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  1. RX8 PZ vs Standard 231 RX8?

    What Stan said very good reviews on the forums and I nearly went with that but as there 20ml lower than standard just preferred to go with coilovers in the end as I'm not sure if I might not always be happy with the ride height. But it is a excellent set up
  2. Fuel problem with rx.8

    ^^^^^^^Poor starting and mpg is a classis case of tired coils and would be my first place to check. Good luck
  3. What Yaz's Think

    Yes Justin that's simply just it, the auld sludge Never bothered me but I never seen a bubble of sludge with my first RX8 because it was a 07 so I think it was a day or 2 after I posted this that I finally copped on as you rightly said it was just the heat of a long run that evaporated the foam away. Understanding of it completed LOL
  4. 2007 RX8 PZ for sale

    Yes it could be wise to keep it, it depends on your circumstances and what you may do but in a few years time as it could be tricky to pick up a PZ or 8 in that good condition as your own. Like you could have to spend maybe more than what you are selling it for now to get it in that good of condition of your own car. I have no experience of one but I would consider a car capsule for it if you decide to keep it and I'm sure you would get someone to give you the space to store it. Good luck in with what you do with it mate Ohh btw dont worry about other cars on DD, the right buyer will come along for your car, patience is key
  5. 2007 RX8 PZ for sale

    Just if its of any help to anyone I have seen this car in the flesh and honestly she is in mint condition and more than well cared for so it would be on the top of my list if I was in the market for a PZ Again just my opinion
  6. New to rotary, 04 rx8

    Hi Colin welcome to the forum. You could not have come to a better bloke for advise than jp he is a top man. Do keep us up to date with your project mate
  7. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Hopefully you might find someone with a charged battery and jump leads and bring them round in your boot to keep you going, this worked like a jem for me nearly a week one time
  8. What are you watching now, you tube videos

    Sorry but I like a lot of all sorts of oldies
  9. Finally gave in to the rotor life.

    Good call on the code reader, dont forget to take some snaps of your handy work on the undersealing as we like snaps
  10. Finally gave in to the rotor life.

    Ahh! cool thats pretty much the same as I'm at with coilovers and just trying to keep it fresh as possible with getting it undersealed at the moment as these babies are pushing on in years. As for Wheels I just cant make up my mind with those
  11. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Hey fella awesome thread keep the posts coming mate
  12. Finally gave in to the rotor life.

    Hi Cian and welcome to the forum, congrats on your new RX8 it looks a very clean example Got any other plans for it mate??
  13. Was my engine really rebuilt?

    To be sure as you can Just Contact hextable rotary as they will have a record of this. If all is not clear with them then contact L.C.Rotary as they do the engine rebuilds for them and have a good reputation and after sales service
  14. Remote Keys

    Great news Willam and thanks for updatingto many come on looking for advice and dont bother their exhausts to update Would love to see some pics of your car so do throw some us up for us mate
  15. Remote Keys

    Sorry about that Carl, I hate throwing the buck on people but my brains was bursting lol,any way the head is clear now so link below http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/6300-rx-8-switchblade-replacement-key-database/&tab=comments#comment-56963