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  1. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Not trying to be pedantic@JP but that's Teflon tape not PVC [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1]
  2. Thanks for the share! There is 1 1991 FD in the country
  3. Water in the Oil

    Yep. Fairly common. First time I seen it I nearly had a heart attack! It's only condensation and not actually water in the oil. It's quite common on rotarys
  4. bought an rx7, any tips welcome

    Fair play man. Should be some yoke when finished! Have you put a timeframe on it yet? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  5. Remote Keys

    If you can get the keys, ecu and small rke module behind the glove box from a later model then it's as simple as plug and play. Be aware that these items are paired and need specialised software if you mix and match from different cars. Also make sure you get the appropriate 5 or 6 speed versions to suit! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  6. Fair play @justinnolan. As per forum rules be sure to stick up a price. Did you go with D585s?
  7. Newbie

    Welcome along Derek. Be sure to post up photos! Best of luck with it.
  8. Looking to make using this site easier and a better experience for all.
  9. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Fair play. I'm surprised you didn't keep the electrics. Looks well tho! Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  10. Tapatalk Issue

    Long term issue that was affecting us but happy to say it's all sorted now going forward
  11. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    If you do happen to call up to me I have a spare head unit your welcome to
  12. Great Idea

    I do all those calibrations as part of my mapping already JP. Handy idea in fairness
  13. If you have a hand commander then check what it reports as the water temp. A faulty sensor usually makes the computer think it's at -40C and overfuels like a bitch. This will cause it to run rough with black smoke. If not that it could be an oil control ring which means engine would have to come out. Start with the water temp sensor.
  14. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Well I've started #ProjectRick and got a little carried away!
  15. I spoke to Anthony. Feel free to drop down to me once break in is done and I'll check over the ECU and tune for you to have it running tip top with the porting.