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  1. After 300km, the fresh oil I put in is already fairly brown and dirty. Then again, it's an old engine. In other news, a whallop from a rock or a brick or something in wexford left a nasty buckle on the belly. Whack! Need to get into the rust at some stage. It's not bad, but it's there. It's an old car. Wabi-Sabi has taken a hold, despite the depressed efforts I make. And I'm sitting her plotting a new MX5 to replace it when the NCT comes due. Might just be able to afford it.
  2. http://www.racingbeateurope.com/brx8-tein-mazda-rx8--flex-z-damper-kit-to-fit-all-rx-8-including-r3-models-b-927-p.asp 700 Brit-bucks new. But good.
  3. 1500 miles? A bit short? I normally aim for 5000km, but it usually ends up being close to 6-7k, with about 2 litres added through natural consumption anyway over that. Works out as every 6 months or so, but mine's run regularly on long journeys and work rides. Anyway. Got the front brakes done. New disks and pads. Discovered a stuck caliper pin, but sorted that. Disks were well bolloxxed too Bolts on the rear caliper frames still defying the best of brute force. Can't even get a breaker into them with the wheelarch in the way. But aside from a stone-score the rear disks and pads seem to be fine.
  4. Second hand, or new? Am running Tein Flex-Z for the last month or two and am quite happy with them.
  5. I've had full loads in the back and even with two blown shocks never bellied the car. But if she's slamming into the bumpstops then bouncing back up, chances are it's the shocks that're gone. Rear shocks are notorious on these for letting go (Like at high speed around parabollica.... )
  6. Basic service. Oil, filters and a blast to clean the MAF. Still did a power of good. Running smoother on the 15W40 - suspiciously so. One of the main bearings might be a bit iffy. Brakes are well fucked mind. HAve new disks and pads and fluid. But I need a breaker bar to undo the bolt holding the caliper frames on. They've been there since the car left the factor and are well seized. Impact driver just can't get into them.
  7. Drove to Cork and back, fully loaded. Boot and back seats used to the max.... Engine ran like a watch. The rest of the car is very much getting into decade-old car syndrome. Especially after taking the battering Irish roads offer. List of shit that might need attention soon is growing - ARB bushings, a wheel bearing, disks, pads and fluid, diff and trans-oil. I've been putting off the gearbox until the engine's out for a rebuild but the engine refuses to have problems. 300km and the needle is just bareley below halfway, with plenty of shenanigans along the way. So that'shealthy at least.
  8. Is it actually injecting fuel? Did you open one of the plugs and check? Or have someone crank it dry with the plugs out to get a dirty chuff-chuff-chiff test. Might it be recirculating fuel back to the tank and not building enough pressure at the injectors or something weird like that?
  9. Where is that connection? If it's that's one of the sensors for the SSV that might explain it too.
  10. If it was the injectors, wouldn't it lean out and grenade itself?
  11. Gonzo thought. Gear position sensor. Do we have one of those, or just a neutral sensor? The problem started being related to gears after all.
  12. There's a good chance the engine's had it. It's also possible it has poor ignition or a dicky starter. If you must, get a compression test - you might snag a bargain if the compression is otherwise good. Otherwise, just walk away. Plenty of sea in the fish.
  13. Accidentlly took part in a St. Patricks day parade.
  14. Not sure how I managed it, but logged 9.4L/100km for a good stretch of the N11 thanks to a line of traffic and an 80kph trundler. Was a Torque app report, but it seems to know how much fuel's being sprayed into the engine and how far the car's travelled. On that run, It's usully between 9.4 and 10.5, depending on the fuel. On the other hand, guzzled over half a tank - and a litre of oil - doing 100km around Mondello.