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  1. davemx-5

    Wanted 2003/2004 231 black rx8

    Cheers. Still on the lookout. Was about to head down to Galway after a Jap Import RX8 with all the extras. It sold before I could call back to say I'll take it.
  2. davemx-5

    Wanted 2003/2004 231 black rx8

    Hi Aido 8 sorry only seeing your reply now. Yeah he's still on the hunt.
  3. Hi all, Looking for a bit of a needle in a haystack. My father wants an rx8 and he has an mx5 and with the policy with autoline they will insure a 2003 rx8 this year or a 2004 next year. So looking for a black 231bhp rx8 with black and red leather interior. He is not looking for a project so must be sit in and drive. He is willing to take a mildly modified example with exhaust and suspension work done, air intake etc. Not bothered about whether or not it's been rebuilt previously as will buy based on condition of car. Service history/receipts for work done is a must. Nct would also be a plus.