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  1. Pulled over in hard shoulder, van and breakdown truck behind . no sign of damage but I was going wrong way. Later saw fire brigade, ambulance and cop car heading northbound and radio said slow lane blocked . was it a traffic accident or breakdown ?
  2. New to the scene

    While I can't give advice on the possible cause, I suggest you try get someone who knows these cars. Is the rebuild still under warranty? If so that would be your first option. Is the car moving could you get it easily to a local or specialist garage? There is a list of specialists here including cork based: Note there are so many rx8's for sale it may not be worth getting fixed
  3. RX8 rebuild needed

    List of garages including phone number here: If you cannot get them on the phone drop into them in their new place between the red cow and naas. Note it may take a month or two to get back on the road. You should consider a temporary car if you do not have a spare. Also there are some cheap rebuilt cars for sale so if it is not under warranty you would want to consider your options. Good luck.
  4. New rx8 owner

    I recommend you request to join the closed Facebook group, you might get better responses . A common nct fail is rust, especially on earlier models and there are some threads on here and recommendations of fixes. I think at the bottom of doors/ chassis people have had to weld in steel to strengthen up chassis. So before you go repairing rust check it is not structural. I have no issues myself, but I have later 08 model
  5. Rx8 for sale

    The going rate for an rx8 with a knackered engine and everything else ok is only around 1000 euro. Post up photos, details etc and someone might be interested, but remember they will be spending an additional 2000 to 3500 to get it back on the road with a 3 or 4 month delay. There is a fully working rebuilt rx8 on done deal for 3500 all in asking price, so I think 1000 is a fair asking price. There is more supply than demand.
  6. FC Canadian guy in Ireland

    The facebook group is most active if you have questions: facebook.com/groups/irishrotary/
  7. Got bit by an FD and now I want more

    There is a lot more activity on the facebook group. Ask to join and you may get more responses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/irishrotary/
  8. Video from December 2017 meet in Bray: Thanks to EdTheCarGuy
  9. Photos etc from Novembers Dublin meet here: http://www.backroads.ie/forums/showthread.php?24171-Backroads-Cars-amp-Coffee-Sunday-November-5th-2017/page2 Note you may need to log in to back roads/facebook to see them
  10. The dark blue RX8 on the right. Cream leather interior, rebuilt engine since the photo 192 mostly stock
  11. Premix Deal

    I have been updating the thread as I go along. My earlier advice changed, based on advice/rumour from others. Some say one is better than the other.
  12. Rx8 help

    >You said the cat is not tested so can I replace it with straight pipe ? Yes you can in Republic of Ireland with NCT. It will bring up an intermittent fault check engine light, which can be mapped out by littlefeck.. Most just knock out the contents and leave the old pipe. It might affect your insurance if it is counted as a modification. Have a look here: Little fecks details are on there. He has a day job so best to meet him evening weekends: Name: Jamie Location: Athy, Co. Kildare Contact: 0857202383 He is only a 20 min drive from yourself. If you arranged with him to have the car at his place early some Saturday that would give him the daylight and the time to give it a once over. A couple of hours would cost less than a coilpack. give him a bell. That would be my advice
  13. Rx8 help

    Here is quite a good guide to coils, leads and spark plugs: https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=33737
  14. Rx8 help

    >I am going to get coilpacks Be very careful where you buy from. There are lots of fake packs around, particularly on ebay. The genuine models are laser engraved part numbers, not printed. I would recommend just going to littlefeck (phone number on this forum) as genuine coilpacks are 200 ish It would be much less stress to get someone to check all these things in an hour, and probably cheaper. You can also test coil packs if you know how to use a multimeter. See here: https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-tech-garage-22/beware-genuine-coilpacks-ebay-247265/ Note white/melted spots on the coil packs mean nothing and are normal. As already suggested these are the main problem/fixes Catalytic converter, under car under driver glows red hot and blocks engine, can be bashed out as not checked during NCT. Low compression can only be checked with special tester as rotary cannot be tested with normal compression tester Spark plugs, special types needed, two are different from others HT leads between spark plugs and coil packs, these do not last long, so they go regularly. Also an old/worn starter motor with a small/old starter battery can cause starting issues (does not seem to be the issue in your case)
  15. Rx8 help

    I would recommend bringing it to a specialist. In Dublin you have shadow rotary. They are very good but do not answer the phone and have a back log of weeks. Near greystones there is Leonard who works on cars evenings and weekends. I have a compression tester, but it would be better for a mechanic to look over it and swap all coils etc. for known good ones. Gave you a couple of hundred cash to pay someone to diagnose the real problem?