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  1. littlefeck

    Old Profile Pic

    As in an old pic from Irish rotary?
  2. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Finally bit the bullet and settled on the porting this is gonna have. Full bridge on the intake with the stock ports enlarged. The rx8 exhaust is street ported with the peri exhaust enlarged quite a bit too. Should make a savage noise.
  3. littlefeck

    Headlight Restore

    Most reckon a little over a year from one application.
  4. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Cheers Aido, it's been a long time getting to this stage. I really hope to pick up speed now. Should be able to get the block together in the next few weeks.
  5. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Rotating assembly over with Garagereg in the UK
  6. littlefeck

    Headlight Restore

    SOFT99 420 Dark and Black New Scratch Clear Wax Mirror Finish, 200 g https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0035ZIABS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_AKQyCbBNX9ZTG That's what he used but can also be used on bodywork.
  7. littlefeck

    Headlight Restore

    Hey Ger, it's simple enough job to do but you would want to use a proper sealer afterwards. I got David Kavanagh to do mine (he's on the Facebook group) and he does a top job. I'll get the name of the sealer he used.
  8. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Just a little update. Got my housings machined to take the water seals. Now to decide what porting she's gonna have. Rotating assembly is currently in the UK getting balanced and the rotors clearances. received_361602701345373.mp4
  9. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    the centre rx8 port will simply be blocked off at the manifold. the two outer ports will be merged into the FD runners. No liquid metal here!
  10. littlefeck

    Spotted at NCT in Carlow

    That's PJs 7 I think @Evo8sti
  11. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Had to take a bit of a break as I had a new born join us the end of last year! Still gathering parts at the moment. Have the complete rebuild kit now arrived 2 weeks ago. I am sending the rotating assembly off to the UK today to be dynamically balanced with the rotors clearances. @rotormouse did the machining work on the rotors last week to accept the RX7 Apex seals. Once I get those bits back I'll have a lot to update.
  12. littlefeck


    P0420 is caused by either a bad cat or a bad rear o2 sensor. I strongly advise removing the cat entirely as a failure can cause engine problems. The car will however be a little smellier. Rotaries are emmisions exempt in southern Ireland so that won't be an issue. I can permanently remove the error code if you require. Jamie
  13. Sorry @Aido 8 if that sounded anyway condescending that was not my intention. Mineral oil is not the best oil but is by far the one less likely to do damage if you buy a different brand. Stay on top of regular oil changes and it'll be fine. As far as where to get it, any motor factor will have it. You just might have to ask. I've never had an issue in several different suppliers.
  14. littlefeck

    Road tax pz

    Same as all other RX8s prior to June 2008: E636 a year
  15. littlefeck

    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Just a quick video showing how tight the manifold is. 20180521_183107.mp4