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2007 RX8 PZ for sale

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Hi guys, time to move on from my pride and joy as another little one on the way and I’ll need a bit more space in the new year. I’m putting it on donedeal in the new year for €4950 but I’m open to offers from the rotary community. A lot of you know the car and saw it at Kirkistown in July but specs are as follows:


2007 PZ Brilliant Black (UK import)

Looked after in my ownership exclusively by Shadow Rotary, last service was August this year.

Run on 15W40 mineral oil and always premixed in my ownership.

Regular oil changes every 3-4 months.

Most recent compression test August 2017.

BHR D585 coils.

Oil cooler lines replaced with Racing Beat upgrades system.

Usual PZ upgrades- Bilstein coilovers (front two dampers are brand new), Prodrive (Scorpion) backbox, OZ 18” alloys recently refurbed, PZ rear wing.


Auxmod installation.

Axialflow shortshifter.

Reliability remap courtesy of Littlefeck.

Customised piano black interior.

Vredestein Sessantas in very good condition.

Rust professionally taken out of rear arches over the summer with a high quality respray of rear quarters.a07d47f75ed440e3f0b564af787bb6ed.jpgc2bdd1a248728c52dd5fa8e6f35e114e.jpg3816295296245b077cf666bf0fa13094.jpg


Lots and lots of other little upgrades I haven’t mentioned. The car’s just gone over 80000 miles and the engine’s in great condition. I’ve really enjoyed the ownership experience over the last few years and have enjoyed turning back the clock on it. It wants for nothing and drives like a dream. I have another car and won’t be selling until the new year but get in touch if you want to chat about it!



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Just if its of any help to anyone I have seen this car in the flesh and honestly she is in mint condition and more than well cared for so it would be on the top of my list if I was in the market for a PZB)

Again just my opinion:)

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Cheers Aido, she has been well looked after, feel like I’m cheating on her with another car! Will defo be back in an 8 or 7 soon once we’ve got this phase of kids sorted, just needed something a little bigger for now. A lot of options for 8s on donedeal at the moment including the excellent Kuro so might take a while to sell. If it doesn’t go soon I might just keep her!

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Yes it could be wise to keep it, it depends on your circumstances and what you may do but in a few years time as  it could be tricky to pick up a PZ or 8 in that good condition as your own.

Like you could have to spend maybe more than what you are selling it for now to get it in that good of condition of your own car. I have no experience of one but I  would consider a car capsule for it if you decide to keep it and I'm sure you would get someone to give you the space to store it.

Good luck in with what you do with it mate:)

Ohh btw dont worry about other cars on DD, the right buyer will come along for your car, patience is keyB)

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