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  3. Name: Ozy, Car: RX7, socks: Purple

    Ok. After talking to jayom on facebook, I'm gonna reintroduce myself here. I'm moving back to ireland and want to take the rx7 with me. Any thoughts on best insurers for a jap import, 2000 year, twin turbo? Also, does anyone know about transferring no claims bonus from oz?
  4. FD OEM Skirts

    Cheers. Struggled to price them and think they're fair at that.
  5. FD OEM Skirts

    good price, very rare these days
  6. FD OEM Skirts

    Considering selling my OEM Side Skirts. In fair condition, will certainly need paint and some repair work. Paint is cracked and some small cracks in the side skirts. Need €200 to consider selling them which I think is fair as they don't appear too often.
  7. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Added a mid silencer as it was too loud: It's still loud but now I can drive in and out the neighbourhood without getting shot. There is a leak at the manifold, so I have to double check it's tightened correctly at the block. I swapped the plugs for FD BUR9Q ones, but it still doesn't rev correctly. I ended up taxing the car today, so we'll see how it goes driving it everyday.. Interestingly, the Check Engine Light doesn't show up, while I have no airpump nor second O2 sensor... Nico
  8. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    Think I might've figured out what caused the car to overheat. Found a U0073 on the ECU. Which normally appearrs when the TCS or ABS drop out. It looks like a CANbus glitch. I've had the TCS and ABs drop out, the Gauges flick to Zero, then reset, and even the centre console stop working - so the radio only plays through the centre speaker and none of the wheel controls works. Sometimes it's still there when nothing has gone wrong. Saw it pop up again today. And the fan stopped coming on when the compressor for the AC kicked in. Both overheats were on days when the outside temperature was hotter than what the AC was set to, and when the car was idle, or crawling at a very slow speed. That does depend on if the fans are controlled by their own canbus module but it sort of makes sense
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  10. any cars and coffee

    is there any cars and coffee in Dublin coming up
  11. My First FD.. New to everything

    Thanks very much.. they look great in every colour but i needed a blue one lol. Yea I read the fuel makes a difference but even up north we only get 97.. but I can hopefully drive as is for a bit while I gather up said parts and leave it in for one big fit out.. by looks of it parts can be dear enough so don't want to scrimp on anything ..
  12. Rx8 help

    I work in Athy in the council so I will ring I'm there every day so its handy Cheers thanks for all the help hope I can return the favour
  13. Rx8 help

    >You said the cat is not tested so can I replace it with straight pipe ? Yes you can in Republic of Ireland with NCT. It will bring up an intermittent fault check engine light, which can be mapped out by littlefeck.. Most just knock out the contents and leave the old pipe. It might affect your insurance if it is counted as a modification. Have a look here: Little fecks details are on there. He has a day job so best to meet him evening weekends: Name: Jamie Location: Athy, Co. Kildare Contact: 0857202383 He is only a 20 min drive from yourself. If you arranged with him to have the car at his place early some Saturday that would give him the daylight and the time to give it a once over. A couple of hours would cost less than a coilpack. give him a bell. That would be my advice
  14. I am looking to buy second hand coilpacks to test on my rx8 to see if that's my problem if is then I all buy new ones Anyone can help let me know.    Cheers john

  15. Rx8 help

    I am looking to buy second hand good coilpacks / if there is such a thing alest that way I know if that's the problem and then I can buy new ones. Anyone can help let me know. Cheers
  16. Rx8 help

    Thank you and everyone for all there help it takes time and effort to reply to my posts. I'm sure ye all have other things to do so thanks again. I'm going to try coilpacks and go from there if that doesn't work I'll get it to specialized mechanic near me if there is one. You said the cat is not tested so can I replace it with straight pipe ?
  17. Rx8 help

    Here is quite a good guide to coils, leads and spark plugs: https://www.rx8ownersclub.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=33737
  18. Rx8 help

