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  1. No problems. I'm away on holidays, home Wednesday. If you need them urgently for the trackday, I can get someone to let themselves into the house and sort out posting them? If not in a rush, can maybe try get them to the rotary day. Won't be attending myself so surely find someone local that is...
  2. Ya would be ideal to drop them on for the trackday and even go back to a standard pad for road work on the way home!!
  3. Few more parts added to the stock pile of items to be fitted. I decided that I was just going to bite the bullet and make this a one time hit on everything engine related and do it while the engine is out. To recap, the current ongoing jobs are: 1. Refit my freshly rebuilt twin turbos that Tom Cooney in Portlaoise has rebuilt for me. 2. New turbo gaskets, intake manifold gaskets and throttle body gaskets 3. Rebuild alternator 4. Fit new waterpump and belts 5. Have already fitted the new fast acting intake temp switch 6. Fit the V-Mount intercooler and rad set up. V-Mount needs some piping altered so need an aluminium welder to help here 7. Fit my 3" downpipe. Already have the decat. Fit my Titanium exhaust system. 8. Improve the wiring for the fuel pump. 9. Relocate battery due to the intercooler. While I am doing the above, I just decided I'm going to add a few more items to the list so have ordered. AEM Smart Coil set up with relocation plates to replace the old 23 year old ignition system. Good spark is important and this should future proof the car. Also, replacement coils are >€100 and easy get. AEM V2 Water Injection kit, to keep intake temps in check. Just going to run water although you can run 50:50 water:meth through the system too. Doing this as a safety mod. Unintentionally, another AEM item, a Wideband sensor and gauge. Wanted to keep it retro looking so this was the most suitable to my taste. WIll add a few more complementary gauges, oil and water temp I think!
  4. Blitz SUS intake for twin turbos. Came on the car from Japan with all outlets for air pump etc welded shut. Filters in good nick. €50
  5. That all. I'll give a call and see. Any European country they sold well in?
  6. I'll give a ring later. Ones on Donedeal are Jap but could have more.
  7. Wheels already make a huge difference. A more original interior will help no end also. Well wear
  8. Have a set of front red stuff pads that have very minimal use done. Bought them this way and never fitted them. Front pads. Think they're a little of €100 new. Say €50 for these.
  9. Anyone know of an Irish/UK FD RX7 being broken around? Paul
  10. Thanks Eddy, actually got sorted with one yesterday.
  11. Hi all, looking for one steel engine mount, condition of rubber mount not important. Same as the one on the left in the pic!
  12. Just removed my engine mounts today and they are different than above, only a bolt on one side and a big hollow on the opposite side! These look different than others?
  13. The RX7 came first day with a really slow acting intake temp sensor. This sits in the intake manifold at the top of the engine and of course is subject to heat soak. Problem is, as it acts so slow it soaks in traffic and still reads a high temp for some time after you get moving again and gives an inaccurate reading. The internet says to change to a Triumph motorbike IAT sensor. Has the same thread to fit the intake manifold but doeshave a different electrical connector! I spotted a complete manifold for sale on a UL forum that had the sensor but also had a secondary throttle body removed. The secondary system is a safety feature to minimise damage by going WOT on a cold engine. It's a set of butterflys that are operated by a wax bullet that melts as the engine heats up and opens accordingly. If you're not a idiot, this isn't required so should also have the added benefit of removing a slight restriction on the intake. Ended up swapping this for a similar one that had been vapour blasted. Started the process of swapping these over this week. WHen I removed the old one, I was met with a home made gasket made for plastic. Thought it might have been one of those thermo gasket things to reduce heat soak but this is definitely a home made job, doesn't exactly match the ports either. This lead me to check the gasket on the lower intake manifold and its even worse!!! No pics due to where it is. I've ordered new gaskets also from RHD Japan today along with the turbo gaskets. With the upper intake manifold off, the "Rats Nest" was revealed. It is truly terrifying! While poking around the engine I decided to get a few items tidied up: Water pump was making some funny noises so ordered a new OEM Mazda one. Have a lower temp SARD thermostat ordered, new RE-Amemiya rad cap and AST caps. Removed the power steering pump to have the casings vapour blasted along with a few more housings and the throttle body (which looks mad, see pics below). Also collected a good number of nuts and bolts to be zinc coated. All in the box went to a local lad for vapour blasting/zinc coating Friday..
  14. Next up, I ordered an engine stand, mainly so I can attack the job of removing the oil pan, cleaning it all up and putting on an oil pan brace. The engine mounts are bolted through the oil pan and can cause oil leaks. I have an awful mess in that area so decided to tackle while I have the engine out. Oil leaks possible attributed to bad turbos, also sorted above! So the flywheel on a 13B engine is held with one bolt, a 54mm f*cker! Usually the engines are mounted a little differently than conventional engines, manily to aid the rebuld process which is often on such engines! The engine requires an adapter plate to allow it to be attached to an engine via the power steering pump bolts. So instead of paying ~$90 plus shipping for one, I had a mate make one for me out of scrap metal... Bit rough around the edges but does the job! And mounted!! The 13B stamp!!