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  1. @littlefeck The "lower powered one" I have the more powerful one here ready to go into it, part of my little collection of parts that was to get me back on the road Have a brand new Varta battery in there at the moment.
  2. emmm, so it was an proper piece of kit, but forgive me if i get this wrong. It was adjusted to 250?? Will keep you in mind, but if I can make room in the shed I had half thought about playing with that one myself. Time will tell!
  3. We tested front and rear 3 times, worst results for each : Front : 4.9 4.9 4.9 Rear : 4.8 5.0 5.2 Dont really have the time or patience to arrange a rebuild. I also buy into the idea that although it might only need a "finishing kit" I think JP called it, it could easily need a full rebuild and I don't have the cash for that either. Assume the worst etc. At the moment I just want a car on the road and the 8 is there. If I can't get it sorted soon I will just need to get shot of it
  4. Seen it a few times, looks like it headed towards Naas. I was sitting on a big blue bike at the time!
  5. Other half was quoted TPF&T via 123.ie for 2004 rx8 231.... €380???
  6. We (myself and JP) completed a compression test on my 8. JP was very surprised how consistent the results where... unfortunately they were all bad! So after finally getting all the parts together I needed to get it back on the road I now need an engine
  7. Hi folks, Have left my 8 sitting to long. Went to wake it up and its not too happy and spit its dummy. So I am looking for a 231 engine with confirmed compression (or in a position to be tested). Thanks J
  8. Damn, why dont I get notifications!! Might call over and grab that... been parked up too long with very little running
  9. As the title goes. I have the kind offer of one already which I obviously need to replace. So what have you got and where are you based? Cheers!
  10. Sorry! Only saw this reply now... The lady in the Carlow office didnt have a clue... wanted me to get letters from Mazda to say it was a 1.7 and all this... Tried to explain that I wasnt changing it to 1.7... they were. And although I wasnt arguing that it should stay as 1.3 I definitely wasnt going to go and waste my day changing it to a 1.7, that was their call. In the end I had to speak to some "special investigator" who lost the plot and rang Carlow and told them to sort it... That i wasn't some chancer in a 330D BMW (his words not mine!) 5 minutes later I am taxed as 1.7
  11. technically it was yesterday.. I taxed it... oh god what a ballache dealing with Carlow CC..... Did get to talk to some "special investigator" at one point just so I could give the government more friggin money!
  12. he is already passed on the blame... he got it that way off someone else... apparently either way... thanks again... now I wonder what it sounds like with the silencer taken apart too
  13. Well it was yesterday, and I didnt really do it myself... but I did get a very annoying noise sorted out with the assitance of on Littlefeck. Turned out when the CAT was decored loads of it got in around the silencer and the noise is annoying... to say the least
  14. In this kind of evening light its always good to take a few with the flash, wont show of the colour as well, but will get rid of some of the blur.
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