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  1. Think that will be the route to go down, cant wait 5 years to drive the car
  2. It must be, because this is where I got the details for Autoline lol. And seen your post so I said ill chance it.
  3. Major Bump in this thread here, But im trying to insure a 93 RX7 Age 25 Driving 8 years with Full licence I have a separate policy for the Main car I had another policy out on a second car last year so I was thinking of using that 1 year NCB I emailed Autoline NI they mentioned i would need to be at least 30 to insure it under there classic insurance, Tried Liberty(Who i am with now) not a hope Anybody have any luck recently that is in the same circumstances as me Thanks
  4. Sh**te only seeing this now, got sorted with all of the above thanks man
  5. Howye, Just stripped the coilovers out of the RX7, There kaputtt!! Looking for advice,recommendations and experience on certain brand name coilovers. Budget is around 800-900ish, i know its tight but its an unexpected expense at this time
  6. My First RX7/Rotary

    Sorry my bad, in my stupidness and naiveness i just took the details of what was mounted in the glovebox which states its a Knighsport, i think its redundant, but anyways the car does have the Apexi ECU under the dash hidden under the carpet so all is good there. Cheers man ill keep it in mind, before it touches the road i will need to get it checked out. Wheels are 9.5 all round et12 18s, got them second hand from a guy in donegal.
  7. My First RX7/Rotary

    Thanks man, I was thinking of doing a fresh Map on the car and get it running perfect I must check the knock readings and will post them up so see if they are ok or not, could the knightsport ECU be mapped for our fuel conditions or would I be better just getting another link/apexi ECU? Im a newbie so excuse the stupid questions.
  8. After wanting an rx7 for years finally picked one up few weeks back. Plan is just to improve on this car there has been few bits done to it just need to complete it to what i want the car to be Car has few bit including Apexi ECU Power FC with hand commander Coilovers Celtic tiger sound system (Which needs to be ripped out and standard interior put back in) Greddy intake manifold. Car came with horrible wheels: got that sorted last week with the purchase of Rota gtr-d's 9.5 et12 all round with dunlop sportmaxx tyres.
  9. Hi Guys, looking for the full rear interior and boot plastics for an FD anybody have anything lying around? Thanks
  10. New Lad!

    Thanks, Yea thats the one, it is like stepping back in time, to Max power days. Need to rip it out and will be on the hunt for some rear seats and rear panels to tidy it up.
  11. New Lad!

    Hows things new to this Rotary craic, After 3 years looking for a RX-7 Finally picked this one up last week. Wheels are stink (Suggestions on wheels accepted) and also looking for a set that will suit if anybody has some for sale? And front bumper will be getting sorted. RX 7 Pic 1 RX7 Pic 2 Thanks