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  2. 13b rx engine

    i have no engine to begin with the car is a ford sierra trying to source a block but there like hens teeth... ye a lad i know machined his renesis, didnt last long tho, any rx7 13b ive seen have went for years with no problems and that particular rx8 renesis engine is on its 7th rebuild this year so there something wrong somewhere, and the seal kits are made of gold it would cost me over 900 euro for seals before i even waste my time or pay a mechanic so i dont want to spend that money on seals 7 times a year
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  4. New PZ Suspension

    Last chance apparently on getting brand new pro drive shocks and springs via the uk club lads. They have hit 60 full sets and managed to get a price drop to £552 for the full set. Payments due next week possibly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. Engine sold to a member on here. Hope they've many a happy year of rotoring ahead!
  7. Are the coils still available? I'll take them if so.
  8. If you've gotten 30K KMs out of your sparks you're doing well - try changing them first & coils next. From what I've gathered the Mazda coils seem to last about ~35K Miles/60K KMs give or take before they start to become an issue.
  9. Sounds similar to symptoms I had recently, which turned out to be a bad coil.
  10. Hi mate, yes ignition would be my first guess and would be a good place to start as you have to get some checks in to minimize what it could be. Some simple ways on YouTube for trouble shooting with coils etc so have a look and get started. Yes, I have had something like you before but not exactly the same and it turned out to be a sticky ssv then another time it turned out to be a solenoid on the blink. We would like to know more such as how it revs through the rev range where is it kicking in and dropping off etc to see can we narrow it down a bit. Any codes at all?
  11. I'm having an issue lately whereby when I accelerate in the 8 the response is delayed and intermittent. First it feels like the power just isn't there and it climbs the revs slower than usual, then it can kick in all of a sudden and then drop off again. I'm wondering if it could be the ignition system (usual suspect #1) or has anyone other theories or experience? Running a completely stock set-up in the engine, Mazda coils, magnecore leads, NGK plugs, bought from JP4mance in May 2016, prob done ~30k km since. Toyo decat mid-pipe is only mod on car.
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  13. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    It's already parked. Only ran it to try and catch the noise and be sure I wasn't imagining things. It probably hasn't failed yet, but is very close to doing it.
  14. If it is, the sooner you stop driving on the engine the more likely it is to have survivable components like the e-shaft, housings, plates, etc.
  15. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Hmm. Stationary bearing(s)?
  16. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Doesn't change with the clutch. It's inside the block, and it's in time with the engine, and it's there whether the clutch is pushed or not. I like this car a lot. It really does deserve someone who isn't me.
  17. 2006 RX-8 Evolve

    There may be a little, but if your serious about buying, you'll come and view the car and we can talk money then. It is truly mint and you won't be disappointed.
  18. Worth getting checked out for sure - can't tell if it's a noisy release bearing or not though. [emoji848]
  19. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    The gearbox has always been noisy since before I bought it. Actually thought it was normal from some places. I've got a better video of it. It's definitely inside the engine and independant of the gearbox.
  20. It's the whirring that is puzzling me though it could be just the sound that the microphone pics up - any change when you rev it?
  21. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Yeah. This does not sound like a loose shield.... it's not sledgehammering yet ;/
  22. 2006 RX-8 Evolve

    I like the car, but the price tag is a bit high. Have you any wiggle room there? I don't go to look at cars I don't seriously considering buying, and I wouldn't nearly as high as the wrong side of 5k. I generally only go to look at cars I want to drive home that day
  23. I'll have them then please, is the gear knob there, any pictures? If so can you let me know how much for it?
  24. Hi @jp would you sell the front ones only?
  25. I've uploaded a pic taken this evening - the only bit of rust is the tiny bit at the top left of the photo at the edge of the standard lip spoiler. That'll do nicely I'll call you tomorrow if that's ok and arrange collection Thanks Derek
  26. I've uploaded a pic taken this evening - the only bit of rust is the tiny bit at the top left of the photo at the edge of the standard lip spoiler.
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