    >I am going to get coilpacks Be very careful where you buy from. There are lots of fake packs around, particularly on ebay. The genuine models are laser engraved part numbers, not printed. I would recommend just going to littlefeck (phone number on this forum) as genuine coilpacks are 200 ish It would be much less stress to get someone to check all these things in an hour, and probably cheaper. You can also test coil packs if you know how to use a multimeter. See here: https://www.rx8club.com/series-i-tech-garage-22/beware-genuine-coilpacks-ebay-247265/ Note white/melted spots on the coil packs mean nothing and are normal. As already suggested these are the main problem/fixes Catalytic converter, under car under driver glows red hot and blocks engine, can be bashed out as not checked during NCT. Low compression can only be checked with special tester as rotary cannot be tested with normal compression tester Spark plugs, special types needed, two are different from others HT leads between spark plugs and coil packs, these do not last long, so they go regularly. Also an old/worn starter motor with a small/old starter battery can cause starting issues (does not seem to be the issue in your case)
  19. Rx8 help

    Thanks I have a code reader will do that when I get home from work and I'll post the results. I am going to get coilpacks and install them myself plus the fact the lad who had the car before me didn't know what he had ie the right way to start/stop it or the right oil or even the different plugs .So I'll get at the car at the weekend and give it a good going over was on bikes for 16 years and always could fix my Owen cars so I'll try my best if it's already broke I can't do any harm thanks again this site is deadly cheers
  20. My First FD.. New to everything

    gorgous FD mate, love the colour, best of luck with it, main thing id do first is get an aftermarket ecu (apexi pfc etc..) and remap it, reason being is the rotary engine is very sensitive to knock, in japan there tuned to japanese fuel 100ron, in ireland our fuel sucks, is about 95ron at best, i see your in NI so id be using 99ron at all times but well worth a remap, also if you want to get the most out of your map, new intercooler,rad, downpipe , decat and exhaust.. up the boost a little and she'll be flying
  21. My First FD.. New to everything

    Thanks Aido.. hopefully get to see some of yous guys at a meet sometime..
  22. My First FD.. New to everything

    Aye fella good luck on your new purchase and welcome to the forum
  23. Rx8 help

    Hi John welcome to the forum. Can you get your hands on a code reader to see what codes it throws up to get a idea of what maybe the problem is. Not sure but @littlefeck maybe the closest for you to have a look at your car so send him a pm. Failing that he may know of someone nearer to you that could look at your car and have a spare set of coils, leads etc as some of us including myself have spares. It also could be a failed cat choking your engine just saying to make you aware of this. Also check out our FB page, good luck mate
  24. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Ohh going single exit on the exhaust good man for going different not a fan on it sorry, but love the wheels
  25. My First FD.. New to everything

    Good job.. Thanks very much for all the first hand info.. i'll keep this updated when I do start tickering with it but could be awhile.. any more questions i'll have a hunt first before bothering people lol, cheers
  26. Rx8 help

    thanks for your help will try that better than me banging around in the dark cheers
  27. My First FD.. New to everything

    Downpipe will be a direct bolt on job. Ceramic coating would be great and stick up the name of the company doing it for fellow rotards, but regular magma heat wrap or similar is a lot cheaper and sufficient. If you are going aftermarket smic it will need proper ducting to get the benefits over the oem one. For parts you can stick up a wanted post here or on Facebook or keep an eye out for parts for sale there. Then there is fduk.com and some rx7 Facebook pages for parts. There's a thread here somewhere for companies, mazdatrix, banzai ffe, dmmotorsport, and many more. If bought from Yahoo auctions Japan before. And there's a crowd in Galway with a few fd's for breaking if u ever need some.
  28. Rx8 help

    I would recommend bringing it to a specialist. In Dublin you have shadow rotary. They are very good but do not answer the phone and have a back log of weeks. Near greystones there is Leonard who works on cars evenings and weekends. I have a compression tester, but it would be better for a mechanic to look over it and swap all coils etc. for known good ones. Gave you a couple of hundred cash to pay someone to diagnose the real problem?
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