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  1. The problem with cheap coils is that a trailing coil can fail and you'd be unlikely to notice, as the leading coil is responsible for 95% of the power. However, running with a failed trailing coil can damage the engine, through incomplete combustion ("bore wash", carbon build-up and bearing stress) and it will also poison the cat - assuming you're actually running one. We all recognise how poor random aftermarket "Mazda OEM" coils are, produced in China and sold for less than $10 each wholesale - so why do people assume that knock-off D585's are going to be any better?
  2. Probably for the same reason as " Warmed up to temperature before driven every day" i.e. pick-up some really bad advice from a man in a pub or a random youtube vid and has been harming the engine ever since. For future reference, the car should be driven immediately (or as soon as possible if scraping ice off the windscreen) after starting the engine. As there's almost zero oil pressure at idle and a very fuel-rich mixture. Never rev the engine before switch-off, as this removes the extra oil that is injected when you switch the ignition off, designed to protect the seal and aid in restarts. The *only* exception is if you have to switch off a cold engine in an emergency.
  3. August 18th 2018 - as per the calender entry. All the related discussion has been on the FB group, as the forum was down when this was announced. https://www.facebook.com/events/1022205701264354/ All the track slots have been taken but all welcome for the show-n-shine or just for the craic. Still room for camping and BBQ, Friday & Saturday nights, at our place, just down the road from the track https://goo.gl/maps/j3mKtfHZzgD2
  4. There's a group buy being arranged on the UK RX-8 Owners Club forum, that has been opened-up to all RX-8 owners, not just members of the RX8OC. It is for a full brand new set of PZ specification suspension units being made to order by the original Prodrive suppliers - Bilstein dampers and Eibach Springs. This kit is currently not available from any source and does require a minimum order volume to go ahead, while significant volume over and above the minimum will further reduce the unit cost. While these units are the obvious replacement for a tired PZ, they would also bring any Series 1 RX-8 up to PZ standards in the handling stakes, at a cost less than OEM units. I've been in contact with Pete (Conan) who's organising the group buy and confirmed that delivery to both NI and ROI will be available, at cost. Please see the original thread on UK RX8OC forum and raise any questions there. https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=76220 You will have to sign-up to the forum to join the group buy but membership of the RX8OC is not required for this unique deal.
  5. Do I detect a note of rotary paranoia creeping in?
  6. Someone at Lidl must be monitoring this thread... https://www.lidl-ni.co.uk/en/special-offers.htm?articleId=526
  7. While I'd like to take all the credit for this, it was SWMBO Pauline that did much of the running about and encouraged the home invasion! We were left with a bit of tidying-up to do, with my gearbox and Buttercup waiting for her rescue in the carpark, but it was still the best weekend we've had in years and can't wait to do it again, even better next year. Pauline says that she can't guarantee that the jar of Nutella that Nico left will survive until next time
  8. We had a great time, starting Saturday evening with something like 28 visitors, of which 24 stayed the night, and 20+ rotaries in the car park - I must admit I lost count with all the movements. The weather was kind so our beer garden got to live up to it's name, with the front lawn looking like a (very tidy) version of the Calais Jungle camp. Some of the cars left around midnight, and others early in the morning, leaving only 13 for the convoy to the track. Really enjoyed the day at the track, both on-track and seeing the cars, chatting with the guys, putting faces to names only known on the forum and meeting new people. Did my fastest laps with Mum in the car (someone said 1min 8. something - timed from the pitlane, but I couldn't find them again later to verify) We did end up with a couple of unexpected souvenirs from the day; - my gearbox now has a nasty crunch changing from 3rd-4th at high revs, as the synchro started to play-up on the second session and only got worse during the day. - Owen's Yellow 7 is now sitting back in our carpark, waiting to be recovered. Owen, Claudine and Yak were already planning to stay over with us on Sunday night, but Owen's car had been dumping coolant into the air sep tank on the drive up, and it had overheated in the queue when we all arrived at the track. Long story short, we gave it a "champagne test" in the morning, which it failed spectacularly, so it was decided best to leave her here safe until she can be recovered and the coolant seals replaced. I've got masses of photos, and a couple of vids, of the evening before, stuff on the day and even the next morning. Is there a specific album, on here, FB or somewhere else that these are all being pulled together?
  9. JP and the guys managed to strike the balance between structured organisation and flexibility, to make maximum use of the facility while keeping everyone happy, and safe. Not an easy thing to pull off, especially for the first time. Already looking forward to next year Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  10. Checked the BBC online weather forecast for Kirkistown on Sunday. Last night they were predicting cloud in the morning with light rain from 12:00 lasting all afternoon Just checked again and now they've saying that the cloud will hold off until 16:00 and the rain until after 18:00. So, who knows what we'll get but even if the sun's not out there should be some beaming smiles [emoji16] Sent from my B3-A20 using Tapatalk
  11. I've just been in touch with Richard, who manages the Kirkistown track, and arranged to have a room available for drivers to store overnight bags etc while they take their cars on track. I've also arranged to have a garage available for anyone that needs to change brake pads etc on the day. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
  12. The date for this event has now been changed to 4th November When this event was originally proposed we were looking at a date in August. Not only would the weather (more likely to) be better but the ferry service from Dublin would be running the Summer timetable, giving us the opportunity to travel across and back to Holyhead on the same day and still have more than 6 hours track time. By November the ferries are on their Winter timetables and this is no longer possible. Please feel free to make your own arrangements to travel from NI & Eire, as I won't be going this year.
  13. I just posted this on the Trackday Hints & Tips section of the RX8OC forum and am sharing it here, as it has particular relevance to this event.... Many of you taking your car out on track will be tempted to switch Off the DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), because; the guy in the pub said you should you don't want to be hampered by it all your mates switch theirs off it would be "gay" not to Firstly, we've already identified that the man in the pub knows fuck-all about rotary engined cars and the RX8 in particular. Actually, he thinks he knows but it's nearly all wrong [-X The DSC on the RX8 isn't there to spoil your fun*, it's not a nanny, unlike many German cars. It's not intrusive, so don't think of it like training wheels on a bike, it's much more like a safety net for a tightrope walker. You can still run the tightrope of power, braking and tyre adhesion but if (when) you push it too far then it might just stop you breaking your neck. Having the DSC light blink occasionally as you go round the track is confirmation that you've got the car on the limit, any more than a blink and you're "over-driving" the road and not getting the best from it. The fast drivers wouldn't have that light coming on at all. Some of your mates might switch off their DSC, for the reasons above, but what cars are they driving? If you think that switching it off would make people doubt your manhood, just wait for the reaction when you spin off into the barriers. #-o * actually, the DSC will prevent you from drifting around the corners with armfulls of opposite lock but try this on a trackday and you'll be black flagged for the session and, in most cases, not invited back on track. There are times when it's appropriate to switch off the DSC - Car Handling days, where you explore and deliberately exceed the limits of adhesion on an airfield with masses of run-off. - Drifting - Playing donuts in a private carpark - On the dyno, otherwise you get false results because the front wheels aren't turning.
  14. For those staying overnight at our place, the swimming pool won't be open - you'll understand why when you see it - but the spa (hot tub) will. Bring swim shorts or budgie smugglers, unless you're an exhibitionist (Dara?)
  15. With just over a week to go, if this rain keeps up, it's not new brake pads people will need, we'll all have to fit bloody periscopes. Sent from my GT-I9195 using Tapatalk
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