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  1. Coils plus edfc 1000€ They were 2200€ new. I've done 20000 km on them
  2. Brakes 700€ Exhaust 1000€ Sorry for the quality of the last one, uploading takes ages even with that resolution
  3. Ok so I have busted Rx8. All stock parts are available plus some more interesting stuff like: -Rota GTR concave wheels 18x9.5 in flat black in perfect condition, no dents, scratches etc. -K sport front big brake kit, 8 pot calipers in red, 358mm (14inch) slotted brake rotors, steel braided fluid lines, perfect condition, amazing stopping power -Pettit Racing stainless steel, 3inch full exhaust all the way, sports cat and resonator, perfect condition, driven only 5 months before engine died, beautifully shaped 4inch tips, sounds absolutely amazing, not like farts -Tein Street Flex adjustable coilovers, equipped with EDFC Active Pro which is a system of stepper motors on the top of every coilover that allows for remote adjustment of stiffness. System can be adjusted manually at any time or switched to auto mode where it sets stiffness of each wheel in real-time depending on acceleration, deceleration, G-force and speed. Values are displayed and adjusted on in-car screen. Sweet addition to the great Rx8 chassis. Comes with manual in english and japanese if english is too easy for you and two keys for the coilovers -Walbro fuel pump, new not even fitted -New headlamps -New ignition set (coils, plugs, wires) I'll post some pictures of everything tomorrow
  4. Jp thanks for your thoughts. I was hoping to save myself some trouble pulling out all the parts and sell everything in one go, but now I'm willing to take it apart and sell all parts separately and whatever I won't sell I'll set on fire . I'll now move to parts section where I'll give details of the most interesting bits and see what happens. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks for advice guys. I understand what You're saying but it's hard to believe that stock busted Rx8 price equals sweet parts busted Rx8 price. Am I missing something? I know this offer isn't for everyone, probably a person who has a stock Rx8 and wants to add some nice bits might value this offer. Pictures and details of the parts are listed in my profile. Jp I can't return to stock as factory brakes were giving trouble so I've replaced them with big brake kit, same thing happened to factory cat and exhaust, stock wheels were sold long time ago. It absolutely breaks my heart to sell her tbh. Anyone knows upcoming lotto numbers?
  6. Hi everyone Sadly I have to sell my Rx8. Engine died and I don't have money to keep her on the road. I've spent around 8000 euro on parts itself (big brake kit, wheels, suspension, exhaust, ignition and many more, contact me for details regards parts). I wanted to rebuild the engine but I can't afford as I have other expenses. How does 3200€ sounds? Anyone interested?
  7. Hi everyone, Due to very little to none interest I've decided to keep the car and fix it in near (better for my wallet) future.
  8. Thanks guys for all replies, if anyone interested in buying parts only let me know.
  9. All details are here http://cars.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/mazda-rx8/10564186
  10. Let me tell you my story. Some time ago I've experienced power loss on motorway, it was just single case so I decided to leave it as it was. Couple weeks after it happened again but this time it was every time above 120kmh. Shortly after strange noise appeared every time during hard accelerations together with power loss and rough idle and stalling on stops. Strangely power was coming back after about 20 minutes of normal driving. At this point I knew I have to do something so first thing of course were coils, plugs, wires. But this it didn't make any difference. Next suspect was a cat(meow) as I knew it was in pieces. So brand new and shiny Pettit racing full exhaust system was fitted. Sounds great but still no difference. Then I've replaced gearbox, clutch release bearing, fuel pump, cleaned maf, checked fuel lines, fuel trims, ssv, air intake basically everything and still nothing. No CEL either. It reached the point that I was losing power every time above 4500rpms. She had all the power up to 4000rpms. For a while I really hated my 8, it was so disappointing after pumping so much money into her and giving best care you can think of... One day enlightenment came! Oil metering pump I thought. But there was no CEL and limp mode so highly unlikely. Then second enlightenment came. Oil injectors or oil lines must be clogged. I've decided to give it a try and next morning I bought 2stroke valvoline motorcycle oil and premix was brewed. Power came back, noise disappeard!!! Epic Win! I dare to say that engine had compression cold or warm but with not enough oil under load it was losing it. I also think that this is main renesis killer. You may think you lost compression because of apex seals wear, I'll say yes but your seal are gone probably because of not enough lubrication. Clogged lines or injectors make perfect sense as renesis uses dirty oil. In conclusion I'm gonna get sohn adapter and still run on premix 350:1 instead of 250:1 I hope this will help somebody.
  11. @Doobert I think you will need to test fuel pressure when your car acts funny if you want to know more about your fuel pump. However after your latest posts I don't think it's a fuel pump. Gutted or destroyed cat will give you smell of petrol. Are you getting weird raspy noise at high rpms when she's down on power? Still no CEL?
  12. No CEL? Check the fuel pump and fuel lines, especially when you're loosing power. If u r on stock pump it could be slowly dying.
  13. salvy

    P 20150324 115302

    Update to mods: Full Pettit Racing exhaust system :D with resonated high flow cat (pictures coming soon) *C version fresh coils, NGK wires and 7&9 spark plugs *Walbro 255 fuel pump
  14. If I'll refurbish them, will they collapse again? As far as I know new uprated ones have a heat shield to protect them. If this can be solved once and for all maybe it's better to spend extra cash? Yes?no? Sorry for my english, I'm Polish.
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