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  1. Sill Rust

    Hah! Small world!
  2. Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hi Lulu, does the car ever struggle to start when the engine is hot (e.g. compared to when it's cold) & has been left sitting there for maybe 10-20mins at a time? What year is the car? (03-05 by any chance?) Has it any record of having the ignition coils or leads changed? Lastly, have you ever had it compression-tested?
  3. Blue FD on a Trailer. N11 Southbound

    There're 2 I've seen of late - might've been the one that was in Shadow Rotary recently or could be one that was down in what was WCP.
  4. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Having seen the ad that you're selling the Mazdaspeed shocks & springs, what're you replacing them with?
  5. Welcome to IrishRotary Dex! As a good place to start, check out this sticky thread on FD FAQs - plenty of good advice & tips in there: http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2794-fd-faq/ If there's something specific you're looking for, do a quick search of the forum & failing all that, post up a question!
  6. New to rotary, 04 rx8

    Belated welcome to the Club Colin! Thanks for the kind words gents! Stick up a few snaps of the car if you get a chance.
  7. Engine mounts

    I didn't anyway. If it's of any help to you, I believe Patrick Gabbett (PaTuned & on the IrishRotary FB page) is doing FD sump braces.
  8. Sill Rust

    Nah different chap to MagicMan on here that had the grey ported 5-speed: this Maciej is based in Kilbride in Meath, don't think he has a rotary.
  9. fd noob

    Cool! The next Coffee & Cars is on this day 2 weeks in Bray ifyou're around for it.
  10. Which MX5? 160 KM or Miles? Lol! And is it not still a happy place??
  11. 2007 RX8 PZ for sale

    Great-looking car man, sorry to see you've to sell up but best of luck with the sale & hope all goes smoothly for ye with the new addition to the family!
  12. fd noob

    Excellent! Looking for ward to seeing it at a meet sometime if you're up for joining us! Which end of the country are you based in?
  13. Are they 5 or 6-speeds? If they're 6-speeds then PM me your number there please - I've a friend on the look-out for something like this.
  14. As a heads-up 10-11 AFR is super-rich unless you're on full load. I can imagine you're trying to be conservative with the fuelling so it might be worth aiming for 14.7 as the norm (stock) for idle & low-load cruising AFRs. When tuning you can usually go leaner than 14.7/15 while on light-load situations like constant-speed cruising & sometimes idling, & 13s under medium-load conditions that either don't involve boost or have very light boost. If you wanted to be "safe" then everything outside of the idle cells aim for 13s at most but if you're doing many miles on this remember you're likely overfuelling & so carbon buildup on the likes of plugs etc may occur (over time but possibly not for the few miles you'll be doing to get it run-in/to a tuner's place).
  15. Newbie

    I might have some of those interior trim bits if you need them - throw up a pic or PM me with your number & I can have a look to confirm which ones they are. A heads-up to be careful if your cat is likely blocked & generating massive amounts of heat: - Usually before a cat gets blocked with these it is usually a bad ignition system that starts it (coils which are an unofficial comsumable item on these & have had 3 revisions; usually spark plug leads too as the OEM ones have a design flaw that stops them covering the spark plug enough to stop them rusting) - The cat being blocked is the last step before the engine cooks itself as the heat backs up from the cat to the exhaust ports & it's whatever the weakest link is at that stage will then give.