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  2. You'll find it hard to get a comp test I'm afraid - there's only a few lads with them and they're mainly towards the Dublin/Wicklow area and one in Limerick though he's away working quite a bit. im in thomastown in Kilkenny and am off on Friday so may be able to go and give it a once over with you. I'm by no means an expert but know my way around an 8 and the main things to look out for. You'd have an idea from warm starts and how it drives, condition of coils, plugs etc as to if it's generally ok. Let me know what time you're thinking of and I'll see if I can get free for a couple of hours
  3. Hi Guys, looking for the full rear interior and boot plastics for an FD anybody have anything lying around? Thanks
  4. I get the feeling that it certainly will Rex! I'm based in Waterford and the car is for sale in Piltown in Kilkenny. 07 reg with 70,000K. Dealer said it's driving well, starts hot and cold but I'd still prefer to get a compression test done on it before buying. I think it just passed the NCT too.
  5. Welcome along - you'll soon find it's an addiction!! Where in the south east are you based and where is the car you're going to look at?
  6. Hi all, I'm completely new to the whole JDM scene, let alone rotary engines - so please be gentle with me I've spent the last few months toying with the idea of buying an RX-8 with the intention of bringing it to track days and learning the inner workings of these beasts. I'm hoping to buy an RX-8 this coming Friday (the 26th of May) and was wondering if there is anyone in the south east that would be able to do a compression test for me, as I don't have the tools or knowledge to do so myself. If so then how much would you charge to do this black magic?
  7. Has anybody got one for sale?
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  10. I'd agree with previous reply, plugs look like they have seen better days... They are £30 on ebay, but if you are in rush to try good ones I reckon i have a spare set you can borrow here in Cork. I probably have a coolant sensor too from a S6 engine if they are the same... I can't remember if your car runs on a Power Fc, but if the coolant sensor was misreading, i think you'd see it on the commander? Nico
  11. Here's our one. Copied a video on YouTube! Some of our scrap pieces we built it from were not ideal sizes so had to do some trimming after to clear the knock sensor.
  12. Well I don't tend to do short rides normally but the recent issues have caused me to only take it a couple miles down the road (Just in case I need to call a friend to tow it back) I'll keep in mind the need for a change of spark plugs but I assume at this stage they are highly unlikely to be the cause of my woes. Was speaking with Anthony the other day and the fact the Radiator fan is on continuously seems to be an area of concern, pointing to a possible temperature sensor issue.
  13. Really should have done the clutch sooner shes had her first journey on a recovery truck clutch burned out
  14. Thanks, near perfect. Marks on it are from heat wrap I'd say.
  15. Belfast and back, 400 kms with 1/4 tank left, would have made the 500 km club if it had been a longer drive, pleased with that on an 120km engine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Can't believe this hasn't sold? Its a bargain
  17. Just added some pics to the Facebook group, thought I'd post some here too.
  18. Looks like I'll be free on that week end eventually, so I'll put some tax on the FC for the occasion, I'd be up for some track time if there is any slot left.. 70. Nico L'e$kro - FC3S - Track Anyone leaving from Cork on Saturday and intending to camp there? Nico
  19. I started with a full engine, i used the stand to strip it
  20. Cool. Mine is for a completely dressed engine but say that would prob give enough clearance. Just finished painting it, I'll share tomorrow when cured and on the engine
  21. Noooooooooo! Stick with the Rex Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. Plugs look a bit worn, I'd be changing them. I notice a bit of hesitation under full load when my plugs are a bit worn. Wouldn't go as far as to call it a misfire but certainly it's noticeable. Im talking 6000-7000 km is what I mean by worn. The centres on your plugs look more like a sphere than a cylinder, like when new. Other than that I'd say they look fine. Ive had the car flood randomly, fouling the plugs only twice. Any other time it's flooded is because I've started it and not let it run(warm up) enough before switching it off. If you start the car to move it or drive a couple minutes down the road, your looking for trouble with flooding.
  23. After 300km, the fresh oil I put in is already fairly brown and dirty. Then again, it's an old engine. In other news, a whallop from a rock or a brick or something in wexford left a nasty buckle on the belly. Whack! Need to get into the rust at some stage. It's not bad, but it's there. It's an old car. Wabi-Sabi has taken a hold, despite the depressed efforts I make. And I'm sitting her plotting a new MX5 to replace it when the NCT comes due. Might just be able to afford it.
  24. Looks great man!! We'll have another one for you on the 9th as well
  25. Shirts came
  26. Installed the electric heater, it's 12v 400w, heats up to 200deg. I've yet to put it into the car and put jump leads to it just to test it to see if it actually works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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