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  2. Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the reply. Yeah JP its an 05 and it struggles more when the engine is hot and especially if I'm turning on after 15mins or so. It had coils replaced in July 2013 and it's done 50,000km since then. It had coils springs replaced & compression test done by real podge in april 2016 and was perfect. Been running as podge suggest on 15/40 oil and usual rx requirements. It had engine staring motor replaced in Feb 16 and done 25k since. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks Lulu
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  4. The odd ball 8

    Well it's been a while since I was here [emoji28]. Plans have slightly changes since then. I'll have to go read through and see where I left off. [emoji25] There was a car for breaking that had an engine still in it. I bought it for the 6port stationary gears and when I got talking ti the mechanic that was breaking it he said it had been rebuilt recently but was burning alot if oil. When I opened it I found a badly damaged end plate and center plate but everything else was more or less new. I just got lucky I guess Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
  5. South East Cars & coffee

    I think there used to be one on at the heritage center in Wexford. Not sure what happened to it. Paulstown shouldn't be too far away tho [emoji106] Sent from my ONEPLUS A5000 using Tapatalk
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  7. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    It's had a few knocks and is showing it's age. There's a repair on the rear arch but the liner keeps falling off. A patch of rust on both sills was given a coat of black stove paint last year to keep the corrosion at bay. (Don't knock it - on a black car it's unnoticeable ;P) There's a few buckles and dents on the belly when things have hit it and I was - less than careful. Kinda curious what the compression is....
  8. Toyo Sport Exhaust

    Good to hear you're happy enough with it. Throw up a post in the Introductions section if you get a chance - we all love to see a new rotary around the place!
  9. Yeah the MK4s are a lovely car! I've seen 8s that achieved 180K+ KM before showing signs of low compression so wouldn't worry about it too much. Is the shell in bits? I only ask as I've seen some cars that recently were perceived as "economically unsaveable" and having talked to the right person they were properly saved & are still rotoring along.
  10. Toyo Sport Exhaust

    Been off the forum a while now but went ahead and got the exhaust, have it on for about 3 months now. You're right a tad droney on long drives otherwise I'm loving it (except the terrible quality gaskets). Next step get it mapped!
  11. For Sale: Full set of OEM Mazda RX7 FC N/A wheels 15" x 6J (ET50 I believe) 5x114.3 including all centre-caps. They come with 2 Goodyear & 2 Dunlop 205/60R15 tyres have a good bit of thread above the legal limit (~3mm on all) but are old & would need reseating to hold air properly as they've been sitting up a few years. Condition as pictured & sold as a full set of 4. €250 collected from Sandyford, Dublin. Contact number: +353 83 12 89 800
  12. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Tein Basis coilovers! My image hosting-company went belly-up so I'll have to find another one later, and upload pictures Nico
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  14. What Have You Done to Your RX Today?

    New MX-5. The dashboard dug into my knee.. Unfortunate, because I really liked the car, and had sold myself on it. But it Hurt to drive after 15 minutes. I'm not small. And it's currently sitting at 153,350km on the odometer. It runs as good as the day I bought it. Somehow. It doesn't feel like it deserves to.. It is a good car. But it'll probably get parted out to someone's weekend pride and joy that has a better shell. Which is a shame. It's done a lot more than I expected it to.
  15. Sill Rust

    Hah! Small world!
  16. Sill Rust

    Yeah I've been on to him. Turns out he only lives a few hundred meters away from me Booked into get the arches sorted in a few weeks.
  17. RX8 PZ vs Standard 231 RX8?

    What Stan said very good reviews on the forums and I nearly went with that but as there 20ml lower than standard just preferred to go with coilovers in the end as I'm not sure if I might not always be happy with the ride height. But it is a excellent set up
  18. Fuel problem with rx.8

    ^^^^^^^Poor starting and mpg is a classis case of tired coils and would be my first place to check. Good luck
  19. Fuel problem with rx.8

    Hi Lulu, does the car ever struggle to start when the engine is hot (e.g. compared to when it's cold) & has been left sitting there for maybe 10-20mins at a time? What year is the car? (03-05 by any chance?) Has it any record of having the ignition coils or leads changed? Lastly, have you ever had it compression-tested?
  20. Blue FD on a Trailer. N11 Southbound

    There're 2 I've seen of late - might've been the one that was in Shadow Rotary recently or could be one that was down in what was WCP.
  21. Hey All, I need your advise on what may be causing my rx.8 to consuming more fuel than normal. I use to get nearly 500km on a full tank now I'm only getting 350- 400km (that's city driving). No change in how it drive it and just had spark plugs replaced. The mechanic ran a diagnostics on it and the only thing that came up was faulty battery. Also sometimes it's struggling to start when turn the key first but always starts after second attempt. Any ideas? Any help is greatly appreciated as I'm driving it to Spain in two weeks, so bit worried . Thanks Lulu
  22. L'e$kro's JDM RX8 6 speed

    Having seen the ad that you're selling the Mazdaspeed shocks & springs, what're you replacing them with?
  23. Welcome to IrishRotary Dex! As a good place to start, check out this sticky thread on FD FAQs - plenty of good advice & tips in there: http://irishrotary.com/forum/index.php?/topic/2794-fd-faq/ If there's something specific you're looking for, do a quick search of the forum & failing all that, post up a question!
  24. New to rotary, 04 rx8

    Belated welcome to the Club Colin! Thanks for the kind words gents! Stick up a few snaps of the car if you get a chance.
  25. Engine mounts

    I didn't anyway. If it's of any help to you, I believe Patrick Gabbett (PaTuned & on the IrishRotary FB page) is doing FD sump braces.
  26. Sill Rust

    Nah different chap to MagicMan on here that had the grey ported 5-speed: this Maciej is based in Kilbride in Meath, don't think he has a rotary.
  27. fd noob

    Cool! The next Coffee & Cars is on this day 2 weeks in Bray ifyou're around for it.
  28. Which MX5? 160 KM or Miles? Lol! And is it not still a happy place??
  29. Strapped to a trailer, getting a tow from a van. Had what looked like white alloys Something unfortunate happen?
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