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  1. FC3S parts for sale

    the parts are worth more than the car
  2. FC3S parts for sale

    RE-A spoiler, 120
  3. FC3S parts for sale

    300kph clocks, super super rare, i have seen 280kph ones make silly money in usa, 200euro
  4. FC3S parts for sale

    rear spoiler 50 euro,
  5. FC3S parts for sale

    cuscu 2way diff,in the diff holder with new oil, as new, 350
  6. FC3S parts for sale

    GTR skyline front break set up, top of the range pads fitted and has bradided lines fitted, unreal stoping power, 300euro and fair cheap at that for a fc,
  7. FC3S parts for sale

    the engine and gearbox are now sold, would like to sell the body kit as one but willing to part it out,
  8. FC3S parts for sale

    d max carbon hood, like new, 450 euro ....
  9. FC3S parts for sale

    un named mirrors, i have spent alot of time looking up the name of the mirrors and have had a good few debates about them, VERY RARE, 200euro,
  10. FC3S parts for sale

    7 point cusco cage , 500 euro,
  11. FC3S parts for sale

    thanks alot, the car is no good to me anymore as i have got abit ill,
  12. hi all, i have desides to part out my fc, i have some of the rarest parts to be got for this car, i will be listing parts on here to start with,
  13. a no need mate, i was abit shocked today to see them gone but i have cooled down now haha, no bothers lad,
  14. New Forum format is melting my brain...

    bring back the old irishrotary site, why has it gone ??????????