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  1. 50 was the number we where going for as it's what we needed to make sure we could charge everyone a reasonable price for the track day along with being able to make sure all the costs for the day where covered along with making sure the day itself was free entry for show & shine entrants + spectators , I can squeeze in a couple more than 50 with the payments going back into the site possibly for next year's event but at the end of the day I don't want to overdo it and pile the track with cars rushing everyone on and off , like directing 50 track cars successfully on and off track in groups throughout the whole day will certainly be a task in itself so we will need people to cooperate help us out a bit by adhering to their specific times and groups so we can run the day as smoothly as possible making sure everyone gets their fair share of seat time.... @Aido 8 if you are looking for a spot you will need to send over payment as soon as to secure your spot, after this week I can almost certainly say there will be no spots left Cheers John
  2. i know haha all the isopon and sanding has gone to my head
  3. Welcome along mate! Best of luck with her! ....^^^ what he said lol
  4. Fella I know Has one with hot start issues , body in good nick, no rust on the sills looking for €600 for it
  5. Rex (Dara) will be there! Patrick Gabbett also Paddy Gorman Ben Farrell Daryl Nesbitt (if the weather isnt to bad) Tomás Mac An Ríogh Conor Barrington Andrew Dawson + 1 Eric Stam +1 Nico (L'e$kro) +1 Thomas cavanagh +2
  6. THE CAMPING LIST Rex (Dara) will be there! Patrick Gabbett also Paddy Gorman Ben Farrell Daryl Nesbitt (if the weather isnt to bad) Tomás Mac An Ríogh Conor Barrington Andrew Dawson + 1 Eric Stam +1
  7. lIST UPDATED... All Track spots are gone and all driver tuition spots are gone... as said all our welcome to pop in on the day for a gander, there is sure to be some awesome cars there , I hope some of you guys can make it along, here is a link to the event page on Facebook Just if you are going to pop in click "going" on the event just so we can gather an idea of numbers to keep the caterers up to date on the amount of food and drinks they will need... the food will be served through Kirkistowns track restaurant so its pretty much pay as you go although your more than welcome to bring your own food Thats all the information i have at the minute Thanks John
  8. Sorry to hear Steve, hope you get it sorted and it doesn't cost to much . Ok so just to clarify as I'm going to be posting a couple of updates in the event today, the camping will be happening just @warpc0il will be accommodating everyone yes?
  9. very generous of you Dave
  10. No problem Steve, keep us posted , as I will need to inform anyone that is on the list
  11. only one spot left people!
  12. Welcome along! They are a great car! Good luck in the hunt, what part of the country are you in? Any questions feel free to ask
  13. List updated, not many spaces left guys
  14. Hi everybody! I started a new topic just so it wont get confusing on the original Event topic... So i was on to Donal O'Neill from Trackskills, he does sit in driver tuition at a lot of track days, he is also one of only three senior A.R.D.S. instructors in Ireland. I know there are quite a few drivers down with track time experience including myself but i have never had tuition in my own rx8 so id be fairly keen on taking Donal's offer up, i think it would be a great opportunity for people especially if it is their road car they will be driving on the day to test the limits of their vehicle under the guidance of someone with such a wealth of experience, but for anyone who has never had an instructor at a track day or even has never had a car on track Donal will be able to cater to all levels of experience to help improve your driving, improve your lap times and your confidence on track. The Format we are hoping to achieve on the day will be 4 groups of cars with 4 sessions per hour meaning 20 sessions for the day, which will be roughly around 8-10 laps per session, so that equates to every driver getting between 40-50 laps each. This means we can have 20 sessions of driver tuition. The cost will be £15 for a session with Donal which will be paid on the day, when taken into context it is a very reasonable cost and money well spent in my eyes considering what you will learn through even one session with Donal. as i said there will be a maximum of 20 sessions so there will only be 20 spaces available...if you would like one just comment below with your name If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask Thanks John 1. John (Mazda rx8)2. Ian Kirwan (Mazda mx5)3. Jon Hill (Mazda mx5)4. Dave kilbean (Mazda rx8)5. Dara O'Brien (Mazda rx?)6. Joe Hughes (Mazda rx8)7. James pike (Mazda mx5)8. Yasir yassin (Mazda rx7 FC)9. James O Connor (Mazda rx7 FD)10. Richie De Courcy (Mazda rx8)11. Patrick McKenna (Mazda rx8)12. Jonathan babb (Mazda mx5)13. Con furey (Mazda rx?)14. Ambrose furey (Mazda rx8)15. Dave Emerson (Mazda rx8)16. JP o Mara (Mazda RE-MX5) 17. Nicolas Skrotzky (Mazda rx7 FC) 18. Scott Kidd (Mazda rx8)19. Steven Theed (Mazda rx7)20. Patrick Gabbett (Mazda mx5)
  15. Welcome along mate , as the lads said they are the main things to look out , watch out for play in the steering, make sure it's smooth without any play , rust is fairly common with them especially around the sills so keep an eye out for that, also I would highly recommend the 231bhp 6 speed model over the 192bhp 5 speed, a lad I know from swords is selling his 8 €1800 I think, not sure what it's like mechanically, only seen pics but looked a decent example , I'll ask him if he still has it if you want? Cheers John