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  1. tullio

    spark plug

    BR8ET NGK,,got some for 65 euro in the end.
  2. tried to buy 4 plugs for the SA and quoted 80 euro for 4 is it correct ? any advice plz.
  3. looking for pop-up light motor and coilovers plz can you pm price plz
  4. tullio


    Hi cliffo sorry for the late reply , Project going good,stripped the car of paint,fixed a few points ,repainted yellow,and then madness took over,restripped paint bought some rusty paint and now the Yellow SA22C it become a rat rod of rust/burned color,must say it looks good and hopefully i finsh it for the japfest so everyone can hit me for doing a mad thing to a rare car.......i like it...anyway,still dont know how to post fotos,how you doing anyway.....still have rx7?...i still have my red 7 also in garage having a rest :-)
  5. tullio


    Thanks for your comment Berniec ,will try to post on FB.
  6. tullio


    Couple of questions......would like to lower car,some people told me to cut springs????? has any1 done it? or what else have you used? Second i would like to change exhaust to a straight tru 1 anyone know what if its a easy change over or will be more to it.. And also would like to get rid of air pump and all the mess near the carb any ideas?? Car SA 22 C 79 Any help appreciated Thanks
  7. tullio

    blu rx8 slane

    As per title,was waiting at traffic lights in Slane in my red 7.when the rx8 did a u turn and waited at light to get green.anyone?
  8. tullio

    RX7 FD3S Wanted

    how much are you willing to spend?
  9. Sorry to ask ......but why the switch to change voltage from 12 to 6 or viceversa ....Thanks
  10. does anyone breaking for parts or know whereabout someone has one ,1 gen RX7,fb (SA-22C). need a few parts.Thanks
  11. Thanks for the info,spoke to the previous owner and told me he added something on the exaust not sure what? also the car started and was driving ok (12 yrs ago) :-) i will check everything anyway,is the switch that change voltage near the radio console by any chance?square kind of switch? thanks
  12. Hi Chazz cleaning up the car today i fund under the carpet your mum's working badge.......
  13. tullio

    Rx7 fd3 parts..........

    rear right brake caliper..any chance?
  14. tullio

    series 1 SA-22C savannah

    Littlefeck hopefully soon depends on free time i will have and money of course,JayoM thanks for the link,will check over the weekend and will upload some fotos