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    This is the workshop manual for the Series 1 RX8 6-speed gearbox. Manual Trans Workshop Manual 2004-2008 RX-8.pdf
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    Fd parts wanted

    I've seen the ads on done deal, I was hoping to buy privately from someone on here but if nothing turns up I'll try elite. Thanks jp Sent from my ATU-L11 using Irish Rotary mobile app
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    Cold Start Problem

    Thanks lads, the tow done the trick. i wasn’t 200 metres down the road and it kicked in, drove grand. next time straight to the tow method for me. Cherers
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    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas to you too Aido & to all our members out there!
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    Aido 8

    Cold Start Problem

    If leads and all you say is good it really sounds flooded to me . If it has no cat just get it tow started. 2nd gear 17ish mph it will start on 2nd 3rd attempt
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    Aido 8

    RX8 heating/fan issue

    Just my opinion but as some of these cars are nearly 16 years old now more than likely it’s a radiator or pie leak if not replaced already. To get a better view of where the leak is coming from that is if you cant see any thing from the engine bay there is a little under tray under the radiator so you can whip that of to gain a better idea where the leak is coming from. Also you can pressurize the system as a alternative to diagnose the leak. And yes the heater cant work without coolant. Btw you can get better access to looking at the pipes if you remove the battery tray. Its in 2 parts
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Aye good shout: I've the PZ on mine & it's a lovely compromise between one that's quiet on idle but when you give it some throttle it sings a nice note that isn't obnoxiously loud.
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    That was my logic too Anthony in shadow said it was a great fit and much more capacity than standard, plus there was no sign of overheating despite being out on track for most of the day at mazdafest! Engine bay looks great, cabin looks a bit daunting if I'm honest!! Hope all is well?!