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  1. Actually @Aido 8 may have an intake elbow ?
  2. Best of luck man, hopefully it's just the accordion that's causing the issues.
  3. That's fucking terrible @Chazz I'd seriously be taking this up with the 'rebuilder' at least you'll know it's being done right this time round
  4. Do you have the top dome of the dash cluster?
  5. @Chazz - fuck man, that's awful ! Did you get a warranty from Lenard at all?
  6. Contact Philip (Flip) Morrissey of Flipside autos - he does good BC coilovers well within your price range. @the real podge put pedders in his recently - sits lovely but no sure how much
  7. Great stuff @L'eSkro - not hard to tell you we're enjoying yourself! You drove the shit out of her and it sounded and looked great!!!
  8. Hear that @RichieDC - Nutella!!! @warpc0il - bigger and better next year!!!
  9. Bumpity bump - it's on again this Sunday, 16th July. 9am at the Applegreen in Paulstown Con Furey has organised a stand for rotaries free of charge at the Gowran Festival of Speed which is on 5 mins away and also a parade lap of the track in honour of the anniversary so get yer selves along !!!
  10. Ah @Ninja - sorry to hear that man, but here's to interesting times for you ahead! Will follow the rebuild with interest! It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for making the trip - it was a great day
  11. @Aido 8 - couldn't agree more - Anthony Grumley is an absolute gent and genius and I couldn't recommend shadow rotary highly enough
  12. Guys, big thanks to all who made the journey! @Ninja hope you get her sorted soon, maybe Alan woods might be worth a shout given the location? @L'eSkro - great to meet you and the FC is a credit to you !!! @warpc0il - thank you all so much for making us feel welcome and for the great hospitality - really went above and beyond the call of duty. @Aido 8 - great to meet you and hope the car is ok - looks great!!! @TheLedge - wee Mel looked great on the day - we'll get photos etc up shortly it was a learning curve for all of us but I think it came together ok in the end. Feedback has been good so far and there were no mishaps which is always a good sign. We have a few things to tidy up - prize awards, some extra t-shirts and stickers etc so keep tuned