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  1. sounds like an awesome idea, probably best to get the engine aggressively know...for extra effect
  2. List updated... REMINDER... Anyone who is down for track time the deadline for payments is the 30/05/17, after that it will be first come first serve as we have to start settling costs regarding the remaining balance for the track, t shirts and spot prizes so if anyone who is down for track could PM me and ill let you know how to get your payment accross also guys if you are on the list and on facebook, just select "going" on the Event page so we can get an idea of definite numbers, it would be very helpful{"ref"%3A"2"%2C"ref_dashboard_filter"%3A"hosting"%2C"action_history"%3A"[{\"surface\"%3A\"dashboard\"%2C\"mechanism\"%3A\"main_list\"%2C\"extra_data\"%3A[]}]"}
  3. Welcome along mate, ive updated the list there , awesome looking FB!!
  4. List updated guys, also good news, the guys at Juice///box will be there on the day covering the event
  5. list updated...
  6. Super generous of you Dave! just be sure to lock Dara's room when he goes to bed , rumour has it he has an awful habit of sleep walking naked
  7. welcome along mate!! a nice set of wheels would make the car, it never ceases to amaze me how much the right wheels can do for a car!! best of luck with her!!
  9. So looking to get a few trade stands up at the event, anyone any ideas, I emailed micks garage(no reply), I asked about jdm distro(awaiting reply) , emailed reflect auto care (no reply) anyone any other suggestions?
  10. Welcome along, by any chance is this the one me and everyone has been seeing around dublin and no body knows who it is ?with a yellow reg plate, stunning car by the way
  11. List updated, if anyone spots their name on it twice let me know, just there is some usernames on the list whos real name im unsure of so if you can see your username and actual name on the list just say and ill change it!
  12. welcome along! nice 8, did you buy this car in Swords by any chance?? looks familiar?
  13. you should be able to pull the bump stop down further than that, the steel bit should be resting on the steel ring down a bit further no??
  14. Big rotary gathering coming up in the summer, the thread is in the meets section, your more than welcome to pop your name on the list, looking to try get a bit of diversity to attend aside from just rotary cars
  15. Welcome along mate, nice mx3 dude