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  1. Well So I was checking my oil level after a hard run today to see what her thrist was like after a few beeps. To my horror I noticed that the dipstick wasnt there where it should be after I checked the oil level yesterday but found it in the engine bay all the same thank god There is always (gunk, mayo, foam,fraught) on my dipstick but after I dipped it in today to my great surprise no gunk and a very easy clear visual dipstick reading of the oil. Had a look around the engine bay to see did any oil blow out but its hard to know but a little could have, just there where the dipstick spout is but could be old oil. One way of getting a good reading aye lol, what yaz's think
  2. For me it's just my personal choice to change the oil at 1500 miles, the oil gets dirty quick enough and so I like to keep it as clean as possible that is all
  3. Love oil changes so easy,another double oil change today after another 1500 miles. And put on the climair deflectors as well. Pleased how they looked on
  4. Carl Ive watched the vids quiet a few times now and cant help but think to myself (compression test) just to know that your not on a wild goose chase. You have done incredible good work at having a go at this and knowing you I would be surprised if you have missed something so.... but please god I'm wrong and lt is the sensor, fingers crossed,
  5. HOLY FUDGE Carl that is rotten news, sorry to read this mate, is his rebuilds 2 year warranty?, if not I hope he will be good enough to sort out another new engine with you as that one would be a fresh enough engine still
  6. Anyway popped this on now
  7. Aye mate what about your new tractor, when are you showing that beauty of,
  8. Cool Car,l quite a few 8 on the web with them there alright, but its a spot i'm not mad about sorry mate. Going to put mine(standard plate) on just under the passenger front fog light tomorrow evening. Hope it stays on lol. The weather is near warm enough to spray the strakes and crest, so thats next on the list
  9. Thank god for the first day of Summer so I got the 8 back on the road today, great feeling. Pic of it lowered naah but nearly though it myself. Just had the rare jacked up for a good inspection
  10. This a great compare of turbo v supercharger fair play. Done as equal as possible,Ok not rotary but very interesting and there is apart 4 follow up vid. Really interesting watch
  11. I think it's fair to say neither is gospel as people will always prefer whatever with brands etc. Good Quality oil most people will agree is key to engine longevity. From what I have experienced with the uk and having a warranted engine from Hayward Rotary it says to use 10w-40 semi synthetic oil but 15w 40 is fine. This is the same speak with Rotary revs and Essex rotary amongst others. Thicker simply does not mean better as there is enough protection in the 10w-40 as I understand it according to the above.
  12. Very nice indeed Fauzia, thanks for sharing
  13. Sure Peter not daft, I would have to say it would be a bit of craic to do it and you would have a bigger engine bay to work with, but on saying that you would be better doing something like what jp did. Of the top of my head I would think the 6 is a good bit heavier than the rx8 there exposing the lack of torque from the engine even more. Then you be looking at it woun't handle near as good as there is bugger all that would come close to the 8. But it would be some craic doing it mate but not near as much fun driving it I would think. But yes different idea, or maybe it has been done on the xedos forums mate, I'm sure there must be a xedos forum Go for a project of rebuilding a engine mate, Richie will port the fudge out of it and you have a wild weapon in your hands, You could always drop your current engine back into it if the penalty points start to ad up lol
  14. Carl did you ever consider that pm I sent you a while back mate
  15. Hi Fauzia Aidan here welcome to the forum. Sorry I thought you were from Limerick. Anyway please someone help this good woman out. All she needs is a simple oil change and someone to look over the car and have a quick chat with her about it. She is pissed about with non rotary mechanics. If she was closer to me I would go and do the oil change myself and look over the car. Shannon area please somebody