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  1. New to group, littlefeck, and found your post on your FD3S no boost after 4500 rpm.  Did you ever find out the issue? I am having same problem.

  2. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    I originally made up brackets for the new oil coolers but not thinking ahead, they interfered with the front lights. Very simple angle brackets sorted me out. I will still have to secure the bottom of both the oil coolers and intercooler but at least they fit now.
  3. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Also I use Mazdaedit as I purchased a pro license several years ago. I recently looked at versatune not long back and it does look quite nice but theres an on going charge for it. If you are planning on keeping the stock ECU and keeping it NA, ill happily give you base maps. Either buy mazdaedit personal or you could ship your ECU to me and I could flash it for you.
  4. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    @Jacob Kilian, only reason was availability and condition. The housings i got apparently had only 15,000 km on them. If you can find good condition gsle housings then go for it.
  5. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Hi @Jacob Kilian, thank you for your reply. I too have always wondered why this is an engine combination that is rarely done. My best guess is that it either gives poorer than expected dyno results or is extremely unreliable! Time will tell. As previously said, one of our members here ( @Bradyy works for Shaddow rotary in Ireland) has completed a normally aspirated hybrid engine. He too cut the rotors for deeper FD seals but had issues at first where he would spin rotor bearings. Since then he had the rotating assembly balanced and hasnt had an issue since. He went for a half bridge on the intake and blocked all side exhaust ports at the manifold. He had to do a small modification to the right hand side engine mount as the upper bolt interfered with the exhaust manifold stud. His car is still running the stock electrical system including ecu that we just remapped with mazdaedit. With the new exhaust ports we found his car to run very lean in the higher revs but it was easy enough to remedy. We only road tuned his car so unfortunately dont have dyno figures (unless he dyno'd it since then) but the car is noticeably quicker. The biggest challenge we face is the cars are right hand drive and the steering column makes routing the exhaust extremely difficult. I hope to push forward with this build as much as possible but with a full time job, a newborn added to the family and lack of proper garage, its going to take a while. I have most of the bits I need to complete so I just need time!
  6. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    I need an adapter for an electric water pump that also has an alternator mount. Billet boss have one but its very expensive. I know of someone with access to a mill but wanted to test my idea first. I have a 3d printer to hand so printed up a quick mock up.
  7. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    As I'm using FC housings there is holes in the housing that allow coolant into the intake manifold. Since this is not required, i had to install some 20mm freeze plugs. I added a small amount of dirko sealant and pressed them in.
  8. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    I went to drill out the front iron to install the turbo oil feed. As i was drilling i realised it was only a brass plug pressed in which easily fell out. Unfortunately i had planned to tap a 12mm thread. Now i have to order a larger tap!
  9. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    all my rotating assembly came back! Absolutely delighted!
  10. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Got to clean up the old block a bit and lowered it into the car. Also tested the new engine mount setup. The mount needs to be raised a little to allow the engine to sit level.
  11. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    I picked up a standard 6 port engine of unkown condition and it appears to have compression. My plan is to stick this in the car to wrap up all the wiring and test various ECU functions without fear of blowing an expensive engine.
  12. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Got the Irons painted with several coats of engine enamel.
  13. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    @John Ortiz Luis, @Bradyy has completed what you are attempting. He used FD housings and got them machined for the o rings. Car runs really well on stock ECU and we simply remapped it with mazda edit. As a result it will pass the smog test for you. He blocked the side exhaust ports.
  14. littlefeck

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    @Aido 8 I like the pressure tank. Where did you get it from? Does it maintain the level sensor?
  15. littlefeck

    New to RX8

    Welcome along. Also pics or it didn't happen!