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  1. I spoke to Anthony. Feel free to drop down to me once break in is done and I'll check over the ECU and tune for you to have it running tip top with the porting.
  2. Needs must - for now

    Sorry to see this go but we'll looked after example if someone is looking.
  3. Worst type of Oil for rotaries

    Just a theoretical question for all out there about type of oil to use in a rotary engine. Before I do that I'd like to clarify to anyone unsure that the best type of oil to use is any cheap mineral oil as long as it's replaced every 3k or use castrol gtx (Only the one from white bottle) and it's good for oil changes every 6k. The main reason not to use fully synthetic is that it doesn't burn cleanly and the thick carbon left behind works as a mild abrasive that can wear down seals prematurely. Haven said that, Mazda did actually recommend fully synthetic to new rx8 owners. So to my question, if the average owner who bought an rx8 back in the day was to use either oil with oil changes every 15-20k, which would be worse for the engine? Fully synthetic would wear the seals prematurely but would protect bearings. Mineral oil would be much better on the seals but breaks down over time and won't protect bearings as well as it should (hence the recommendation to change this after 3 k) No correct answer to this, only curious.
  4. Compression readings give a good overall indication of engine health but at the end of the day it's only an indication. As far as repeatability, even the best tester can be off by 5-10% from day to day. Readings in the 9s like Carl are usually due to overfuelling in the chamber creating a better seal. Once the engine was running better you'd get a more accurate set of numbers.
  5. Fuck lad that's bad. Serious chatter on the housings. If there's anything I can help out with just let me know. You can see the length of the apex springs don't match the seals. Gutted for you.
  6. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Looks well @podge Is that an android head unit?
  7. Annual Irish Rotary get together 2017

    For all meeting in Dublin today on the way to Kirkstown. We will be leaving the northbound applegreen service station in Lusk at 3 oclock. Head for coaches/HGV parking as the notmal car park has very severe speedbumps that will be a pain for lowered cars. Be safe on the road and hope to see ye all soon. Happy Brapping!
  8. New member

    Welcome along and best of luck with the new purchase!
  9. Aerokit R1 bodykit

    Is this a full kit? (Back bumper etc)
  10. My First RX7/Rotary

    As Sean said above, If you have a hand commander then you must have a power FC ECU which is programmable. If you want to get it to me I can make sure its running safe on Irish fuel (im in Athy co. Kildare). Stiv McPherson ocan tune it for most power on his dyno in kilkenny. he is quite respected among the rotary guys.
  11. Can i pm an admin?

    Hi Steve, anything I can help with?
  12. i can drop in and check the map too
  13. I'm working in Dublin all next week if that suits you some evening?
  14. Where in Dublin are you? I may be able to call to you Thursday evening If you want?
  15. I can comp test the engine too