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  1. About 9 am, sorry didn't wave I was running very late.
  2. Would love to, but I'm at Silvestone for the weekend. Enjoy though.
  3. I think Jamie is collecting pics and vids. Great day, can't wait until the next one send to
  4. Hear Hear. I got to start looking for a track car now then
  5. Dash cam footage should be great
  6. Changes every 5 min, shame it's not today, nice out.
  7. Just been informed that speed camera van will be on A1 northbound at 60mph, Dromore section around 2pm on Saturday, they usually stay an hour and have motorbikes hiding after to catch ROI plated cars. So be careful. posted on FB too.
  8. I'll be leaving Dromore on A1, between Banbridge & Lisburn, around 7.30 Sunday morning
  9. How much u looking?
  10. For 231, in good condition
  11. Between Banbridge ans Lisburn
  12. If anyone who is driving up A1 Saturday can tell me the estimated time you past Dromore, I will sit in the hard shoulder and take pics. You can ring me 07742 055 019 I'll be leaving at 7am Sunday if anyone wants to convoy. Will meet at Dromore square at 7am to 7.15
  13. Just back from trip to pick up missus from city airport, 52 mile round trip, no problems. All Hail duck tape
  14. must have maf screw holes in good order, ideal if could bring to Mazda fest.