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  3. From the album Kuro 078/500

  4. Cheers Stan, hopefully I'll get another one in the not too distant future. Kind of want to get a project car, so will probably be something cheap, and needing a lot of work, which is kind of what I want.
  5. I've put the Kuro up for sale on donedeal, please see link below, thanks / regards Peter. I've listed it at €7500 but can move a bit on this for the right buyer. https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/2007-rx8-kuro-limited-edition-no-078-of-500-/15373546
  6. To the best of my knowledge, they only came in FWD, with either a 1.6 ltr 4 pot or 2.0 ltr V6. I'll have to do a bit more research, and check out the kerb weight etc. also. I'd think it would be a big undertaking with a lot of fabricating etc. to get it right.
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  8. What do you think, I got this mad notion to convert a Xedos 6 to RWD and drop in RX8 running gear. Of course I've no money to do this, but I kind of like the idea, what do you's think. Pic for attention
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  13. From the album coolant leak

  14. Sorted my illusive coolant leak today, replaced lower radiator hose and one of the heater hoses. Out with the old and in with the new. Couldn’t figure out where my coolant was going, no signs of a leak under the car either hot or cold. So, I bought one of these, off Ebay. Set it up and pressurised the system. Two minutes later I found I had two leaks, one from the lower radiator hose and one from one of the heaters hoses. Both hoses replaced now and the system has been flushed, filled and pressure tested again, all looking good. Also replaced the alternator belt, how can such a simple job be so god dam hard.
  15. Hey Dartz, changing the gearbox oil is simple. I got a length (about 3 feet) of clear pipe in woodies, probably about 10mm diameter, I don't know. Jack and stand the front of the car, open the drain plug and drain, close it up again, then open the filler plug, cut a piece of the clear hose, 4 to 6 inches will do. Drill a hole in the top of one of the litre bottles of gearbox oil and push one end of the long bit of hose into it, make sure it's a tight fit. Then feed the long bit down from the engine bay to the gearbox filler point and push it in, then push the short bit in to act as a snorkel, allowing the air to vacate the gearbox when the oil flows in. Hold the bottle of new gearbox oil up side down and sqeeze the oil into the box. Repeat with the second bottle, if memory serves me right you only need 750mls from the 2nd one.