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  1. Rx8 vrt

    Hi , I imported my 2006 RX-8 228bhp in 2013 & VRT was €1075

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend best company for RX8 insurance.?

    Re: VRT HELP What a letter, I guess they want to make it nearly impossible to challenge them, They should change their name to "ripoff commissioners "
  4. has anyone changed their tax to 1.3

    Re: has anyone changed their tax to 1.3 What a letter, seems it would be easier to pay for 1744 than fight the system!!

    Re: VRT HELP Hi Everyone, Thanks for getting back to me, here's the update, Everything came back from rosslare and it turned out I was right with my VRT I also got a letter from my local Mazda dealer to prove that the engine cc is infact a1308cc I submitted the letter with my other details to rosslare and the reply i got was Well ok then, but we would now need a letter from the UK DVLA stating that the engine is a 1308cc. Now I can't see how that will go but should I give it a try? The way things are now I have more evidence that the car is indeed a 1308cc I wonder could revenue produce evidence of how they came up with 1744cc, In theory we are infact taxing our cars wrong It seems to be revenue think of the numbers and you pay regardless, Cheers everyone

    Hi, I went to my NCT centre yesterday to have my rx8 Evolve Inspected for VRT the girl in the office refused to accept VRT payment! I bought the car in the UK, on the UK reg cert the engine is 2616 cc. I tried to explain that my car is clearly listed on the VRT website and my VRT would be €1060 and that all Rx8 on the revenue site was 1744cc I even went online in the office and showed her the details,still no good,She told me that my details would be sent to rosslare for assessment, I rang my local revenue office today to seek some help and after explaining the same i was told i would have to wait for a reply from rosslare!! I am very pi**ed off with this misleading information, as I was only off the ferry from England 1 hour when I booked my VRT inspection, So much for wanting to do things by the book!! Has anyone else had the same experience??
  7. Spray painting

    Re: Spray painting Thanks for replies, I'll give them a call.
  8. Spray painting

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a top quality spray painting shop, Need to get back quarter panel painted, and would like a factory finish!
  9. Engine sounds like a load of birds "chirping" at idle what could it be? Rx8 evolve 230bhp with 49000 miles
  10. Rx8 Evolve

    Re: Rx8 Evolve Hi, Thanks for the advice, Hope to get an 8 soon. Thanks Again.
  11. Rx8 Evolve

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and would like some advice, I'm looking at importing a Rx8 Evolve from the UK,on the log book it is down as 2616cc but when you put the car details on the VRT Site it comes up with 1744cc. Does that mean I can get road tax in Ireland for a 1744cc ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.