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    Who Is Keeping Their Rotarys For Good

    Not bad,only gets to play the odd evening and sundays,took it up to shadow couple weeks back, changed the leads and coils,got it compression tested while I was there for the Craic,was higher than I had originally thought,was high 7s to mid 8s, happy happy Aidan
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    Who Is Keeping Their Rotarys For Good

    I'm planning on keeping mine. Might not be the one I have right now but will definitely have one. I sold my rx7 a while back with the sole purpose of building a monster rx8.
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    Who Is Keeping Their Rotarys For Good

    I’m planning on keeping mine,they’re such a rare sight in the west,just so much fun to drive,I know they’re not the most practical of cars to run but I’d imagine anyone who had one would have a tender spot in their heart for them
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    Aido 8

    Now Sold New Eibach Spacers

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    Looking to buy an RX8

    Thanks Aido I am going to hold off for a couple of weeks but very tempted by the 08 on DD..and of course a compression test is a much I know. Thanks for the advice.
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    Hi John, not a huge amount to be honest. I got to finish up the porting and just have to clean the irons for painting. The rotating assembly is still over with Garagereg in the UK. Apparently the essentric shaft I sent him for balancing was bent! The car it came out of previously had the clutch escape through the bell housing so that's what most likely caused it. I've also change my mind on the stock FD corner seals and will now be using Atkins solid corners. Also I'm trying to lock down the wiring for the new ECU. Getting it to work with the RX8 CAN bus is quite difficult!