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    Gary C


    Once i get a few more bits finished I'll post some photos for sure. Sent from my SM-T710 using Irish Rotary mobile app
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    Aido 8

    Rx8 side skirts wanted

    Mate you could try Chris Myers and Boston Rotary on FB
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    Aido 8


    Hi Gary, welcome to the forum. My self and Damien on here are from Sligo. Don't know who is here that would be from Donegal TBH. There is another chap on here from Manorhamilton in County Letrim. I am from North Sligo (Grange) and would be happy to meet up. Do throw up some pictures of your car, we love pics
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    New to the forum

    Thank you very much aido 8 I appreciate the help Sent from my Redmi 5 Plus using Tapatalk
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    Aido 8

    New to the forum

    Ah yah Paddy is a top man. This guy in the link below and could be beside you will give you advise also or maybe sell you what you need. I ran into him there just before christmas and is a approachable sort. His name is something like Lenard o Kelly, or just Lenard Kelly lol, I forget. Good luck with the project https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/mazda-rx7-8-rebuilds-12-months-warranty-/14236733
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    Aido 8

    New to the forum

    Hi Josh and welcome to the forum. I'm sure any of the guys in the link below can point you in the right direction as they are always on the hunt for engines and parts for rebuilds etc. Just give them a call or PM them. Also there is Plenty of information on YT on how to strip-build rotary engines. Where are you located? https://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10796-rotary-garages-mechanics-service-providers-list/
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    First post

    Welcome to IrishRotary Sean! Like Aido said, everyone loves pics!
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    FD3S Rear "Euro" Washer / Fluid Tank

    Been a while - but figured we should follow up with this. The first production tanks are being installed! Install is about as close to OEM as it gets. SakeBomb ALSO developed an awesome Bracket for installing the pump on the underside of the vehicle, which in turn uses the same routing as the stock fuel lines: We have ALSO shipped the initial run of tanks! That was an adventure. We loaded an obscene amount of tanks in an extremely short amount of time. So many, that we had to request a one ton USPS trunk to handle it all - and the FILLED it! So that means, if you ordered a tank it’s en route. There are some exceptions on tank/bracket combos as we’re awaiting some hardware - but those will go out early next week. I believe we had about a handful going to UK. BUT if there are any of you that didn't get on the initial bandwagon - SakeBomb Garage is extending FREE International shipping using the coupon code: 'tankintfreeshipping'. HUGE thanks to Alex, Brian, Christian, Heath and Travis over at SakeBomb Garage for their hardwork, hospitality and patience getting this project from concept to reality.
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    Aido 8

    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got these in the post today. A head of time so happy days
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    Aido 8

    Rx8 pz prodrive

    The quotes may have changed a bit from this post https://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10348-advice-on-vrt-form/&tab=comments#comment-69272 Do check the vrt calculator as mentioned in this post above for a up to date version. Isnt it the same for all rx8s its a 2.6 on the V5, I know it was for mine and I passed it of that way
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    Rx7 dream car buy

    Hey guys, new to the site. I'm looking for some information in regards to buying an FD Rx7 in Ireland. Not much selection on done deal or the likes. The import websites list the FD for 7 to 7.5k? Obviously this is for a stock example which I am fine with. Looking for info from the guys who have an FD or imported one and what VRT was like etc, what company did you use to import and so on. Thanks.
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    Aido 8

    Old Profile Pic

    No mate its of the net like my Avatar-profile pic, maybe when I update my Avator-profile pic there just deleted here. Was hoping they might be stored somewhere on here. No worries if not
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    For sale I have: 1. Set of '99 spec fog lights and brackets, in great shape and perfect working condition. €245 + shipping The fog lights have been tested and they work perfectly (see photos). The brackets have been sand blasted > zinc coated > powder coated black. They will outlast the car. 2. Recovered OEM shift knob with red stitching. This shift knob was recovered using high quality "napa" leather. Since it has been recovered it has NOT been used - €85 + shipping 3. Recovered OEM shift knob with black stitching. This shift knob was recovered using high quality "napa" leather. Since it has been recovered it has NOT been used - €85 + shipping 4. '99 spec crash bar/rebar. Each one of these crack where the mounting points are, on this one I repaired all the cracks (plastic weld) and reinforced the mounting points so they are now stronger than factory (see pics). The steel support mounting brackets (see photo) always rust and look like crap, so I took those off > sand blasted them > zinc coated them > and finally powder coated them black. Now they will outlast the car. This is a complete setup, ready to be mounted on to the car. All you need is 4 rivets to attach the steel brackets (like OEM). I had to remove the rivets in order to clean up the brackets. I can put new rivets on if you don’t have the rivet tool or know-how. This piece cost me a fortune to get from Japan, shipping was insanely expensive + VAT and customs fees + fixing and cleaning everything up. I made this for myself, but now I’m going with a different bumper setup and no longer need this. Since repaired it has not been mounted or used. Shipping will depend on whether I ship with regular post or courier. Courier will cost around 35-40 Euro to Ireland. Looking to get €650 + Shipping 5. KTS-Japan front FD brace *brand new* - Never used, not even test-fitted. These are no longer available from KTS. Hardware and instructions are included. €230 + shipping
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    Finally bit the bullet and settled on the porting this is gonna have. Full bridge on the intake with the stock ports enlarged. The rx8 exhaust is street ported with the peri exhaust enlarged quite a bit too. Should make a savage noise.
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    10,000km on the replacement engine. It still pulls strong. Everything else on the car's getting fucked. Of the three cars in the household it's the one that's put on the most km's in the last 5 years. Including the family diesel Megane. But it still runs.
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    Got my Aero kit in the post to day