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  1. Engine sold to a member on here. Hope they've many a happy year of rotoring ahead!
  2. If you've gotten 30K KMs out of your sparks you're doing well - try changing them first & coils next. From what I've gathered the Mazda coils seem to last about ~35K Miles/60K KMs give or take before they start to become an issue.
  3. If it is, the sooner you stop driving on the engine the more likely it is to have survivable components like the e-shaft, housings, plates, etc.
  4. Worth getting checked out for sure - can't tell if it's a noisy release bearing or not though. [emoji848]
  5. It's the whirring that is puzzling me though it could be just the sound that the microphone pics up - any change when you rev it?
  6. I've uploaded a pic taken this evening - the only bit of rust is the tiny bit at the top left of the photo at the edge of the standard lip spoiler.
  7. Give me a call so! I'll be on the mobile for the rest of the day & heading out the Shadow direction in the coming hour.
  8. RX8 13B-MSP 6-port engine for sale from a 2004 6-speed/231PS model. ~150K KMs on the car but the engine looks to have been replaced by Mazda at unknown KMs as there's no reflection in the history. Starts both cold & hot perfectly (See videos in link below) Comes with: Intake/exhaust manifolds & flywheel. (Coils/leads/plugs/injectors/alternator/throttlebody not included) This is a "plug it straight in where your engine has failed" solution. Tested with a proper rotary compression tester as follows with all readings corrected by the unit for altitude & to 250rpm (industry standard for rotary compression tests): Front Rotor: 6.6 Bar / 6.7 Bar / 6.7 Bar 96 Psi / 97 Psi / 97 Psi 250rpm Rear Rotor: 6.9 Bar / 7.2 Bar / 6.7 Bar 100 Psi / 104 Psi / 97 Psi 250rpm Videos of hot & cold starting are available. Price: €800 collected near Sandyford, Dublin. Any questions please feel free to ask in this thread or PM me.
  9. FC Canadian guy in Ireland

    Nay bother at all! Regarding meeting up with fellow rotor heads, there are loads of us spread out around the country - there are monthly (any kind of car) "Coffee & Cars" meets around the country where a lot of us turn up to, with the Dublin one being the most regularly attended. Where in the country are you based?
  10. I've included a Dropbox link in the first post there until the forum upload functionality returns to normal - all the pics are in there.
  11. Is the bracket bent? If the clearance is far tighter than normal there's something that may need correcting before it happens again..? Here's hoping it's the exhaust...
  12. Nah, I'm nearly finished the full mock-up of the Series 1.2 Renesis though thanks to the help of the gents in Shadow Rotary. More to come on that.