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  1. i think the knightsports ecu's are just chipped stock ecu's , so they'd be unmappable , as rex says the link ecus are going for cheap now but there only good for single turbo applications, so the apexi ecu would be your best bet, can pick one up second hand easy enough, and Stiv would be your man for a tune, i wouldnt pay attention to the stock knock sensor as there notoriously shite, best getting it to a tuner so they can hook up an external knock sensor and listen for the knock themselves, edit just re-read your post, if you have pfc and commander then you have the aftermarket ecu, how is it knightsports? was the apexi tuned by knightsports in japan? if the apexi was installed here most likely a base map was put on for irish fuel, im sure jamie @littlefeck can tell you if it is, but no harm in a proper map as all cars are different the key to these cars lasting is a good map also look into cooling mods, aluminium rad, intercooler etc
  2. oh your looking for an actual uk model FD , id say thats quite rare as there was only like 120 ish ever made, i remember one being broken on fduk about 5-6 months ago?
  3. have you tried elite autos in galway? think they have a few
  4. first off id look into getting an aftermaket ecu (apexi pfc, adaptronic or link etc) if it had a knightsports tuned ecu id imagine thats been done in japan were there fuel is 100ron, ours isnt , so could be knocking quite a bit, which rotarys do not like, oh and great choice of wheels they look really well, good luck with it, great to see another FD on the road
  5. few pics from last week
  6. is it a rotary issue? or a general car maintenance issue?
  7. as above this happend to me, seized caliper
  8. a compression test will tell, hopefully its something small youve over looked
  9. i drilled a hole through the bracket on the igniter , tight squeeze but fits in
  10. 21% injector duty on idle seems very high to me, the 7 idles between 5-6 % , unless the 8 has tiny injectors
  11. little follow up after installing the water/ meth injection, the install was fairly straight forward as per last post, the difficult part is placement and running cables and hose as neatly as possible, setting it up is quite easy, i opted to use the 500cc nozzle, according to AEM with my power and boost psi the 1000cc nozzle wouldve been what they recommended but since im running it for safety 500cc will do, also was watching a thread on FDUK were some lad ran 1.7 bar boost and got 630ish bhp on his FD and used the 500cc nozzle and his engine lasted a good few track days until his map sensor came off , so its enough for me, i tapped the nozzle into the Greddy intake elbow before the throttle body, and i also installed and AEM filter just before the pump to protect it and the nozzle from any potential blockages after installing it and running it in i can see the real benifits, in fact i think every boosted rotary should be running it, as most engine failures occur from either increased knocking or carbon build up, running water/meth nearly eliminates these, anyway i took mine out for a 'spirited' run on saturday for test, got the car fully warmed up, (water temps 80c) on cruise with no boost or water/meth my intake temps were about 19c.. i hadnt boosted the engine yet, usually after a few boosts this would increase, ive the W/I controller set to come on at 8psi and top out at 14.5psi (1 bar) after a few boosts my intake temps dropped like a stone i actually managed to get it down to 6 Degrees!! i pictured it at 8c but it kept falling also my AFR's dropped with the added methanol, Aem says that the mixture added to the fuel can be the equivalent of running 115Ron racing fuel on full boost my AFR's are usually 11, but dropped to 10 with the meth, so overall its making the car run really cool, a little richer and alot safer hopefully extending the life of my engine few pics
  12. im down in Aughrim Co.Wicklow the last year unfortunatly,
  13. Ill definatly go dont know about the track but ill be there
  14. Got around to installing the AEM water/methanol injection kit this weekend, wasnt too bad the real trick is to find a place for the 1 gallon tank and pump.. then running the 1/4 hose and extension cables, i tried so hard to find a place in the engine bay for the tank as that would make it soo much easier but i couldnt :(, so the best and neatest place i could find was in the boot in place of the spacesaver, which ofcourse had to go, the pump can be mounted in any direction so i found a nice spot horizontally under the boot latch, so i tapped 8mm bolt holes in the metal to mount that, i wanted to avoid running the hose underneath the car so with alot pulling apart the boot plastics and drilling holes i got it ran behind the tool kit latch up along the topmount then in behind the speaker panel then underneath the scuff plate, brought a 4core 16awg cable with it to pick up the power for the pump and the level sensor of the tank, i left the 4 core in the passenger footwell and carried on with another 4core and the hose through the firewall into the engine bay which involved getting under the car and taking off the wheel arch liner, the 4 core brought through was for the mains power and two additional cables for an optional control solenoid valve if needed in the future and another for the boost safe option if needed also, installed the warning LED at the bottom right of the empty double din, then connected everything up, you also need a vacuum boost hose which i tee'd off from my boost gauge, turned it on to run the test sequence and it worked as it should, the fittings are all imperial so just waiting on an 11/32 drill bit and 1/8 npt tap to install the injector onto the elbow then all done, also put in an order for 20litres of methanol so be good to see the difference in AFR's , intake temps and knock readings.. even though the mazda oem knock sensor can be very wrong pics and vid of test sequence below didnt get time to hoover the boot so excuse the mess also looking into making a plywood cover for the spare wheel well as im left with a dip in the boot carpet IMG_8796.MOV
  15. Sounds like it ,im sure its easy enough to get your hands on a spare one , Hopefully it sorts your issue,