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  1. So track spaces are definetly gone ??, no chance of getting the 8 around the track for you guys to hear my AP exhaust lol. I Know its late but have no power of how things in life change Will only be there like 2-5pm
  2. So a little more time yesterday and today
  3. Pretty sure I have seen this car in Sligo??
  4. Look forward to seeing whatever you do mate
  5. Hi mate missed this post of yours, hope you get sorted soon if you havent already
  6. Hi Brian and welcome to I.R.O.C. , you don't need much help mate as your wise enough to know you need a compression test before you go splashing the cash. Pretty much the RX8 is like any other car to buy after that. Meaning you're looking for leaks, rust, dampness, panels are straight, H.P., no signs of incidents etc etc. The most important thing after a compression test really is you need to make sure your ignition system is up to scratch.So if you have to buy, just buy the like of your coils from a reputable trader and please don't buy cheap coils of ebay. There is plenty of threads on this forum for oil and on what coils to buy so see what you fancy mate. Good luck with the hunt , Ohh BTW do look into going down the rebuild and porting route
  7. Youzz right Carl, even to day was a surprise just how much is in there in that tiny bit of space. Looking forward to the rest of it now
  8. So I got a little spare unplanned time today so I got stuck into the number 2 RX8. So trying to shape it up to get the engine out so a few snaps for yez
  9. Well Im really happy as mine passed the nct tonight minus the exhaust shrouds, extra special as I was told tonight that my County Sligo has the highest failure rate NCT in the country
  10. No doubt mate, a little learning is for fools that think they know something
  11. Dara it said keep away from children, you
  12. That's excellent Dara I wonder could we have this or the like of it stuck in people's faces sort of speak when they visit this forum. Was only talking to someone recently and he said he nearly bought a RX8 but was afraid in the end due to fear because of uncertainty. Think it would really help out instead of people missing out in the awesome rotary experience. I would like to say that I nearly never had my hands a tiny bit dirty in 20+ years with cars,and then I got a rotary so there no excuses for anyone to else not to, well apart from the dam thirst they have .
  13. Hi Carl glad to see your still upbeat about the whole thing as its going on forever, fair play man. I have to say mate that I am disappointed for you that your rebuilder doesn't seem to have offered any assistance to you as you're talking about Shadow rotary. Does he have any pride in his work or care for his customers as that's still a very fresh engine, suppose only he can answer that. As you know some rebuilders on other forums have replaced engines or fixed them out of warranty
  14. Yes Carl was just thinking the same mate
  15. @Rex Ruthor I like it, really nice mate @Australianstan Those coils are really doing there job now mate