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  2. As jp said its a none runner utter nonsense, hi powered starter is only thing will help it a long but your better to get the rebuild sooner rather than later as said above
  3. I'm sure you've since been sorted, but I believe they're integrated into the bottle & can't be replaced (or at least I've never heard of anyone successfully replacing just the sensor) - more often than not people have to replace the entire tank. You can buy them new online or chance a breakers (ideally if you can see the car running with it working though). Hope that helps!
  4. jp


    Not familiar with the car but welcome to IrishRotary! The Facebook page is a little more active at the moment as you've probably already gathered. Best of luck with it!
  5. Never heard of it & frankly, there's no "cure" for low compression other than a rebuild if it's from wear & tear. If you do it sooner rather than later you might get away without having to replace housings etc. & just get them machined.
  6. jp

    Rx7 housings

    I've got a single FD housing from my old engine that's in good usable condition - let me know if you're still looking.
  7. Anybody experience of using this in a rotary? Specifically says it improves performance in rotors by filling scratches on the internals. Slow to fire when Hot starting is becoming a bit of a thing and wondering if it’s worth a shot to buy an extra few miles, while I decide if a rebuild is worth the cost. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Last week
  9. Hi, thanks for the add! Myself and young son are tentatively making a venture into rx8 ownership. We’ve been lucky to have been around a race track in a highly customised RX8, the experience was awesome & as for the noise of the engine!! We’ve viewed the few cars for sale here in NI, sadly most have been used and abused. We have come across this one (see pics). It has been laid up for 5 years in a shed (poor thing) but starts cold & hot and purs like a very big kitten! Is anyone here familiar with this car & what advice would you have for a newbie in purchasing this? TIA LM57 UGT 41k 2008 Renesis blue parchment leather seats
  10. Yup was my first thought thank god you got it fixed, Glad your sorted good man jp
  11. Appears to be a failed coil, swapped the leading and trailing coils and it now runs and moves! They are OEM B coils so it would appear that one of them has given up. Quite smokey when it started but cleared so will get those sorted and hopefully that is it sorted! Thanks Aido and JP for your help...
  12. Thank you, JP has an idea but if it doesn't work I will give them a shout on monday...
  13. Well then I would have to agree. You will just to have to get under there and have a good look around and see. Could have damaged wiring also. Just ring Anthony grumley or Alan Woods as they might be able to do a call out.
  14. I hope you are!! From a brief read I don't think it is, that link and others appear to suggest that there would be pronounced knocking noises which it doesn't have. Plus after I do the ECU reset the idle changes (maybe as the ECU adopts to the readings its getting?) but will run perfectly for a few seconds in the first minute or so then reverts back to how it is running now which is leading me to think its a bad sensor or connection somewhere... If I could drive it I could drop into shadow with it to diagnose but it won't move, is there anyone in north dublin or Louth that knows rx8's and could call out to diagnose?
  15. Hope Im wrong, but Have you considered it could be stationary gear bearing failure, if it is it would be wise to not use it as it will cause maximum damage to your engine, think @Chazz had this. And @RichieDC http://rotaryrevs.com/garage/help/rotary-engine-information/stationary-gear-bearing-failure/
  16. That's the thing it had good compression when I got it (March 2019) and has done less than 100km since? I fitted new plugs and a set of ngk leads I had going spare (which worked fine on the last car) and it's no better.. Note; link changed above as video wasn't working...
  17. Just my opinion but if it were me and I was sure the ignition system (especially coils) was in good shape a compression test would be my next test
  18. Video here; https://www.dropbox.com/s/0cf68bmkyhdorfr/VID_20200702_181951.mp4?dl=0
  19. It's been a while since I posted on here but hope someone might be able to help. I sold my last 8 and bought another about 18 months ago, it was running fine apart from a blow from the exhaust and warning light due to decat. It was a road going car and was bought as a weekend / trackday car but with work, home, etc. I haven't driven it since I got it (need to sort tax, insurance, etc.) In March I swapped out the decat for the oem gutted cat and it was running fine with no fault, when I had the decat out I spotted that it had a slot for the o2 sensor so refit the decat (New Japspeed decat) with the oem sensor and it was running fine, no fault but blowing as it had been. So I ordered new exhaust gaskets for both ends of the decat and parts for a service. When they arrived I drove it 500m up the road (to warm the oil pre service) and it suddenly started hesitating and I struggled to get it home. It was a very gentle drive, didn't even hit 40kph, no bumps or warnings. When I let the revs drop to idle it cut out and wouldn't start again. I serviced it anyway (filter, oil, plugs and gaskets) and it still wasn't running correctly, sounded like it was running on 1 rotor and wouldn't move, just cuts out after small increase in revs and won't start. I ordered an OBD2 reader which presented code P0031 (pre cat sensor). I reset the ecu (KAM and PCM https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-tech-garage-22/ecu-clear-reset-27548/) but no change. I have a 5 speed spares car so ordered the necessary tools and swapped the sensors, again reset ecu and no change. I then unplugged the post cat sensor and another ecu reset and am now getting the code P0037 (post cat sensor) but it still isn't running. It will start, run and maintain revs (brought it to 3k for a few seconds) but the moment I let it return to idle or try to get it to move it cuts out and won't start... So what next?
  20. Its Possible if you pm @lukejflynn he may know
  21. Earlier
  22. Hey I was looking at bring a 8 in from up north myself. I was just wondering what you had to pay on vrt for it? thanks
  23. Graham

    Rx7 housings

    Hi I'll try shadow. Alan and Jonny at rotorsport are all out. So hard to get the housings. Thanks so much for the help.
  24. Aido 8

    Rx7 housings

    Hi , contact Shadow Rotary or Rotor sport as they may help, click link below in
  25. Aido 8


    These cars are old now so if your confident its not wheel alignment good bet could be something is worn out in your suspension or maybe your steering. Something giving somewhere there, good luck do keep us posted
  26. Any body got FD or FC housings out there that they're willing to part with?
  27. Hey everyone - I got my sills done in 2019 after they failed an NCT. Weld and paint all done. Unfortunately they failed again this year. I got a welder to sort the nct issue out but I need a solid job done on the paint and wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a place to do that?
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