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    Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got this wee beauty in the post today
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Very happy with myself Mazda giving me the run around for the oil line fix so got pirtek in Dublin to make me a new oil line for 60 Euro and fitted it myself very happy, had to deflood the engine too after installing cos I moved car juring the week like an eejit but deflood and no oil leaks happy days. Now to pass the nct bastards. Satisfaction is massive. Thanks to mad fox guys in Galway for this vid
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got to make some progress on my very special rx8 build. Tacked up the new manifold.
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Like @Owenk N/S oil cooler line gave up. Got a replacement on eBay from the UK, it's not a OEM Mazda but better for €64, delivery included. Being the over cautionist I rust proofed all the metal bits with Hammerite Rust Proof and sprayed then rust Proof Red for the laugh! Drained the oil before fitting, so took almost 3 hours to complete the job. Here is the fitted result! Well pleased with myself!
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    3 months after buying my first RX8 (which incidentally, is my first post 90's car to own), it's starting to grow on me! She's just back out of the bodyshop today (FINALLY)- work done: Both Sills, footwells and seams restored; Useless underbody treatment scraped back and off; All seams sealed; Stonechip &paint on rear wheel arches and lower and inner sill; Pesky upper sill (where the doors meet) rust treated and the upper sill resprayed; Dinitrol (heavy guage- not the light version) treatment underneath ; New front 02 sensor; New transmission, axle, engine oil and filter. Really happy with it, it's starting to become a clean car- one can spend a bit of time underneath it now without feeling depressed! Yet to be done- check out cel code p0420 coming up, all calipers need cleaning out and painting, rims need restoring and a front respray to deal with light rust on front wheel arches& bumper scratches, climate control dials not functioning... Re P0420; apparently a typical decat/gut resulting code- is there a way know if your cat has been gutted?! (without pulling it out to see) She's going back on the lift to have the plastic trims put back on (once the Dinitrol has become less tacky)- so pictures coming soon!
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    Two Rx8’s out my window

    You betcha proper stalker pics
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    Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    LOL I dont know mate, finished work early today to do a compression test on my car and no sign of the spark plug socket Hoping to get one at the auto factors tomorrow but yah it looks like a doddle and I believe alot of the rotary shops use that one
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Great purchase! Handy-out to use, aren't they??
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    WANTED: RX8 Engine

    Cranking rpm for each of these respective tests prior to adjustment to 250rpm was... Front: 260 rpm Rear: 254 rpm RotaryCompressionTester.com tester V5.2 (current latest model). He's got a 1.2KW 13-tooth in there at the moment which in fairness was flying it; the battery he's got in there is one that's over-specced in preparation for the 2KW starter so it's more than capable too.
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    RX-8 Technical Service Bulletins

    Links don't seem to be working again, however if you search online you can see various recalls, airbags, oil cooler hoses, fuel pumps, software updates to reduce flooding etc. You can ask the Irish dealer if all known recalls have been completed. ------------------------------- There was a recall in 2008 in relation to the hose between the rx8 engine and the oil cooler on the front left. EVEN IF THE RECALL WAS DONE you should still check your hoses , as they can easily fail at 10 years old. So the recall was that the hoses were failing after a few years, leading to a loss of engine oil. The 'fix' was to inspect the hose, and generally not to replace it, but to change the underbody plastic covers, to try reduce the amount of road salt / rain that can splash up and cause rusting. The part that seem to rust is white in my photo, and is not the flexible part of the hose, but rather the solid part about a foot from the oil cooler on the front left. I would recommend immediate inspection, and most probably you should replace it during the next oil change. You can source second hand hoses from scrap yards and eBay, you can source Mazda equivalents new parts on eBay, you can source non Mazda all flexible , without solid metal parts, and you can source expensive braided upgrade models. I would recommend this as one if the 'essential' reliability jobs every rx8 should have done. My 2008 rx8 failed at 10 years old (2018) so I expect that all older RX8s are going to have the same problem. The symptom is a low oil light, and massive oil leak on the front left. You should not drive the car, so this prevents a break down . These hoses are generally not replaced as part of a rebuild, so even rebuilt cars are not safe. The part of the hose that fails is hidden behind some covers. The easiest way to inspect them is to jack the car, remove the front left wheel, and remove all the plastic wheel arch liner, similar to how you would change a headlight bulb. Once off, check for bad rusting about 1 foot from the oil cooler, at the non flexible part of the pipe. Only touch the connections if you have a replacement hose to hand, or you have a spare vehicle. If it looks bad, replace it. Remember even genuine replacements may only have a life of less than 10 years. Note the official parts have quick disconnect couplers, while most aftermarket hoses leave out the quick disconnects and instead have one long hose from start to end. It is the front left lower hose that corrodes first, marked purple on the diagram and red after quick disconnect and on to the front of the engine. .
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    No way to check if cat is there without pulling it unfortunately. Rotaries are exempt from emissions testing so its not a big deal. As far as the P0420 code goes, I remap RX8s on stock ECUs and can sort that code permanently for you. Jamie
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    Aido 8

    Seat Surgeons

    Awesome thanks I will get onto them when my mind is made up to exactly what I want. Peter White also knows someone in Navan that is very good. There is a few things I like about the S2 but the seats are certainly not one of them, but thanks I am very great full
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    New PZ Suspension

    Last chance apparently on getting brand new pro drive shocks and springs via the uk club lads. They have hit 60 full sets and managed to get a price drop to £552 for the full set. Payments due next week possibly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    @Chazz, ive been very busy gathering parts to build a very special road going rx8. Im still on the lookout for suitable housings but busy doing a bit of fabrication at the moment. Ive been taking lots of photos and do plan on putting up a bit of a build thread. This started in November 2017. The car was running i just need more POWAHHHH!
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    Aido 8

    New rx8 owner

    Mate popular choice for 8 owners in link below http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10541-advice-on-gb-and-diff-oil/&tab=comments#comment-69262
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    May have spoken too soon about the 160k thing... There's an ominous growl noise from the engine in time with the revs - especially noticeable on a closed throttle. Could also have blown the exhaust - but it's only noticeable on a closed throttle. I've 200 quid in the bank!