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  2. Hey guys just a reminder of the meet in Carrickmines tonight Hope so you some of you there! Jimmy
  3. @AndyJF ?
  4. Look for Simon Connaughton on FB. I don't know him personally, he just tagged friends we have in common in a "for sale" video about the car. when I say "Drift-spec", it's about the look more than anything, I reckon it could be a road car if you fancy BGW, super wide wheels and overfenders. Nico
  5. must have maf screw holes in good order, ideal if could bring to Mazda fest.
  6. Yeah, shouldn't cause any issues
  7. More of a road car im after. done mind if its drift spec once still road legal. If you have a link could you send it on thanks
  8. System too rich bank 1. After driving for 15 min, I booted her from a t-junction at 3rd gear she started sluttering (mainly on constant revs), came to set of lights and died, started back up but still spluttering. Pulled over checked code, as above, no eml. Cleared code then set off home, a little splutter but sat at 70 smooth. Once home checked the forums and checked maf, it is very loose, the screws have had there day as per norm. Duct taped it down as temp fix and went for a 5 mile spin, no splutter or code. Question: Can I put fatter screws in?
  9. Lol! Will do! But you'd understand if you saw Lady Dainty Completely stripped out bar 2 recaros Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. There is a drift-spec red one that used to be in Ireland, that's being shipped back from Lithuania as we speak. Saw that on FB somewhere. Nico
  11. Thrash the 8 - she'll thank you for it! They need to be redlined regularly and are happiest up above 5k rpm
  12. Yesterday
  13. Love it man! It's a beast ... still think that I'll be eventually getting something like an rx7 ... something more special. Plus I treat Dainty like a whore so ive no issue thrashing the shite out of her ... haven't done that with the 8 yet Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. On the look out for a turbo fc. Anyone know of anything ?
  15. Welcome James! How you finding her compared the the 36?
  16. It's more of a hunt. Don't tell the lads! Haha
  17. AC just done, so cold it hurts to keep your hand there The guy is telling his boss about event, used to be East Coast Lisburn
  18. Last week
  19. 50 was the number we where going for as it's what we needed to make sure we could charge everyone a reasonable price for the track day along with being able to make sure all the costs for the day where covered along with making sure the day itself was free entry for show & shine entrants + spectators , I can squeeze in a couple more than 50 with the payments going back into the site possibly for next year's event but at the end of the day I don't want to overdo it and pile the track with cars rushing everyone on and off , like directing 50 track cars successfully on and off track in groups throughout the whole day will certainly be a task in itself so we will need people to cooperate help us out a bit by adhering to their specific times and groups so we can run the day as smoothly as possible making sure everyone gets their fair share of seat time.... @Aido 8 if you are looking for a spot you will need to send over payment as soon as to secure your spot, after this week I can almost certainly say there will be no spots left Cheers John
  20. Heh. Yeah. AC is cooking the engine. Dropped nearly 6 degrees at idle just by turning it off. So much humidity in the air that it's just popping out of sensible cooling, condensing gallons of water from the air and dumping all that latent heat, let alone the air temperature.
  21. There will be four groups for the track sessions. 50 isn't divisible by four, but 52 is...
  22. @Aido 8 - check your Facebook PM !
  23. Booked a guy from Belfast to come do my AC tomorrow, if he does a good job, will invite him to the event.
  24. Will have a word with the powers that be !
  25. Sorry my bad, in my stupidness and naiveness i just took the details of what was mounted in the glovebox which states its a Knighsport, i think its redundant, but anyways the car does have the Apexi ECU under the dash hidden under the carpet so all is good there. Cheers man ill keep it in mind, before it touches the road i will need to get it checked out. Wheels are 9.5 all round et12 18s, got them second hand from a guy in donegal.
  26. So track spaces are definetly gone ??, no chance of getting the 8 around the track for you guys to hear my AP exhaust lol. I Know its late but have no power of how things in life change Will only be there like 2-5pm
  27. Came within a whisker of overheating it in traffic. Just caught the temperature gauge start to move off centre to the right in slow traffic outside belfast - after nearly 40 minutes of slow traffic at that. Popped windows and stuck the heater on full blast to bring it back. Ended up taking a few minutes at lisburn to check if anything had blocked the radiator - seemed clear. Coolant bottle was very full....
  28. Very nice man - love the reg too - best of luck with it and, if you have any questions just shout! If you make it to Mazdafest, keep an eye out for Sean McGrory ( @seanmcg) and get hercompression tested on the day Jamie Reid ( @littlefeck) is also offering a discount on re-maps as well, both are well worth the investment
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