just the rear end especially is rattling like a bastard... Could do with just doing front and rear and have it right.. Has to go get mapped so she needs to be right on the dyno.. Keep it safe
  12. Can anyone point me in the direction of some decently priced new bushings and pillow balls.. More than likely go poly Bush as it's a drift car.. And sinces it's a drift car I could do with not buying the most expensive stuff out there
  13. Anyone have a rear bumper for an fd? If it's a standard I could do with the drivers side little red light.. if it fiberglass, let me know what style or send me a pic
  14. I've another white fd I bought that's running like a bag of shite, reckon it's a simple fix, but I don't know a thing about rotarys.. ( 1jz in the black one) anyone near tullamore that could maybe diagnose.. And possibly compression test it too?
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