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  1. RX 8

    Hi guys i want to request anybody in Limerick area who can check my RX8 and might be able to sort out the electrical fault anybody anyone please help
  2. electrical fault

    thanks for answer yes it did still not sorted
  3. electrical fault

    Hi Guys back again my Rx 8 now changed to manual system to lock and unlock the driver side and passenger side door because it is an electrical fault with the mechanic in Shannon can not fix it please help my to find somebody in Limerick who can help me to sort this problem out thanks
  4. RX 8

    Hi Rotary Friends back again this afternoon i was not able to open the driver side door you can hear the sound of click when you insert the key but you can not open the door car ends up again in the garage i was so scare to even drive the car it is Mazda RX 8 2003 Japan Import automatic the other issue my VIN number is different it is SEP-102291when it supposed to be 17 digits i am like a lost soul please help
  5. MAZDA RX 8

  6. RX8

    I like to buy mazda RX8 speed style spoiler wing where is the best place in Ireland ?
  7. A Automatic Transmission Oil BOLK BOL-F021000 for your MAZDA RX 8 (SE17) 2.6 Wankel (241Hp) Automatic Transmission Oil BOLK - BOL-F021000 BOLK Automatic Transmission Oil BOLK - Ref: BOL-F021000 Specification SpecificationDEXRON III Capacity [Litre]2 Liters Colourred SpecificationMB 236.7 SpecificationAllison C-3/C-4 SpecificationFord MC 138 CJ SpecificationCaterpillar TO-2 Technical InformationOil intended for use in automatic transmissions – for vehicles for which the manufacturers recommend oil that meets the Dexron -III standard Manufacturer references (OEM codes) - MERCEDES-BENZ : 236.15 Hi guys i just saw this oil specfic for RX8 Automatic Transmission is this the engine oil will i get it ADVISE PLEASE utomatic Transmission Oil BOLK BOL-F021000
  8. Rotary Mechanic

    You all must be tried of my question i need a Rotary Mechanic in Limerick or Clare ares please ASAP for my RX8
  9. set of coilvers

    How much for second hand and brand new Please I need them sooner then later thanks .
  10. set of coilvers

    i am looking for for a decent set of coilovers and two rear shocks for my RX8 if anybody selling it in Ireland please let me know thanks a lot in advance
  11. Good Morning Derak can i make an appointment with you or your Friend Carlos to see my Rx 8 

    please i am always off on Sundays and Mondays please :)

  12. Thanks for Reply Rex Can we change  the spring on Suspension i am requesting everybody 

    if anybody in Limerick area look at my car please HELP i becoming a Rotary Lover with out any Knowledge about it and Mechanic making a fool of me because most of them have no clue about 

    Rotary :(

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    3. fauzger


      Is it safe to drive a car or it is a big problem 

    4. Rex Ruthor

      Rex Ruthor

      It'll be fine, I wouldn't worry about it!

  13. suspension

    I noticed it when two people sit on the back seat in my RX8 the car touch underneath every speed breaker and when i am the only one driving and drive on the same route the car drive fine without touching the speed breaker do i need to change the suspension spring PLEASE HELP
  14. IMG_0889.JPG

    From the album RX8

  15. RX8