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    Rx8 , archery , track days .
  1. Spotted a blue 08 D rx8 on the way home @620 give or take. Was great Craic 2 rx8s ,2nd gear runs side by side braping away. Then waiting for the traffic to move on for another.
  2. eBay coilovers

    http://m.ebay.ie/itm/TEIN-STREET-BASIS-Z-COILOVER-KIT-SHOCK-SPRING-MAZDA-RX-8-SE3P-WANKEL-1-3-/142068340636?hash=item2113eed79c%3Ag%3Ah4kAAOSwA3tXodK2&_trkparms=pageci%3A09725411-6fc4-11e7-9d74-74dbd180db46%7Cparentrq%3A7047d4de15d0ab156ab89529fffdc29e%7Ciid%3A3 Anybody using these?
  3. New member

    Got her yesterday bit earlier than expected.Obligatory pic added. On side note what's with the upload limit?
  4. New member

    Yeah the plan was to have it ready for mazdafest but seller is getting the sills done for me and it's the body work guy that's holding things up.But I think I will head up to mazdafest regardless
  5. New member

    Thought I'd do an update. Got a 05 231 silver. Won't be ready for another week or so tho : (
  6. new from meath

    Welcome , also new here , but has been a great source of information : )
  7. New member

    Thanks , based in wicklow : ) thanks I will do , lots of good info on here though which is helpful
  8. New member

    Hey , just joined toady , currently in the process of hunting down an rx8 , Cant wait to get started with these : )