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  1. I'd agree with previous reply, plugs look like they have seen better days... They are £30 on ebay, but if you are in rush to try good ones I reckon i have a spare set you can borrow here in Cork. I probably have a coolant sensor too from a S6 engine if they are the same... I can't remember if your car runs on a Power Fc, but if the coolant sensor was misreading, i think you'd see it on the commander? Nico
  2. Looks like I'll be free on that week end eventually, so I'll put some tax on the FC for the occasion, I'd be up for some track time if there is any slot left.. 70. Nico L'e$kro - FC3S - Track Anyone leaving from Cork on Saturday and intending to camp there? Nico
  3. I started with a full engine, i used the stand to strip it
  4. If you have a bare shell that makes more sense then! If you don't have any rear axle on it, I suppose a solid axle from a Nissan Vanette, BMW, Ae86, Rx7 FB or anything from that era would work if it's the right width and can cope with your power goal. Having the same PCD on the rear hubs than your wheels or the front hubs would be a bonus. For the front, not familiar with the Ford setup, but may be easier to source a subframe from a Ford Nico
  5. Arent Mk1 escorts mad money? The rx8 has independent rear suspension and the escort a solid rear axle, so that won't work. Regarding the rx8 engine, while it's the easiest to source, it't not the most reliable one... and easiest to swap Nico
  6. 2 bits of angle profile welded together in a "Z" shape and job done.. I made mine from flat bar. Drilled with a step drill and welded with a stick welder I'll get you pictures if you want Nico
  7. Sorry didn't get a notification for this... I'm afraid it sold, but was back up for sale after abandoning the project.. Check if Romeo Cesar on FB still has it! Nico
  8. Have a look at the exploded view: http://www.racingbeat.com/manuals/14027-sprg-shock.pdf (I don't recall having the lower sleeve for the bump stop on mine) Nico
  9. Both parcels have been dropped directly to the nightline depot, so they should be even quicker with you Nico
  10. Both parcels packed, the front shocks are at the edge of 10kg weight limit, so let's hope for the best! I'll get the GF to print the labels tomorrow and will drop the boxes to the ParcelMotel vending machine before the end if the week Nico
  11. Well they are probably the age of the car but don't look like they are leaking or bent, so that can get you going for another while if yours died! Gizmo94 needs front ones, so in that way everyone is happy.. PM me your location so we can organise something Nico
  12. Sure, where are you based? Send me a PM if you'd like. Nico
  13. I've a set of RX8 standard shocks and springs free to a good home if it's any use to anyone. The rears are missing the top hats and bump stops, fronts are complete. Near Cork City. Nico EDIT: Front shocks and springs gone, rear springs gone. Remain rear shocks if anyone wants them, otherwise they'll go into the bin soon.
  14. I re-tightened the front upper wishbones with the lower arm jacked up, so the silent blocks aren't twisted when car is on the ground, it's a little lower now. I swapped the rear shocks, and had to transfer the top hats and bump stops. I shortened the stops by about 20mm to compensate for the slightly shorter springs.. And here is the final result, better now! I think I found the explanation why the traction control light goes on when I take a very long bypass/bend: the rear right tyre is 245/40r18 instead of 225/40r18 like the 3 others. i'm surprised the NCT man was happy with this! On more reason to swap for 17" wheels.. Nico