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  1. I can get a portaloo for £150 if camping on my property, barbie available, I have a small one and your welcome to bring your own.
  2. 8.45 am A1 north bound at Hillsborough going slow. Not seen before.
  3. Cool
  4. Shirts came
  5. I have a 71 2 door body, perfect, no running gear, I'm a rotary owner for 15 years, so it makes sense to me.
  6. Just back from Alan Woods and it was both slider pins in caliper seized, Wire brush and wd40, job done. Also got my repaired 14 tooth starter refitted. Such a nice guy.
  7. I'm thinking of buying a MK 1 Escort and throwing in a rotary, best of both worlds me thinks. Any thoughts? And should I use the rx8 diff.Or indeed all the running gear from the rx8.
  8. The last couple of drives, i'm getting a sudden vibration at the front through steering wheel, around 65-70 mph, goes if I stop then go again. I have read it maybe a brake caliper, any other thoughts before I start a search?
  9. I'm thinking of removing the mazda badges, front and back, for the horny devil type, are the originals stuck on or drilled and clipped?
  10. Bought 2 myself, look nice. Rotary clothing
  11. Anyone got some RX8 eyelids in for sale?
  12. Took my 14 tooth starter to be tested and solinoid has gone, car is running a treat since Alan Woods did his magic and 200 miles with a tin of Ametech.
  13. Sorry all, can i remove myself from "track", after some repairs I want to look after her more.
  14. Picked the RX8 up from Alan Woods, great guy. 2 rear springs, throttle body, oil cooler pipe,compression test all good, exchanged the starter as the 2 year old one was preventing it starting on the key. May need new battery, see how it goes. And a bonus he washed the car and cleaned engine bay Great weather to pick her up too.