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  1. Hi mate, yes ignition would be my first guess and would be a good place to start as you have to get some checks in to minimize what it could be. Some simple ways on YouTube for trouble shooting with coils etc so have a look and get started. Yes, I have had something like you before but not exactly the same and it turned out to be a sticky ssv then another time it turned out to be a solenoid on the blink. We would like to know more such as how it revs through the rev range where is it kicking in and dropping off etc to see can we narrow it down a bit. Any codes at all?
  2. Ahh I thought you bought a dead one and were selling the parts, was just curious to see what mischief you would be up to with maybe rebuilding the engine mate
  3. Very nice selection of parts jp what plans have you for the engine mate
  4. Look I’m in Sligo to and a bit like yourself I am trying to learn bits. So, I bought a second rx8 for parts but can’t get time to break it although I have a little bit done. If you are feeling confident enough you are welcome to come to take whatever parts you may need, I guess with cars it’s all about having the right tools so I may not have all of what you need regarding tools. That coolant is fine do shoot me a pm if you want to arrange to come down to pull a part or 2 to see does it help you. Also, Marcin in MG Motors is fairly clued in on Rx8s and does Diagnostics for about 50 notes. Again you are welcome if you want to trial so parts
  5. Hi and welcome to the forum Damien, does sound strange how it would be on for that long as the weather is quite cool, hopefully just something small triggering the fans to stay on like a faulty switch. A code reader would help to see if you have any codes and how hot it is but If you don’t have a code reader where about are you and someone might be near by with a code reader for yah. Fair play for changing the coolant but any harm asking which coolant it was
  6. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Ahhh man dont worry we would not have these cars if we didnt like a bit of a challenge, good luck with it mate and knowing you it wont take you long to sort things out
  7. New to the scene

    ^^^ what he said about the warranty, also if its out of warranty I would still ask the guy exactly what parts was used ,new or used (and i know you said new) and was it defo the right clutch, ( forget but think there is a difference in the 5 speed clutch and 6speed clutch but correct me if im wrong tired lol) Good luck and welcome to the forum
  8. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    @muckwarrior you got a new engine?? where did you go for it?, did you do any upgrades while the engine was out, and congrats fella
  9. Forum Down Time

    just saying i have clicked on the like button on 2 posts early on in the week which were successful but I noticed now that there is no trace of them, may need attention, over and out

    So its been a while now since I first bought my second RX8, the car had been showing signs of not running well but a track day at Kirkistown for the annual Rotary meet even showed me more signs as all was not well when it began to seep oil into the little reservoir on the side of the airbox. So after talking to the 2 good men at track side from shadow rotary (Richie and Antony) it was time to send it on its way back to Hayward Rotary. So few little things need changing, Carl was not happy with the tail pipes of the A.P. exhaust as he felt they were restrictive so they needed to be opened up a bit, then there was a solenoid on the blink and also he was not happy with one of the leads so replaced the magnecor leads with the competition leads , so engine was stripped and new seals were replaced with new coils and sparks. While it was there I decided to get a few bits done so I got the Racing Beat ARB front and rear, RB Coolant hoses Meister CRD coilovers , Stoney Racing silicone intake, Under sealed, Carl also tidied up the Engine bay and Sprayed the Engine covers grey free of charge for any inconvenience caused. Its a well improved looking Engine Bay but not showroom sort of speak. So thanks to Carl he done more than his best to put things right to be fair. He also broke in the engine and it seems 100% fingers crossed. Now I did get other bits done So I have a list of all that has been done below to date from when I first bought the 8. Good bit overall done to date on the car but there is still a long way to go before I will be happy with it. I also will post pics when the forum fixes the problem with uploading Snaps. Hayward rebuilt with a Stage 2 port, R.B. Manifold, Agency Power Decated Exhaust, R.B. Lightened Flywheel, Lightweight Pulleys, Mazda Clutch, Stoney Racing Silicone hose intake, R.B. Coolant Hoses, Mazda C coils and Leads, Red and Black Leather Interior, Sat Nav, MeisterR CRD Coil overs, 20mm Eibach Pro Spacers to be fitted, R.B. Anti-Roll Bars. Mazda Drop Links, Michelin Super Sports, PZ Mirrors. Climair Wind Deflectors, Gear Knob, under sealed, and more to come Thanks for reading
  11. New rx8 owner

    Mate popular choice for 8 owners in link below http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10541-advice-on-gb-and-diff-oil/&tab=comments#comment-69262
  12. P0302 code. Help.

    Business Name: Shadow Rotary Location: Unit 1, Windmill View, Blackchurch, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin (N7 Westbound approx. 1.5KM after large Applegreen at Rathcoole) Contact: Anthony 'Chief Wiggum' @ 085 777 1808 / Dale 'Bradyy' @ 085 146 6188 / Eoin @ 087 450 3938 Description: Rotary engine builds, servicing, porting, rotary compression testing, all things rotary (not bodywork).
  13. P0302 code. Help.

    Well its not uncommon for rebuilders to reuse side seals and cut-off rings which is absolutely a big no no but from a recent thread here its possible that something like this could have happened you. Have you any paperwork at all to see what new parts were used in the rebuild??
  14. New rx8 owner

    mate if need more info (help) shoot me a pm
  15. P0302 code. Help.

    Sounds serious enough for me to get it to a specialist asap as losing all that oil sounds like you have a seeping seal somewhere, really hope for you im wrong