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  2. Yes! P0301 “Cylinder 1 Misfire” (Torque)
  3. Hey, any updates on this @littlefeck? Just sent off my housings to get machined, and am planning on throwing the build together over the next few months while I'm in "Quarantine". Planning on keeping Renesis irons and internals and using 13B housings. Will modify the exhaust manifold to work for now, until I go Forced Induction.
  4. any reading/ number form obdi port ?
  5. Yeah i run 300ml per tank of chain saw two stroke and its enough to keep lubrication but not foul the plugs, i drift mine and daily it and so far happy days . just gives a good back up for when the factory pump doesnt do its job anymore
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  7. Hi Everyone My car runs like this..under 3500rpm..He has a new engine become, the mechanicer has changed 2 coils and 4 spark plugs. Idle is not to good, and the car sometimes stops in idling. Under 3500 rpm stops the first rotor for one second, or cought and goes on... I don't understand. Thanks for help
  8. Hi Everyone Did you find the problem? My car runs like this..but under 3500rpm..He has a new engine become, the mechanicer has changed 2 coils and 4 spark plugs. Idle is not to good, and the car sometimes stops in idling. Under 3500 rpm stops the first rotor for one second, or cought and goes on... I don't understand
  9. Hi all, Just wondering if there are any FDs currently on the market for sale in Ireland, looking for a good quality late model if possible. But anything that has been well cared for would be the main thing. Thanks, Baz
  10. Hi guys I have a good used fuel pump for sale here of a 2004 RX8 that only had 46000 miles. Looking for €50 collected
  11. Air filter, oil filter, oil and sparkplugs. 179k. 20k on the replacement engine. Still runs. Rust is winning. Some scuymbag broke the passenger doorhandle off trying to rob it.
  12. The electrodes break off and go around the engine. Ask how I know. It did still run afterwards.
  13. Hey Jeff. just wondering did you get sorted with this? Im in the same boat now and every one i ring says its because the cars a Jap import. if you got sorted how did you do it? thanks Amy
  14. It is! Thanks for sharing these, that's really cool! I think I found the original thread from the filename: http://www.backroads.ie/forums/showthread.php?10075-Dublin-in-the-1990-s-The-cars It's been a while I haven't made any video or posted anything about the FC.. In October 2018, I pulled out the (running) engine to make room for its replacement. Then life got in the way, and the car is still sitting on my driveway with no engine, but not for long, as I've just assembled the replacement one and will drop it in soon. Thanks again, Nico
  15. Any pics of the rest of it, spec, when it was exported, etc? Don't recognise it off the top of my head.
  16. A chap tried to get a VRT quote on a blue 13K Miles FD, think it was a 02 about a year ago but wasn't a Spirit-R from memory - think they tried to charge him 30K VRT!! Crazy Revenue.... VRT on most FDs is about 3.5K to 5K but most folks appeal after they pay as that's mental money to be paying on an 18-year-old sports car. That doesn't answer your question directly but hopefully helps give you an idea what kinds of conversations you're facing with Revenue
  17. Ailsbury Road in Dublin? That top pic has so much awesome in one shot!
  18. Thanks, dude. Looks like they've discontinued that product a replaced it with a CAT now. Pricey, too. I just seen toyosports do a couple. I might just take the hit on that. The toyo catback has served me well.
  19. I've had mine decatted for about 7 years and never had any issues with NCT. I had a toyosports midpipe fitted and after about 5 years it developed a rattle. Whatever is in the resonator seemed to have broken down. I replaced it with a dual resonated Ryan Rotary Performance decat, which I still have fitted. It was a lot more expensive but sounds better. The toyo was always very tinny/raspy sounding around 3-4k rpm. The extra resonator in the RRP eliminates that.
  20. Some F'er decided that my car no longer needed it's car and it would be better suit to his illegal needs, so he cut it off. Looking to replace it with a midpipe since it will deter anyone from taking it again without the cat. Question is two fold: Does anyone have any recommendations? I have a toyo catback so just looking for a straight midpipe. What are the implications at NCT if there's a visible midpipe and no cat present? Will they fail the visual?
  21. What did you get int he end? Same happened mine this weekend and thinking of just getting a straight pipe.
  22. Is this your car? just copped these pics that I found online years ago
  23. Has anyone an idea on the likely VRT cost in Ireland on a 2002 Spirit R Type A?
  24. Hi all, Last year I purchased my first RX7 - it's a Japanese import but before making it's way to me in the UK it was owned in Ireland. I've come across a photo of it in it's previous guide with it's Irish registration on and was wondering if anyone recognised the car - I'd love to know a little more about it's history. Cheers, Will
  25. Hi all, My name is Derek, myself and my pal Steve run Symmetry Productions, and this summer we'll be shooting a documentary about the Irish JDM scene. I suppose you could say we're old school forum heads - we were around in the DTD, Torque-IRL days. We've grown up (slightly!) but still retained our love for modded jdm. We've collectively owned everything from rps13s and supercharged Levins to Impreza STi's and SW20 MR2s. This summer we'll be shooting a documentary on the scene in ireland, specifically through a handful of people and their pride and joys. We'll be focusing on the icons of the time - mk4 supra, ver6 Impreza STi, R32/34 skyline GTR, and of course the FD! This is a complete passion project for us and so has no budget, but will be a full feature length production. If you're interested in taking part, please send a mail to info@symmetryproductions.net with JDM Icons in the subject line and your car's spec and photos as well as some info about you! Many thanks for your time, Derek
  26. here is the video of Denny Kariur former District Governor of Rotary in the US talking about solving an international incident in The Congo through Rotary when the UN could not do it! https://youtu.be/NJstGV_sYG8
  27. Its doable ...but you will probably need a whole car to do it properly as a doner...I've spent years researching rotary engine swaps backwards and forwards..you will need two ecus...one for rotary and one for the mx5 so that all the guages work...or a stand alone programmable ecu...custom manifold probably ...some of the mx5 parts are interchangeable...The gearbox might fit..but the geometry will be off...so you would need adjustable coilovers..maybe w bump stop kit..definitely improved cooling ..The mx5 rad etc wont keep a rotary cool...upgraded fuel pump to cope with the added load...The rotary will fit but you probably need some custom mounts .. However i believe the subframe is very similar.....a lot of parts ..a lot of money...hence a donor car.. I was going to drop something into my rx8 other than the rotary but it turned out too expensive and will make the car handle like a bag of shit...mazda spend heaps of money and time trying to get the centre of gravity in those sports cars correct...jamming in a different engine will throw all that off.. Just have your eyes open.. I fixed my old rotary in the end Stuck a straight through on her.. One tenth of the price... Done deal is littered with half finished projects like that..people run out of steam Sent from my GT-I9195 using Irish Rotary mobile app
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