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  1. buying your first rotary

    Hi Tommy welcome to the forum. We need more information to help you. When you say project, what are your expectations and what purpose do you need it for?, ohh and a budget would help and how much work can you do yourself.? So just to let you know these babies are costly as a daily= thirsty and are pushing on in years so will always need something but in the same breath you can pick up good genuine mazda second hand parts and after market parts at very reasonable prices . Is it for track? And if its power your after these cars are not like hot hatches where you can give it a few upgrades and gain 40 + hp from a map. The rx8 from a ported rebuild with upgrades maybe just less than 20 hp, maybe hopefully 20hp lol. Then you have turbo and super charging but are very very costly and short lived Also our man on here (Dara) Rex Ruthor has done a very informative thread on buying a RX8 in this thread below http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10706-rx8-buying-guide-by-dara-obrien-on-micks-garage/&tab=comments#comment-70747
  2. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Just found out my baby is in Hayward Rotary , but it will be a few weeks before work can commence on it as he is booked up till september
  3. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Sorry about this guys, I should have said that these are not for sale
  4. Absolutely tremendous news Carl delighted for yah chapie . All the heart ache that other engine caused you is a distant memory now aye. This new ported engine will give you a greater motivation and enthusiasm for the car as I'm sure you are feeling now. And Yah won't be long joining myself and Richie in the 300 mile club that's a promise mate
  5. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    So I took these off the number 2 RX8, trust me these pulleys really do feel light, little clean and they will be bling
  6. Seen these threads on some forums so I dont think we have one so.... Like to see what you guys chill out to. Anyway I absolutely love this tune
  7. Needs must - for now

    Wow someone is going to get a belter of a car, really didn't see this coming with the new tyres ,new springs, brakes ,clutch, flywheel, exhaust, map, other bits so I thought she was a keeper so sorry to see this Dara. But in the same breath at least you have the 7 to keep the addiction satisfied .
  8. So got me into the club today
  9. Curious

    Thanks, had a 24mile round trip this morning so took the easy option and filled up the jerry can on route just in case. Had to make the journey a little longer just to get up the remaining miles but she made it into the 300 mile club, delighted so will post pics later @Chazz Yes Carl It did enter my mind alright about the fuel pump so if it looked like I was going to run out of petrol for a second, I was just going to call it off. I will tell you this when Shadow rebuilds and ports yours I have no doubt she will make into the 300 mile club. My car is going fine thanks, but I texted Carl Hayward about it and before I had left the phone down he was ringing me. He said to get it over to him and it will be running better than ever lol, top man. Hayward's warranty is 30,000 miles or 3 years whichever comes first so I only will be out of pocket with the trip which we will make the most out of it anyways
  10. Curious

    I have done some long runs with the 8 recently like Sligo to Kiristown and then around Dublin for a few days and then back to Sligo so the rx8 has picked up on mpg Filled the 8 with petrol and did 80 miles on the motorway, then about 12 by 5 mile round trips, then maybe 4 by 29 mile mile trips and other small runs so Im on 274 miles and the petrol light is about to come on. My question is would at worst there be about10 mile left in the tank when the light comes on?, I have a plan So what do ye think at worst is left miles wise in the tank ? Oh if I make 300 miles on what is left I will post some pics as I have taken a few
  11. HELLOO From Scotland :D

    Wow beautiful FD, credit to yah she looks awesome and must be a rocket to go Welcome to the I.R.O.C nice to see someone joining us from across the pond. I have only heard of the garage in Motherwell as a rotary specialist, but is there others in Scotland ? its great your handy with cars as it couldn't look any better
  12. Rotary Garages & Mechanics List

    Ok so is it at all possible that this thread could be reviewed and updated. I think some of the findings on the 31st of May were very disturbing and damaging to the reputation of our beloved rotaries, and if that wasn't bad enough more findings were found again on the 19th of July . So all I'm a afraid off and surely others is that someone looking for a rebuild will see this thread and will think this guy must be ok as he is recommended on here. Just trying to help minimise what happened to Chazz if we can at all. . Surely this can't be a hard thing to ask as it surely needs to be looked into??, please and thanks. Regards a very sad rotor bro
  13. Newbie

    Well I cant remember much that I'm sure about TBH as its awhile now sorry. You have it now and its a lovely car so do listen to Dara as he will give you good sound honest advice. @MARKSRX08 If I have a intake elbow I will pm you
  14. Newbie

    Hi welcome to the forum,she looks very well, did you buy it in Cork by any chance
  15. like I said Carl, its onwards and upwards now and + 1 on the porting big time