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  1. Oh and I just found a set of coilpacks off my fd, perfect working order when they were removed - €40 cheers, Mark
  2. Hi All, Long time since Ive posted, as the only rotary action i get is when I steal the wives RX8 for a spin to the workshop (generally when Im working on it :-)) I found these at the weekend, and as I don't have an FD thought someone might want them. I bought them for mine but never ended fitting them - Ill let them go for €120 if anyone is interested (thats a lot cheaper than I bought them for :-)) Collection from Celbridge or Dundrum (or anywhere in between) you can txt me on 0877423793 cheers, Mark
  3. She flew through the NCT yesterday, always good to get that done, cert is in the post :-)
  4. Cheers lads, good to be back driving even if it is only once a week when I rob it on the misses @Kenster it's a Toyosport one, good quality comes with the complete fitting kit, nuts bolts gaskets etc. piece of piss to fit (straigh swap) and a slight bith more throaty than the standard cleared cat
  5. Well I had the 8 in for a bit of work last weekend, full service, oil change, filters spark plugs, also I had a new Decat ready to befitted so through that in and decided to get her the Powerlite uprated starter... Jesus Christ is that some difference when starting Hot or Cold, and sure while I was as it I fitted a new battery. Coils and leads were done last summer so didnt need to change them. running like a dream again :-) and a few pics Brake pads to be done next week and Ive 2 rear Conti tyres ordered :-)
  6. Oh yeah I saw that on dtdirl, looks lovely in fairness but I would have kept the 13b in there :-) I was rammed up behind him for a closer look...
  7. Looks lovely man' date=' I want to get one meself but no room for it
  8. Hey all, god to see the rotary scene is still going in Ireland, I've been away too long from rotaries and only getting back on here in the last few days... since selling the FD there has been a void which I have filled with Evo's , STI's e46 M3's but Ive always missed my fd.... so Im sure it wont be too long till Im in the market for another one :-) In the meantime I've convinced the wife that rotary is the way forward and got her a 04 RX4 with 50K on the clock, 6speed model of course here's an old pic for you Blue with black leather her preferred combo :-) Since we've got it ive replaced the plugs, coils and leads as well as upgrading the starter and giving the paintwork a good detail... next Im looking at a nice exhaust for her :-) Most importantly I get to drive a rotary regularly :-) so Ill be back on here alot more that
  9. Alright lad, Id be interested if its still available, have you got any pics? you could even text on? 0877423793
  10. Re: Rebuilt fd engine wanted You have a pm Steo800
  11. Re: Single Turbo project parts for sale - more part/photos a No problem at all Adam :-D , Yeah sorry Clutch is sold and collected by snowyrx7, sure let meknow if you need anything else, Markie
  12. Re: Single Turbo project parts for sale - more photos added Ill stick you down for that as well James
  13. Re: Single Turbo project parts for sale Right got some more pictures when i was in the workshop as the weekend, PM'd on requested photos and also came acroos the following and got some better photos - Brand New Feed Side skirts - never fitted, sold - Drilled and grooved discs - sold cheers, Mark SOLD items removed
  14. Re: Single Turbo project parts for sale Have these for you lad, Ill PM you cheers, Mark
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