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  1. Look for Simon Connaughton on FB. I don't know him personally, he just tagged friends we have in common in a "for sale" video about the car. when I say "Drift-spec", it's about the look more than anything, I reckon it could be a road car if you fancy BGW, super wide wheels and overfenders. Nico
  2. There is a drift-spec red one that used to be in Ireland, that's being shipped back from Lithuania as we speak. Saw that on FB somewhere. Nico
  3. I can vouch for these, I have at least one in each of my 3 Mazdas... Once you've tried it's hard to drive a car without one! Nico
  4. With the track day coming, those won't hang around for long! Nico
  5. What's your location? Maybe someone local could lend you a set Nico
  6. I was thinking to get a cheap tent, and then we can also use it the next day to store spare wheels and tools on the side of the track if it rains Thanks very much for the offer though, I appreciate!! Nico
  7. If there is room for me, I'll be a happy camper! (I'll get a tent) Nico THE CAMPING LIST Rex (Dara) will be there! Patrick Gabbett also Paddy Gorman Ben Farrell Daryl Nesbitt (if the weather isnt to bad) Tomás Mac An Ríogh Conor Barrington Andrew Dawson + 1 Eric Stam +1 Nico (L'e$kro) +1
  8. I agree with MCON on this one. Both seem to have the same turbine wheel, but the second one has a massive turbine housing, even for a rotary. The bigger inducer on the compressor wheel would definitely flow more air at same boost level. Which brings me to the following: How come that seller rates 2 different turbos for the same power rating? The model name also looks like a Donedeal advert, with different model names from Garrett thrown in for good measure. I'm surprised they didn't add "L@@K!!!" . Bottom line being: these are obviously not made by Garrett, and while they would probably create some sort of boost for a while, it's a bit of a gamble. Not saying you should invest in a 2k€ turbo instead, but I'd rather have a used Holset than a new Chinese Garrett anyday! EDIT: Just saw the links you posted before about the "T70" turbos. I'd stay away from these personally.. 500hp worth of air on a piston engine is not 500hp worth of air in a rotary. You need something that flows 750hp (or about 75lbs/min) to make 500hp. The S366 will get you there, however the new "aftermarket" one you posted is not stamped "Borg Warner", the manufacturer of that model. They definitely look better than the shiny poor alloy used on the other ones though. Nico
  9. L'e$kro (Nico) +1
  10. I'd agree with previous reply, plugs look like they have seen better days... They are £30 on ebay, but if you are in rush to try good ones I reckon i have a spare set you can borrow here in Cork. I probably have a coolant sensor too from a S6 engine if they are the same... I can't remember if your car runs on a Power Fc, but if the coolant sensor was misreading, i think you'd see it on the commander? Nico
  11. Looks like I'll be free on that week end eventually, so I'll put some tax on the FC for the occasion, I'd be up for some track time if there is any slot left.. 70. Nico L'e$kro - FC3S - Track Anyone leaving from Cork on Saturday and intending to camp there? Nico
  12. I started with a full engine, i used the stand to strip it
  13. If you have a bare shell that makes more sense then! If you don't have any rear axle on it, I suppose a solid axle from a Nissan Vanette, BMW, Ae86, Rx7 FB or anything from that era would work if it's the right width and can cope with your power goal. Having the same PCD on the rear hubs than your wheels or the front hubs would be a bonus. For the front, not familiar with the Ford setup, but may be easier to source a subframe from a Ford Nico
  14. Arent Mk1 escorts mad money? The rx8 has independent rear suspension and the escort a solid rear axle, so that won't work. Regarding the rx8 engine, while it's the easiest to source, it't not the most reliable one... and easiest to swap Nico