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  1. Here's our one. Copied a video on YouTube! Some of our scrap pieces we built it from were not ideal sizes so had to do some trimming after to clear the knock sensor.
  2. Thanks, near perfect. Marks on it are from heat wrap I'd say.
  3. Cool. Mine is for a completely dressed engine but say that would prob give enough clearance. Just finished painting it, I'll share tomorrow when cured and on the engine
  4. Made one this evening actually. Will this up a pic when I have a lick of paint thrown on it. Mind sharing a photo of yours too as a matter of interest?
  5. Hi all, anyone got a engine stand adapter for a 13b they'd be willing to lend for a week? Or even a link to buy one more local than the US? Paul
  6. Thanks for the pics. So looking at that, the radio and pocket were bolted together and then pushed into the cage. The cage is just wedged in the dash, it's not solid mounted in any way?
  7. My 94 JDM RX-7 came with a double din when I bought it. This double din was pretty much wedged in the hole and didn't need/have any cage of any description to hold it in place. I'm now changing to a single din headunit and a single din triple gauge pod but they don't sit well as nothing to really grip. Is there meant to be a cage bolted in to the dash of the car? Any pics? I'll get some of the opening I have. Paul
  8. Downpipe for FD RX-7 for sale. For twins. 3" internal diameter. Unknown brand, bought from Yahoo Auction Japan. €120. Can post within Ireland for €16!
  9. Anyone know who used own this on Irish Rotory? Black FD on gold SA3Rs
  10. Great result. Spend it on go go juice!!!
  11. Final bump. Turns out they are Knightsport, not Re-Amemiya.
  12. I'm not a fan of wraps, I've yet to see one that has any depth to it. Might be ok if going for a matte finish but a gloss one doesn't cut it for me, from what I've seen to date. I was under the impression that wrap wasn't all that cheap either. I'm planning a respray in Silverstone Silver once finished. Could be close on 3-4k for a good job though
  13. Wow, that's going back. Hardly one where there was a lad with a supercharged Lexus IS200? I remember being at one of those meets and was the first time I heard a proper supercharger whine! Was also a lad with a supercharged 4agze in a corolla gti, gold colour
  14. Hardly this one? Used have a crazy big spoiler. Still in Limerick!!
  15. Welcome, good to see another Limerick member. Interested to know what you RX7 you have previously? Any pics?