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  1. Spotted multiple RX8s in Athenry, Co. Galway lately. 2 Black and 2 Red. Anybody on here?
  2. Maciek was the guy recommended to me by Shadow. Should be same guy, does an amazing job. Pics of my before and after are on the facebook page. Best of luck
  3. @Panda Booked a hotel, so you can change that maybe to a yes. No track though, not that I don't trust all of ye, it's my own ability I would be questioning!!
  4. @Gizmo94 So sorry, only just saw your post now. Did you get sorted?
  5. After posting the pics up over on the Facebook page, all is not lost. Got some great advice and recommendations and it looks the work on my car can be done next week, at a lot less than originally quoted. Yiz are a great bunch of lads, like the samaritans for rotary owners!
  6. Cheers guys! Think you've made up my mind. Find something cheap to use as a daily, and shop for a new shell. I do love my RX8
  7. Would love to do this, but the car is my daily driver!!
  8. Dreaded news from body shop this morning. After failing NCT on small rust hole on underside of sills, I brought the car to the local body shop for a look. Turns out, after pulling off all plastic trim underneath, that the corrosion is quite extensive. Looking like it needs 2 new outer sills, 2 new inner sills, and part of the floor pan fabricated and replaced. Estimate of at least €2000 for repairs. Absolutely sickened, after putting nearly €4500 into the car in the last 9 months. Am i better to cut my losses? Or, a better question would be, Is the car worth something to somebody out there? With a engine rebuild in June 2016 in shadow rotary, replacing rear housing and rotor, with a street port thrown in for good measure. Full set of Tein Basis Coilovers fitted only 2 weeks ago, along with full set of brake pads and discs, mint interior and being a 231ps. Surely somebody could do something with it. I'm at a loss as to what to do!!
  9. Hey Guys, great news as you may have seen on the FB page. Im back driving my 8 again!!!! All is good, looking forward to getting the run in out of the way. Have to say the porting makes a big difference, already pulling like a horse and gargling away. Feels good to be back driving her. Big shout out also to the work the lads who did on the car, mind boggling the work that goes into a rebuild when you see it broken down.
  10. On a side note, speaking to Anthony today he did apologise that they have been mental busy the last few months , parts have been a pain to get in and a backlog of cars building up. My biggest concern was that mine was my daily driver up to failing, and I was having to borrow a car in the meantime, but sorted now and looking forward to picking it up
  11. Got great news today. Car is done!! Just to get up there now and get started on the run in. Diagnosis in the end was detonation on the rear rotor, caused by degradation after poss. overheating prior to me buying the car. Water pump was replaced before I bought it and they reckoned if it overheated at the time it would have caused the enough damage to reduce the lifespan but not enough to go straight away. Just looking forward to having my car back
  12. Thanks Chazz, unfortunately I am the other side of the country with a borrowed car during the week, so I can't call in. I'll keep trying, but I really don't want to be pestering them all the time, it's just the only time I get any info is when I ring them, even though I was meant to be kept up to date with info, pics, etc...
  13. Hey Guys, back again. Still waiting.... At what point should I be worried? I dropped the car in early March and have been told "next week" for the last 6 weeks.I was told last week that it would be done, but I cannot get anybody on the phone the last couple of days... I know I am v. impatient, but I explained at the time that it was my daily driver, and the original estimate was 4 to 5 weeks. We are now coming up on week 11 and I am starting to run into serious problems with borrowing cars, etc to make the 40km trip to work every day. Any advice?
  14. Hey guys, quick question. How long would rebuild normally take? Been waiting over 6 weeks and still not sure on progress.. I've spoken to Anthony a few times, but don't want to be ringing every week. Original estimate was 4 to 5 weeks
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