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  1. buying your first rotary

    All of the 8's have a 1.3 renesis engine, they are only taxed as a 1.7 - the only difference in engine is between the 192 5 speed and the 231 six speed with the latter having extra ports. first call would be a compression test and take it from there. Read up everything you can before the rebuild and check out some useful videos on YouTube
  2. Needs must - for now

    Sold - best of luck to the new owner
  3. Needs must - for now

    Fear not Chazz, I'll be back in an 8 soon no doubt - that's assuming this one sells !!!
  4. Delighted you're sorted man, happy rotoring and enjoy that ported goodness !!!! (After the break in period of course)
  5. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Dwell times adjusted for the d585's and compression test done by Jamie. Normalised Front 6.61 6.65 6.98 Normalised Rear 7.35 7.6 7.72 Not too bad for an original engine with 110k on the clock. Should be good for many more miles under the new owner if she sells
  6. Needs must - for now

    Cheers @Aido 8 - pity alright but needs must and I'll have my project to plan and look forward to next year
  7. Needs must - for now

    Cheers Jamie - won't be out of an 8 (ish) for too long. I've enjoyed doing the work on it to be honest and have learned a lot from the likes of yourself and the group - hopefully it'll go to a good home and be brapping along for a long time to come
  8. Needs must - for now

    If anyone is interested http://www.adverts.ie/13429848
  9. Rotary Garages & Mechanics List

    Drop a text or sent Anthony Grumley a message on Facebook - they're usually just up the walls busy
  10. Rotary Garages & Mechanics List

    I think shadow in Dublin is your best option unless @MCON knows of anyone down your direction?
  11. HELLOO From Scotland :D

    Welcome along man - lovely FD and some solid numbers too! You'll get plagued with questions about the 695hp build - brace yourself
  12. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    @L'eSkro That coil on the right of your picture definitely isn't a genuine one. Good to know that the upgraded starter is making life a bit easier, should take it along to the next rotary day and get it compression tested and mapped? getting rid of that sound deadening makes a big difference too!
  13. I need the dome covering the gauges, and the clip that sits between the two windscreen air vents?
  14. Newbie

    Actually @Aido 8 may have an intake elbow ?
  15. Newbie

    Best of luck man, hopefully it's just the accordion that's causing the issues.