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So I decided some time ago that it was time for a bit more power out of the FD. To say goodbye to the twins (who were seriously reliable) and go single turbo. I had my eyes set on a GT35r Single turbo kit along side everything else. Looking to build a 400whp FD. But then one day online I stumble across a whole engine/turbo package that was just rebuilt with zero mileage. CP Racing on Facebook were selling this for a really good price and it was too hard to say no to it. (He went V8 since, and has told me he misses to rotary :D) So the rest was history and I had to have it! This large Bridgeport, large turbo beast.


Entries in this blog


The Spec Updated 11/10/16

Here is a spec list of when I bought the engine and a nice few extra goodies  Extras that I'm installing. Forge Custom Made V-Mount. Haltech Terminated Loom & ECU. Haltech Digi Dash. AEM Water/Meth Injection. Twin Bosch Fuel Pumps, Swirl Pot & Braided Lines. Aeromotive FPR. IR Performance Polyurethane Engine Mounts. Mocal 19 Row Twin Oil Coolers. GCG Turbo Cover. (BOV Delete, all about the Turbo Flutter) ;P





The stock motor below had a few mods to it. V-mount Intercooler, Air filters, Apexi FC, battery relocation. But not much. Proved to be very reliable the whole time I drove it. (Even on a drag racing day in Carlow).   She is coming along nicely and should be up and running soon. Almost everything has been upgraded from the fuel system to the ECU, Leads and connectors. With some more mods to be upgraded in due course.



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