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  1. 1) JP - Dyno run, food, banter, being the go-to guy on the day, overnight stay, drive to the Vee, whatever else afterwards. 2) Mike Hogan - witness the dyno day and eat food ! And then drive to the vee on the Sunday. Sat night out depends on who I bring with me !
  2. I'm down for karting ! I've an exam on the 12th but if I don't know it by the 11th I never will
  3. Yeah I saw those ones but I'm hoping to find ones smaller than 520mm
  4. Hi guys! just wondering does anyone know where I could get a front number plate but in sticker form to stick to the rx8 just below the headlight washers ?
  5. Hahahahaha Righteo! No word from the other lads ? Eoin (@Ninja) is coming from the cork side so he might meet us somewhere too.
  6. Id say the earlier the better ? maybe 6:30/ 20 to 7 in bird hill ? @Ninja @MCON @PZ-Ned @fduker
  7. @lordderak what time will I meet you at bird hill ?
  8. To those traveling from Limerick (LordDerak,MCON , Ninja , PZ Ned and whoever else) ,,,, Do Ye fancy meeting somewhere in Limerick and traveling up together? Just a suggestion.
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