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  1. As Sean said above, If you have a hand commander then you must have a power FC ECU which is programmable. If you want to get it to me I can make sure its running safe on Irish fuel (im in Athy co. Kildare). Stiv McPherson ocan tune it for most power on his dyno in kilkenny. he is quite respected among the rotary guys.
  2. Hi Steve, anything I can help with?
  3. i can drop in and check the map too
  4. I'm working in Dublin all next week if that suits you some evening?
  5. Where in Dublin are you? I may be able to call to you Thursday evening If you want?
  6. I can comp test the engine too
  7. Hey @Chazz, If your willing to pop down to me in Athy I'd be happy to try diagnose the problem for you There is a sensor on the gearbox that tells the ECU what gear it's in. There is a different map for gears 1-2,3-4 and 5-6. If this sensor is failing or a bad connection it can cause issues.
  8. twitchy oil gauge is very normal on the 7. start with checking the plugs. post a picture of their colour and i can advise more.
  9. Havent been at this in quite a while as other things had in the way. I had to go back to the drawing board with design but am slowly getting there. as of right now it works on the bench! The arduino UNO just doesnt have the required processing power. hope to update more regularly.
  10. More than happy to help ye! This is what I did this week!
  11. Welcome along! Any of the above is fine. If using Castro GTX just make sure it's the white bottle. It's the only easily got semi synthetic id recommend for rotaries.
  12. Cheaper option for the interface is an fc hako. They do still sell them but is much cheaper. You'll have to pop them an email for pricing.
  13. Yep. Can be got working on a raspberry pi simple enough. This is only for viewing info tho. There is also a windows based version in development. Android is a little more difficult as you would have to start coding from scratch. I'll dig up a little bit more for you later on.
  14. Yep going by that I'd say it was the original engine. You seem on top of it in fairness. Usually the damage to wiring would be quite close to the connectors. If your unsure give me a buzz.