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  1. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/mazda-rx-7-fd3s/16409055?campaign=3 Was somebody looking for an RX7 here
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BERGEN-Clic-R-Clicr-Type-Pliers-Hose-Clamp-Collar-Clips-Swivel-Drive-Shafts-CV-/301641351949?epid=2038516195&hash=item463b39c30d:g:GREAAOSwNSxVXu0M Thought I'd post this up as there is a tool for removing the retaining clips on the boost and vac lines. Bergen are a cheap and decent brand but there's plenty of choices and u can get remote cable operated ones. worth having for working in the engine bay of an RX7 anyway
  3. 30 years old seems to be the criteria for most companies. If it's a jap import then you are left with very little choice. Might be worth joining a classic car society and finding out if they have any agreements with insurance company's. Classic is really your only option as even if you get a quote for a main policy, 1 years ncb won't bring the price down much and it's likely to come in at 2k+.
  4. Shit, terrible news Chazz. At least you know you are at the right place to get it done proper this time. With Shadows craftsmanship and all the cleaning you done last month it will be like a brand new motor when you get it back
  5. Have a look at your check valves. Make sure they are installed in the right direction and only let air through from one direction. And double check all your vacuum hoses. A vacuum gauge can help identify potential problems
  6. Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Probably won't be near Belfast til about 9 on Sunday so that might be a bit early for us coming from Dublin and beyond Ledge. Bradyy I'm up for meeting up around the airport or somewhere along the M1. Has to be a few more heading up in the morning we can rope in.
  7. Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Anyone heading up sunday morning. Im working til Saturday evening so i doubt il go that night. We could meet up somewhere along the way for anybody going by the M1.
  8. Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Searching for RX7 and ended up with an Arai Rx7 helmet did u Aido
  9. Irish/UK RX7 breaking?

    I had posted in a thread showing number of rx7's sold by country before but can't find it now. They sold well in Greece and there's a bit of a following there. Cyprus is rhd I think so u might have some luck there
  10. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Oil changed, boost leak sorted and power steering fluid changed today. Looking like my pump is on the way out. Steering feels a little notchy followed by a loss of power assist for a split second. Didn't get time today to check it with the belt off but steering feels fine with no power on so hopefully the rack is fine.
  11. As above, need a pump for the RX7 preferably by Friday. Low mileage a plus and obviously good working condition. Im based in north kildare. Thanks
  12. FD Downpipe for twins

    I'd say it's HKS which is 3 inch diameter and the most common. There are a few more similar brands that are 3 inch. Trust and FEED are slightly bigger diameter at 80mm, FEED being stainless steel I think. Either way it's a good price, surprised it hasn't sold.
  13. Radio Fitment - FD3S

    I had a look at it there. If you look at the pics ul see 2 brackets either side of the radio and cubby hole. they're screwed in place, the brackets are then screwed to the outer cage from the front. The cage is just wedged in the dash and it has tabs to help securment. From memory it was firmly held in place and didn't move around. My double din is just wedged in too and that's nice and secure.
  14. Radio Fitment - FD3S

    I put a double din in mine when I got it. it came with a single din in a cage that had a cubby hole under the radio slot. I'll be holding onto it for future proofing but hereven are pics of it when I was selling the radio. http://www.adverts.ie/car-parts-accessories/blaupunkt-woodstock-dab-52/5019087
  15. FD 99 Spec Spoiler Wanted

    Is this still for sale?