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    Not starting - totally dead- solved

    Hi all, First post that my be useful to others so go easy on me if it’s in the wrong place!! As I said in the into I bought a non starting Rx8 last week and have solved THAT issue, it’s not the last issue tho, as expected. The symptoms: Nothing happening when the key is turned to the final stage that should send the current to the starter. I had ignition lights at stage 1/2 of the key, bizarrely all electrics, side lights power window on the passenger side worked , the driver side were all dead. clearly an electrical issue! The cause, the main 120A fuse located “inside the guts” of the main fuse box in the engine bay was blown. Temp fix with some electrical wire as a fuse. All electrical bits back working and she starts and runs!! Now to find out why it blew in the first place, I suspect it’s the rad fans. I ran the car for 10 mins and it boiled the damn thing. Fans never cut in. Hope that helps someone else with a totally dead car! Cheers Tom
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    Yep I'll be hanging on for the Sunday drive
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    Been taken easy with the new engine rebuild. Since the guys in Shadow sorted me out I've been taken it easy RX8 wise. Only put 5467km on the new rebuild engine with 6 oil changes. Missed the banker on the forum. I'm back now to give whatever input I can. Just realised I'm an RX8 owner for 6 years now and I have info to share.[emoji2957] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Got new wiper arms in the post today
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    This is what I use.[emoji106] Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    Who Is Keeping Their Rotarys For Good

    Aye Carl great to see you back, stick around mate
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    Who Is Keeping Their Rotarys For Good

    I've had mine since August 2013...it's been through two engine rebuilds, 201, 358km on clock as of today. So many parts replaced over the years...it's a keeper. I just love the shape of the car, it just does not go out of date. As for the cockpit...nothing comes close. That centre console as one drives like a demon to see the rev counter and the digital readout, oh YES!
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    What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Yep, you should get to hear it on the dyno.
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    Rotary Request

    I am sure I will take you up on that offer for sure jp thanks!!
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    Who Is Keeping Their Rotarys For Good

    I'm planning on keeping mine. Might not be the one I have right now but will definitely have one. I sold my rx7 a while back with the sole purpose of building a monster rx8.
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    So I got the coilovers in just a little snap
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    R3 in ireland

    Hi, Looks like a 59 plate you have there, so just my opinion but there is no market for it here. Try and sell it in the uk as much better chance by far to get a fair price. Reason I say all this is the annual tax for it here is €2350. No one will want that headache. Little info in the link below http://www.mywheels.ie/motor-tax-rates-ireland/