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  1. FD OEM Skirts

    Cheers. Struggled to price them and think they're fair at that.
  2. FD OEM Skirts

    Considering selling my OEM Side Skirts. In fair condition, will certainly need paint and some repair work. Paint is cracked and some small cracks in the side skirts. Need €200 to consider selling them which I think is fair as they don't appear too often.
  3. Blitz SUS intake for twins

    Bump. Open to offers
  4. Engine mounts

    Bought some Land Rover ones recently. Not sure I'll sue them. Standard mounts are close to 50mm thick and the land rover ones are not much more than 35mm. Too much of a difference I think. I see some on FDUK reporting bits fouling on hard acceleration etc...
  5. New RX7 Owner

    Congrats on the purchase. Was it a private purchase in Japan? Looks like some savage bits on it. Say the interior has some Spirit R stuff possibly? The gear knob and gaitors with the red stitching!

    Username is a blast from the past!!! How're you keeping mate? When and what 7 had you? Sorry, no help to your search though!
  7. Will ye be using 3d printing technology? Spotted a question about that and some baffles would be great and 3d printing might allow that!!
  8. I'm mildly interested. At the estimated price it is a little pricey for just a tank, i.e. that's half the price of my WI kit that came with a 1gallon tank but I do want my install to be discreet so possibly would invest in this if I haven't figured an alternative in the mean time that I'm happy with.
  9. Irish/UK RX7 breaking?

    Came across some of that info online recently. Went looking in Germany and couldn't find much and like that, went looking at Greece also. Found it difficult to find anything and even car forum are hard to find...
  10. Red Stuff pads - FD3S

    No problems. I'm away on holidays, home Wednesday. If you need them urgently for the trackday, I can get someone to let themselves into the house and sort out posting them? If not in a rush, can maybe try get them to the rotary day. Won't be attending myself so surely find someone local that is...
  11. Red Stuff pads - FD3S

    Ya would be ideal to drop them on for the trackday and even go back to a standard pad for road work on the way home!!
  12. Chawkie's FD Diary!!!!

    Few more parts added to the stock pile of items to be fitted. I decided that I was just going to bite the bullet and make this a one time hit on everything engine related and do it while the engine is out. To recap, the current ongoing jobs are: 1. Refit my freshly rebuilt twin turbos that Tom Cooney in Portlaoise has rebuilt for me. 2. New turbo gaskets, intake manifold gaskets and throttle body gaskets 3. Rebuild alternator 4. Fit new waterpump and belts 5. Have already fitted the new fast acting intake temp switch 6. Fit the V-Mount intercooler and rad set up. V-Mount needs some piping altered so need an aluminium welder to help here 7. Fit my 3" downpipe. Already have the decat. Fit my Titanium exhaust system. 8. Improve the wiring for the fuel pump. 9. Relocate battery due to the intercooler. While I am doing the above, I just decided I'm going to add a few more items to the list so have ordered. AEM Smart Coil set up with relocation plates to replace the old 23 year old ignition system. Good spark is important and this should future proof the car. Also, replacement coils are >€100 and easy get. AEM V2 Water Injection kit, to keep intake temps in check. Just going to run water although you can run 50:50 water:meth through the system too. Doing this as a safety mod. Unintentionally, another AEM item, a Wideband sensor and gauge. Wanted to keep it retro looking so this was the most suitable to my taste. WIll add a few more complementary gauges, oil and water temp I think!
  13. Blitz SUS intake for twin turbos. Came on the car from Japan with all outlets for air pump etc welded shut. Filters in good nick. €50
  14. Irish/UK RX7 breaking?

    That all. I'll give a call and see. Any European country they sold well in?
  15. Irish/UK RX7 breaking?

    I'll give a ring later. Ones on Donedeal are Jap but could have more.