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  1. Bi-annual bump. 15% off castrol oil when you use code NOVEMBER. Its coming in at 52.68 euro for 10l of 15w40 delivered. Just in time for my pre winter service. https://www.micksgarage.com/d/engine-oils-and-lubricants/products/1457475/castrol-gtx-15w40-a3-b3-semi-synthetic-engine-oil-5-litre https://www.micksgarage.com/d/engine-oils-and-lubricants/products/1457478/castrol-gtx-10w40-a3-b4-semi-synthetic-engine-oil-5-litre
  2. As @Bradyy said it sounds like it's on one rotor, get a video of it idling we would be sable to tell more. It looks like it's burning oil to me or possible running rich as jp mentioned. Check the intake pipes and intercooler for excessive oil that might point to the turbo beeping the problem. Coolant seal failure would produce white smoke and run on one rotor initially until the second rotor clears the coolant out. I know that from experience . Ud also be able to tell if there is coolant on your plugs instead of fuel. How much coolant are u losing? On a FD the coolant will typically sit towards the bottom of the filler neck. If you keep topping it up to the top it will push the excess coolant into the overflow tank. And after running the car give it time to suck the coolant back into the system before opening the cap. As mentioned champagne test and compression test will help. A regular compression tester with the Schrader valve removed is good enough to diagnose if the rotors are making compression or not.
  3. Daft idea or what.

    Cool I never knew that, and they ended up with one of the worst engines in history in the delorean. Just reading about the one in america now
  4. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Sailed through another NCT. He didn't even test emissions this time and accidently printed my cert . Had adjusted my R/H headlight just before it but thankfully it passed at 1.6 and the left spot on at 1.3.
  5. Name: Ozy, Car: RX7, socks: Purple

    Hi ozy I'm doing the insurance dance this month but have decided to take the RX7 off as my main policy. I've been with quote devil the last 2 years but this year it's gone up nearly 300 euro and they didn't even send out my renewal and don't seem interested in my business. Unfortunately insurance companies won't honour your no claims bonus although iv heard exceptions. Most companies don't insure nap imports but if you have a daily driver autoline will insure cars up to 15 years old on classic. I was quoted €500 for a 01 FD already so will be insuring it classic as soon as I can afford it. Some companies advertise to specialise in insuring people in your situation returning to Ireland but they're still not cheap. And il have to get a look at your fair lady sometime, iv a rusty 260z lying in a shead I plan on restoring some day
  6. My First FD.. New to everything

    Downpipe will be a direct bolt on job. Ceramic coating would be great and stick up the name of the company doing it for fellow rotards, but regular magma heat wrap or similar is a lot cheaper and sufficient. If you are going aftermarket smic it will need proper ducting to get the benefits over the oem one. For parts you can stick up a wanted post here or on Facebook or keep an eye out for parts for sale there. Then there is fduk.com and some rx7 Facebook pages for parts. There's a thread here somewhere for companies, mazdatrix, banzai ffe, dmmotorsport, and many more. If bought from Yahoo auctions Japan before. And there's a crowd in Galway with a few fd's for breaking if u ever need some.
  7. My First FD.. New to everything

    The pre-cat was usdm (american) cars only for emissions as was egr. It was in the downpipe but jap cars got none of that. Be careful when reading the US forums. There are also some differences between 8bit 16bit and 99 spec Rx7's to be aware of. You can fit a downpipe and the each will handle it no problem. I wouldn't be surprised if there is one already fitted. Google HKS downpipe. most aftermarket ones look the same. Just leave the CAT in place or u will overboost and kill your engine. So to be clear the exhaust has downpipe with no precat, cat/midpipe and cat back which u already have You can run a hi Flo cat but porting the wastegate is required or decent with restrictor plate but ud need to monitor afr and boost. Vac lines are nice to have done and is something il be doing this winter myself. It will run completely safe on the standard each as it sits so just enjoy driving it and getting familliar with it. Theres plenty threads on premix and down the line u can think about an aftermarket ecu. Stiv at MD tuning is the man for that and Shadow rotary for everything else if u need them.
  8. My First FD.. New to everything

    Hi Davy, welcome along. Looks mint. Always been a fan of a blue FD. There's plenty of info on the forum and chcek out the irish rotary Facebook page. In terms of tips, regular oil services and coolant flushes is a must. and plugs and fuel filter another thing to remember. Use premix TCW3 spec 2 stroke oil in your fuel for extra lubrication. I put 125 mls per 50 litres. Avoid very short trips when moving the car. U need to get some heat in the engine to prevent flooding. An oil catch can and bigger radiator are a good place to start for reliability mods and wont cost too much. An aftermarket downpipe will free up some power. Is the car standard or modified?
  9. https://www.donedeal.ie/vintagecars-for-sale/mazda-rx-7-fd3s/16409055?campaign=3 Was somebody looking for an RX7 here
  10. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BERGEN-Clic-R-Clicr-Type-Pliers-Hose-Clamp-Collar-Clips-Swivel-Drive-Shafts-CV-/301641351949?epid=2038516195&hash=item463b39c30d:g:GREAAOSwNSxVXu0M Thought I'd post this up as there is a tool for removing the retaining clips on the boost and vac lines. Bergen are a cheap and decent brand but there's plenty of choices and u can get remote cable operated ones. worth having for working in the engine bay of an RX7 anyway
  11. 30 years old seems to be the criteria for most companies. If it's a jap import then you are left with very little choice. Might be worth joining a classic car society and finding out if they have any agreements with insurance company's. Classic is really your only option as even if you get a quote for a main policy, 1 years ncb won't bring the price down much and it's likely to come in at 2k+.
  12. Shit, terrible news Chazz. At least you know you are at the right place to get it done proper this time. With Shadows craftsmanship and all the cleaning you done last month it will be like a brand new motor when you get it back
  13. Have a look at your check valves. Make sure they are installed in the right direction and only let air through from one direction. And double check all your vacuum hoses. A vacuum gauge can help identify potential problems
  14. Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Probably won't be near Belfast til about 9 on Sunday so that might be a bit early for us coming from Dublin and beyond Ledge. Bradyy I'm up for meeting up around the airport or somewhere along the M1. Has to be a few more heading up in the morning we can rope in.
  15. Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    Anyone heading up sunday morning. Im working til Saturday evening so i doubt il go that night. We could meet up somewhere along the way for anybody going by the M1.