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  1. thats shit dude, however i do think you can name drivers on a classic policy, now i wonder does the named driver need to be 30 also?? could get your mam/dad or sibling who is over 30 and has there own policy to insure the car then name you on it, ring campion for a main policy if your stuck, there pretty decent from what i remember, still alot more than classic though
  2. Just purchased my first Rx7!

    welcome to the club dude, nice FC!! for a rebuild give anthony/eoin a shout in shadow rotary, there on the list of mechanics and garages,
  3. fair play chazz glad your all sorted now, that was a quick build, what kindve porting did you get done?
  4. New RX7 Owner

    make sure you get it re-mapped as soon as it gets to ireland, it will be mapped on japan fuel 100ron, ours is 95ron, or you will be rebuilding it soon, lovely car though, nice mazdaspeed seat
  5. ah that must be new criteria with autoline ive been with them the past 3 years and just turned 30 last month
  6. Rotary Garages & Mechanics List

    stick it on a trailer, pay the extra 100ish and get it done by shadow,
  7. glad to see your getting sorted finally chazz, the lads do top notch work , as for that build... holy shit.. i mean leaving out stuff, using incorrect seals, wrong type weighted shafts and rotors , spurious apex seals etc.. etc.. thats just awful, literally thrown together with bits of shit around the garage with the 'that'll do' mentality, ive been to his garage and he does quite a bit of work on rx7s and rx8's, which is a shame because it gives rotary engines a very bad name when built like this, not to mention ripping people off, im a sparks and usually tradesmen garauntee there work for 6-12months after completion but if a house/building burnt down after 18 months due to my faulty wiring id be looking at a prison sentence i definatly think a stern phonecall is in order, the effort you put in trying to solve your issues thinking it couldnt be the engine its only recently rebuilt was incredible, atleast now its been looked after by lads who share the same passion as we do for our cars, its a tough lesson learned, now you can throughly enjoy a proper built rx8.. and as dara(rex ruther) says... port the shit out of it
  8. any update on this chazz?
  9. My First RX7/Rotary

    i think the knightsports ecu's are just chipped stock ecu's , so they'd be unmappable , as rex says the link ecus are going for cheap now but there only good for single turbo applications, so the apexi ecu would be your best bet, can pick one up second hand easy enough, and Stiv would be your man for a tune, i wouldnt pay attention to the stock knock sensor as there notoriously shite, best getting it to a tuner so they can hook up an external knock sensor and listen for the knock themselves, edit just re-read your post, if you have pfc and commander then you have the aftermarket ecu, how is it knightsports? was the apexi tuned by knightsports in japan? if the apexi was installed here most likely a base map was put on for irish fuel, im sure jamie @littlefeck can tell you if it is, but no harm in a proper map as all cars are different the key to these cars lasting is a good map also look into cooling mods, aluminium rad, intercooler etc
  10. Irish/UK RX7 breaking?

    oh your looking for an actual uk model FD , id say thats quite rare as there was only like 120 ish ever made, i remember one being broken on fduk about 5-6 months ago?
  11. Irish/UK RX7 breaking?

    have you tried elite autos in galway? think they have a few
  12. My First RX7/Rotary

    first off id look into getting an aftermaket ecu (apexi pfc, adaptronic or link etc) if it had a knightsports tuned ecu id imagine thats been done in japan were there fuel is 100ron, ours isnt , so could be knocking quite a bit, which rotarys do not like, oh and great choice of wheels they look really well, good luck with it, great to see another FD on the road
  13. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    few pics from last week
  14. Rotary Mechanic

    is it a rotary issue? or a general car maintenance issue?
  15. Intermittent vibration

    as above this happend to me, seized caliper