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    Metra Kit/ Radio conversion

    OK after a lot of faffing around, I am going to share a simple discovery with anyone coming across issues with their climate control dials not responding and a stereo upgrade installed. Having had the battery disconnected and various resets done, I found my climate control dials didn't work (I didn't immediately associate the two). I opened up the dashboard, cleaned the circuit boards, did the re-solder of potentiometer pins, checked the wiring- you name it, nothing worked. Then reading some spurious forum thread about metra kits in Finland, I see a recommendation to press and hold the 'auto' button for 10seconds to reset the 'axxess' box (part of the stereo upgrade kit to integrate the ac controls)...problem solved. Apparently, it needs to be told the car is an 'auto' AC model, there we are. So try this simple step first, hope this saves someone else several hours of p******g around with bits of wires, soldering iron and connection spray.
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    Just got myself some of those coils, wires, and bracket from here for less than €55 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mazda-Rx-8-LS-Ignition-coil-bracket-kit-d585-stainless-EU-Europe/123146283755?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 now waiting for the parts to be delivered. Thanks guys this tread help me, Irish Rotary forum doing it again! Cheers!
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    Series 8 FD3S Type R

    Thanks guys, yeah I honestly am wired up and cant wait to get behind the wheel. I think this is going to be the longest wait now for the next month before I actually see it in the flesh. According to the auction sheet it has had a respray in Japan by the original owner, and sprayed in the original red so it should be in a nice condition. Will get a compression test done before collection but worst case, the engine needs some work ,then its a great chance to upgrade lol
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    Mazda RX7 Series 3 1985 Dublin

    Pics from when I bought it...will post more as it progresses.
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    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Look forward to seeing more on this [emoji106] Well done so far Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    @Dartz you can directly use rx7 gsle housings but in this case I am having them machined to take the water seals.
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    FrankenBastard RX8 Turbo Build Thread

    Probably a stupid question, but how did you get the housings to go together..... I thought the water seal location changed between the REW and the Renny?
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    MazdaFest 2018

    August 18th 2018 - as per the calender entry. All the related discussion has been on the FB group, as the forum was down when this was announced. https://www.facebook.com/events/1022205701264354/ All the track slots have been taken but all welcome for the show-n-shine or just for the craic. Still room for camping and BBQ, Friday & Saturday nights, at our place, just down the road from the track https://goo.gl/maps/j3mKtfHZzgD2
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    Oil pans

    New or used ones? You can find GReddy uprated one with baffles & a larger capacity on eBay & in any of the Japanese shops & some US ones listed in the shops sticky. Used ones, look at breakers or ask Shadow (Dublin)/Rotorsport (NI) or any of the other tuning shops if they've any in good nick that they'd be willing to sell. Or put up a wanted ad here & on the FB page.
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    Metra Kit/ Radio conversion

    Good on ya for posting up that learning!
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    Coolant leak

    This ^^. If pliers or the like won't allow you to twist out the plug then drill it out carefully & replace it with another.
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    Coolant leak

    A drill and easy out should sort that. If its only plastic a drill might be enough. Or you could try screwing the shank up into the radiator, disconnect the lower cooling pipe and flush it out. Sounds like you might have a doner radiator there aswell. Goodluck