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  1. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Dooooo iiiiiitttt! Port ALL OF THE THINGS!!!
  2. Have you got a pic of what it looks like & where it's located?
  3. And you never even called... *Cries tears of sadness*
  4. Rx8 red leather

    As per club rules fella please put up a price in the next 48hours. Also a pic or two would help your sale a lot. If you really wanted to go the extra mile, once you've the pics etc uploaded link the for sale thread here to the IrishRotary FB page as there are people on there that aren't on here & vice versa.
  5. This crowd that was recommended on the FB page (just in case someone searches this again): http://www.mtecbrakes.com/
  6. Coolaboola - sure come back to me whenever you've the details we spoke about, pics & of course prices.
  7. Rx8 wanted

    Does it need to be on Southern Irish plates if it's a drift car? And are you looking for one with a working engine? It'll widen your market a lot if you go into a bit more detail like that on what you're after.
  8. 2006 RX-8 Evolve

    You might want to include the normal things like mileage, NCT, tax, history (full/part/non-existant), etc to save people asking the obvious questions. Also every for sale ad on the forum has to have a price as per the Club Rules so please add one in the next 48 hours.
  9. 8 years without an 8

    Welcome back to IrishRotary! What model are you looking for this time around?
  10. Rear lights RX8

    I believe I've all of the above bits in South Dublin if Aido isn't already sorting you out - battery box lid is the only thing I need to confirm but I'm 80% sure I have it too.
  11. Killed by rust

    You can do an engine-swap in a day if you've the right people around you & it's a like-for-like engine so what Rex proposed above is pretty do-able. If it were me & you have time to do some digging, look around for a decent example of an RX8 (or talk to the lads in Shadow Rotary, they might sell you one of their shells or know where a tidy one is) & swap all the bits over. Do it yourself/amongst friends if you're mechanically savvy, otherwise ask around for a recommended mechanic (even ask Shadow if it's something they'd take on) for a price to do it. If you did go that route & have a bit of time on your hands, you can shop around for decent cars/shells & tidy any bits up on it first if needs-be before swapping everything over. Then you'll just have to dispose of your old shell, so you're talking scrap it or sell the shell as what it is (a shell of all the bits you didn't use from the swap-over). If you don't go with the above & sell up, you'll likely lose a fortune on it car as other people have experienced with NCT failure welding work needed; even with a built engine etc you're still talking in or around €1400-1800 max in the current market. It's a tough call. Best of luck with it whichever way you decide to go with it though.
  12. Mazda RX-7 FD Veilside bodykit for sale. The kit includes: 1) Fibreglass (FRP) front bumper including splitter (small damage on driver's side lip but still structurally sound) 2) Fibreglass (FRP) side skirts - left & right (underside of skirts has some paint removed, not noticeable unless under the car; box sections are cracked & may require some fibreglass repair work - doesn't affect fitting of the skirts & are still intact) 3) Rear spoiler with adjustable upper wing (paint can be seen cracking slightly on metal spoiler angle adjustment tab) All parts are in reasonable-to-good condition paintwork-wise as can be seen in the pictures. The price for everything collected is: €300
  13. yet another noob

    So rebuild it yourself & either learn to port yourself or send the plates off to be ported - nothing new about doing either on here.
  14. Rotary Garages & Mechanics List

    Name: Stiv McPherson (MD Tuning) Location: Urlingford Business Park, Main Street, Urlingford Co. Kilkenny. Contact: +353 (0)56 883 8492 Description: Rotary engine tuning
  15. Advice on VRT form

    This ^^. Or keep looking for a better (newer) example: you should be aiming at a 2006 with low mileage or rebuild at worst or a 2007 or early 2008 with reasonable mileage if you can find one on Irish plates. Failing that & finding anything you like with the guys in Shadow, head to the UK & get a low mileage well-maintained example (the market over there is much larger) but then you've to factor in VRT & the cost of flying over & the boat back in whatever price you're getting it for. Happy hunting either way!