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  1. parts for sale

    Hi there, Would be interested in rear glass if heating wires are all intact.. Pm sent
  2. Hi from Galway

    Re: Hi from Galway Welcome along fella! What colour is the 8? I'll keep an eye out for it.. Best of luck with the car!
  3. Fd shocks and sprongs wanted

    Re: Fd shocks and sprongs wanted Have a set of stock springs here in galway, no shocks sorry man. Free to anybody..
  4. Re: Rough iddle - raspy sound from intake at idle! Just saw this now. Great to hear you solved the problem. Those fucking hoses and solenoids give so much trouble. Grrrrr :-D
  5. Re: 97 Twin turbo pack and airinx intake for sale Pm sent
  6. Re: Mazda - RX7 - FC3S - Series 4 - 13B 6-port - White Car looks great! Best of luck with the sale :smt023
  7. Rotaryart order, what to do...

    Re: Rotaryart order, what to do... Thanks for that! I'll call into the bank so during the week. Hopefully the timescale isn't a problem I just want to get this all wrapped up
  8. Hi folks I'm just looking for some advice as what to do My problem: Placed a big (1k+) order for parts for my Fd. Discs, pads, many bushings, seals etc. Basically everything I need to overhaul my brakes and suspension. Now I ordered this back on the 20th of april with Rotaryart Since then have been trying to contact them on numerous occassions via email and phone. Got through only once around 6 weeks ago and a lady said they were just waiting on a few more little parts? When I ordered everything was listed as "in stock". Not fair at all.. Since then I have heard nothing and have not been able to get in contact, nothing at all. It's really frustrating as I want those parts and just want to move on. Send me what they have, refund the rest and order the remainder of the parts somewhere else. The last thing I want to do is order all thos parts twice!! I don't want to give any business a bad name, and I've oredered parts successfully off them years ago. This is just taking the p**s though Rant over. Any ideas on what i can do. I really feel f*****d over. Regards, Jakob
  9. Re: 97 Twin turbo pack and airinx intake for sale Hiya, Is that cross over pipe the complete '96+ y-pipe joining the two turbo outlets into one? If it is what I think it is I'll take take it. Any chance of some pictures to clarify..
  10. 99spec rx7 rs for sale

    Re: 99spec rx7 rs for sale Sorry to hear your trouble man. What a sweet car!! As Gav said she could be ok, I wouldn't give up. Something as simple as the radiator cap could have started the trouble.
  11. Rotary name tags for summer meet

    Re: Rotary name tags for summer meet Great work fella
  12. Newbie from Galway

    Re: Newbie from Galway Welcome along man!
  13. Galway convoy to Midway

    Re: Galway convoy to Midway So, stick your name down here and what time you'd like to leave the city at. 1. R26B - 9am. 2. rraf74 3. Yak Talk to you before then Ian.. Looking forward to this!
  14. Re: Black FD on gold wheels - Briarhill Galway Fair play Ian. I've seen that car a few times now around that area. Looks great..
  15. Re: WANTED - FD3S Front Number Plate Holder (UK Style) Ah balls! Sure i'll give Ray a shout anyways and try what a local mazda dealership says too..